Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Was...

I was sitting reflecting on the past year and ended up recapping my blogs over the year. I posted it to my other blog but I enjoyed going through the old posts. It was fun to relive some of those moments and also equally as fun to see others have ended :P


Monday, December 29, 2008

We increased our family

by 4 furry legs and two fluffy ears.

After dog sitting a new friends pup for a second time I was feeling like my doggy needed a friend. He was depressed both times his buddy left and I also felt a bit sad to see him go.

Here is how the next stage of the story goes.

Me: (found a small dog for adoption on Craigs List) Rob he needs a home
Rob: No! No! No! No!
Me: But he needs to find a home tonight, they say.
Rob: And what if he doesn't? What happens? (this is when I knew I had him)
Me: I don't know that is what they said.
Rob: No! And I get to pick the next dog and he would be perfect if he was 5x's that size, and fluffy like a Husky.
Me: Look at him! He is like Ben, but straight hair.
Rob: No! I will kill you! and don't even go sending them a message committing to taking the dog.
Me: You don't have control over me. Besides you would only be mad for like 2 days.
Rob: Don't even
Me: I can pick him up in Wakefield in an hour
Rob: If you even want to get me to consider it you better have a play by play written contract of all the sex and bj's I am gonna be getting for the next year. Like written out, play by play, positions and places.
Me: Ok, Sex once a week.
Rob: not even close.

(after going back and forth I got him down to 2 times a week)

We were about ready to leave to pick up the new dog and I texted the owner of the dog we had been watching, saying we we getting another dog and it was her fault LOL)

The phone rang 4 seconds later and she and her husband wanted us to consider adopting their dog. they had been considering find a place for him as their new living space with 10 month old twins we not a great mix with the dog.

So here we are I called and let the other man know I would not be meeting him and today we have a Toy Poodle along with our Bichon Frise and cat.

I will post better photos soon. The dogs love each other and have spent the entire day playing together.

My dog's name is Ben. My new dogs name is Bentley. you would never guess what my last name is. Bentley!!!!! I feel completely like boob calling the groomer and vet saying I need an appointment for Ben and Bentley. Then they ask for the last name and I cringe. Ben and Bentley Bentley.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

X-Mas Eve Fun!

We had plenty of fun and the kids where great through it all. We let them open one gift each early on Christmas Eve. Here is why

Big "L": (grabs a gift) Open pease
Mommy: Ask daddy
Daddy: Tomorrow you can open that, not today.
Big "L": Pease open!!!!

Daddy: No, you will open them later, tomorrow.
Big "L": (takes the gift whining and walks slowly away and down the hall to his room)
Mommy: He is going to try and sneak and open it where we can't see him ( I think this is a riot).

Daddy: "L" come here please.
Big "L": No
Mommy: Do you want to open one present right now?
Big "L": Ya ya yaaaa!!
Mommy: Then come here please.
Big "L": (running back down the hall with the gift NOT opened yet)

He and Little "L" open a small $6 Monster truck from Walgreens. they are rev cars that move with momentum. push them forward and they keep going. They each love them!

The rest of the night we spent with family on my side having food and fun, gifts for the kids and a Yankee Swap for the adults.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day in the Life

10,000 Strides Challenge Is still Proving to be a Difficult Daily Goal. Even with the hour long Stroller Strides classes, which add about 2,600 steps of cardio and walking, My average is about 7,000 by the time I am going to bed. If the weather is nice and it's a good walking day I take the dog and kids and off we go. normally a 3+ mile walk gets me to about 14,000. That is great but it is icy and snowing now :)

Rob wants to consider moving to England for 2 years for work! I am 99% against this move. I have 2 businesses running and actually they both are doing pretty well right now. I have made new friends for myself and the boys! My calendar is always full and I have people who expect me to be there to plan the calendar and run the classes. It took 2 years to get BePe Baby off and running and 6 months of up and down to get Stroller Strides in the right direction. I am soo not ready to just walk away and start over.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 Conversations with Rob

Conversation 1
Me: Rob, can you stop on your way home and pick up a Christmas tree?
Rob: I guess, where?
Me: I don't know. You drive that way everyday stop if you see any.
Rob: We'll I don't see any so I am asking you.
Me: we'll then go to the church we passed with the gigantic sign that read trees Dec 4th!
Rob:Fine, that is all I was asking.
Me: (hangs up phone)
Rob: (comes home with a 9 FOOT TALL - 5 FOOT WIDE TREE!!!!!!)
Me: (will never send Rob to pick a tree alone again)
(we no longer have a way to walk from the front door into the living room or kitchen)

Conversation 2
****Background info****
kids and I were sick for weeks, colds, coughing, swollen tonsils with white spots and sore throat, ear infections, conjunctivitis, 104 fevers, and wheezing.

Rob was fine the whole time!!!
Rob got sick with a bit of a cough and some tightness in his chest and a sore throat about a week after everyone was treated and on the mend.
He went to the Dr came home with meds. We are going out for his birthday this weekend.

Me: What haven't you started you prescription (antibiotic) yet?
Rob: We'll I am going out for drinks tomorrow and I didn't want to take it and then have it be ineffective.
Me: (thinking....so you are sick enough to need meds, but not sick enough to give up the drink to heal)
Me: So.... you are not going to take them until after we go out on Sat(dinner, comedy with a group of friends) either?
Rob: Humm, I didn't think about that.

These are typical conversations.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10,000 Strides Challenge day 2 and 3

Yesterday was not too much better for me.. I was determined but it was not in the cards for me to walk 10,000 that day either. I maniaced all around my house, fast feet while doing dishes and walked laps around the boutique shop we met at last night. By the time I headed to bed I was standing next to the bed maniacing again. My husband about to kill me and I threw in the towel and went to bed at 8,077. So basically I increased my steps by 3/4 of a mile yesterday..

Today I woke up more then determined!! I did fast feet doing dishes. Vacuumed three rooms and marched while checking my email. We did maniacs so many times during class this morning that I was sick of them and whne I got home picked up and walked around extra so gain steps. It is just after 1:30 and so far today I have 7,987. This means I have about a mile left to walk in order to reach 10,000 today!!!! I know I can do that. So now that I pretty much know what it takes to get my to that point.....GAME ON!!!!

Tomorrow I will sweep and maniac while dusting.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10,000 Strides Challenge

We (this meaning myself and some other mothers and nannies from the mother's group I host)started our 10,000 strides a day challenge yesterday. Day 1 came and went and I was truly surprised to see how terrible I did. I went 6,899 steps from wake up time to back in bed. over 1,000 of those were during a Stroller Strides class too!!!!! My excuse is that I need a larger house with multi stories, because everything I need in my home is only a few steps away. Yes, that is the problem!!! Living in a ranch styled, small home takes tons of steps out of my day.

That would be an interesting study to do.. I would like to see if people who live in larger multi-level homes are in better shape then those who live in small single level like my self. Wonder if the moms in my group would play along?

I let you know.
Oh the ladies are in teams of 3. We have some great team names!!! The winning team after the 6 weeks is the team with the combined largest number of steps. The prize is feeling great about your self through the holiday seasons filled with eating and sitting visiting with company. Also, the winning 3 will be getting a great Stroller Strides Moms long sleeve tee with the logo " I am a Mom, Therefore I am an Athlete". It is too cute!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The little man has words and Big man is turning smart man

His first birthday came and went. He is quickly heading to toddlerhood and talking back. I am such a dumb ass I forgot my camera at home during his party.

Still waiting for my mom to forward some my way.

So Little L has words. He says Ya Ya (Yes), LaLa (water), DaBa (Tubby), All Done, Up, Down. He is standing and just yesterday let go and took two steps. Naps are a nightmare and sleeping through the night is few and far between.

Big L is very very anxious and afraid of so much. he calls things scary all the time.. Puppets on shows, too much action, daddies video games, dark skies, and much much more. it does sound more like Geary. Rather then no he says no way or no want it or no like that. He tests limits all day. If he gets frustrated with the little guy hit slaps him multiple times on the top of the head or whacks him with whatever is in his hand.

We went to Disney for a week and Big L loved Sea Wheel (Sea World) and Minos (Animals). The Characters were greay though. They did great and it was super busy. Glad to be home and finally starting to catch back up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new phone gives me joy! I am so loving it.

I bought the Envy2 by LG this past Sunday. After talking to a few friends and family who already had tried it I decided that was the one. Coming from the Razor any phone would be much much better.
The Envy has been soo great. It flips open with a mini keyboard for texting and internet use or navigation. The navigation system is just like the Tom Tom I bought my husband for $700 a few years back. It talked to me all the way to the farm the other day.. Giving my street names and showing me how far I had to drive and where I should be turning on the screen.

It holds the charge for multiple days with constant usage and not being plugged in. It holds a memory chip, which I can then plug into my computer or printer to transfer the images I took on my phone.

I just love it so far.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Oddly enough it was madness that I enjoyed and needed.

Rob is gone for the week so I embarked on a Mom's Night In (with the kids). We had 5 moms and 9 kids over tonight for pizza and snacks.

The kids were non-stop all night, crashing into things, throwing toys, dumping things and knocking one another over, BUT they still had a blast. Some how.... I have not a clue how this worked out.... not one of the little babies got injured. they were whipping around the house chasing one another with ride-on toys, storming the counters and stabbing each other with pool noodles and throwing wooden train tracks and Legos.. Yet the only injury we had was 2 bumped heads.

The house is still standing and looks pretty good, all things considered. Even the animals made it out alive!

Both my boys fell asleep almost as soon as they hit the sheets and I am here on the couch feeling very good tonight and missing the game.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What is up with me.

So I have been MIA a little. I am a bit overwhelmed and haven't really had a thought in my head to blog about.

Ok being honest I think I may have an anxiety issue. First I was calling it depression, sort of joking, but knew it was more about anxiety and not sadness. I don't cry, I don't sit home all day.

I am out and about all the time. I always feel like there are things that need to be done. I clench my jaws a ton. I am constantly stressing and i feel overwhelmed when things pop up and people want things from me. it is like I put on my plate the absolute most I can take with out it spilling over. With that one last extra bit I wasn't expecting I have to adjust things and stress more and almost lose it.

I had a whole work up at the dr and it all came back normal. I am contemplating trying out a small dose of anxiety meds to see if it may help.

In reality, I haven't had a full night sleep in over 2 years. Either the toddler is up with nightmares or a cold, the baby is up waking and crying or Rob is trying to grope me. It has been terrible.

This week; Landon woke up on Tuesday night at 2:00 AM crying,on Wednesday Logan woke up and stayed up from 3-4 AM, and on Thurdays Rob came home after drinking thinking I needed to wake up to give "it up" at 3:00 AM. No wonder I am a bag of shit today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I got nothing.

That's all I got.. My head is stuck in a hole somewhere.

Both of the boys sick diagnosed with something viral and asthma. If they aren't improving in 2 days with all the treatments I am giving them, they need to be checked again for pneumonia. I am super duper tired and all the Dr. said was, "You are in for a couple of tough nights ahead."

He says it like it is.

Another statement. Logan was leaning on me, limp and not fighting while the dr examined him. Dr says "This is a bad sign. I mean good for me but bad that he is not fighting me at all." Logan is normally a maniac and screams wildly.

That is really all I got.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Freaking Out a Bit about Event Tomorrow!

I am holding an event tomorrow morning "Fall Into Fitness" with a raffle to help a local mom with Lymphoma.

I had planned on about 20-30 people and bought food, banana, bagels with cream cheese, pretzels, mini cup cakes, juice, water and coffee to cover that amount.

I even got a cake donated, done up really nice with fondant to look like leaves with acorns scattered around~!

I stuffed 25 gift bags with free goodie and coupons and beyond the raffle stuff, I have a donation table with some other smaller free goodies.. Dunkins travel ,mugs, patriots koozies, donated Frisbees and jump ropes, glow necklaces and more.

There will be face painting, stories, and coloring for the kids as well as some tunnels and tents for the little guys to crawl through.

Anyway. I just heard from a friend that this has been in the paper for the last 2 WEEKS~!!

I advertised on Craigslist, local chat boards and with moms groups, hung flyers and just yesterday sent a press release.

There is also an event going on right up the street at a church(walking distance) that I may get some spill over from.

I have more then 20 who RSVPed on the sites that I can get RSVP's and now I am freaking out that there will be way more then I can handle!

Just had to vent. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's My 30th Birthday and Here is How it is Going

Landon was up at 3:00 Am and Logan woke up around 6:00 crying.

Vacuum would not work this morning, so the floors are super filthy (when you have two mobil kids, cheerios, cheese, a cat, a dog, and are cutting fabric and sewing daily you will know what I am dealing with)

The two boys whined and complained and cried ALL MORNING!

Worked out with my moms! (that was fun)

Came home to 3 loads of Laundry needing to be folded.

My mother brought me lunch.. Logan threw up on the table

Nap time was a disaster.. AKA.. Mommy had no time alone

Logan hasn't eaten since breakfast but will drink juice

Landon was drinking from Logan's cup (OH man I can never catch a break with the sickies)

I am cooking a roasted dinner.. Logan has pulled every book off his shelf and they are playing on them.

Throw me a bone tonight. huh

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obsessive Licky Dog

My dog is so odd. He has many quirks, but this is one of the most consistent and awkward. He is licky. You know, he licks and licks and licks. He could go on for an hour if you let him. His favorite places are the pit behind your elbow, the pit behind your knee, feet, toes (he will actually rub his teeth/gums while licking/chewing toes). These spots are closely tied with shins and arms.

It is a tad embarrassing when he is licking the hell out of a friend or client :) You shew him away and he is like a fly on shit.. he darts right back where he was, or readjusts to find a new lick space.

As I am typing this he is all over my leg. He jumped down to go chase the cat who was puking (he likes to eat that) and now he is back trying to get to the pit of my knee.

The noise of the licking annoys Rob to no end, so I tend to let him lick just to piss Rob off sometimes. It can be fun watching him get worked up over a lick sound.

Rob tries to convince me that I enjoy the dog chewing my toes and licking my feet in a weird, dirty way. Of course, that is just because men do not know how to think with out letting their dicks speak first! So he would be thinking like that..

My previous dog (Kuvaz- big white, Hungarian mountain/guard dog) was a licker too.. not this bad and only legs and arms, but he would sit and lick and lick and lick too.

He is still licking, but getting tired of the leg and moving to the foot.

I just find it odd and sometimes embarrassing when he won't leave people alone.

He has stopped licking but now looks around like he should be doing something. He is so messed up, this dog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Into Fitness Event! Give Aways and Great Raffle Prizes!

Kick-off your fall fitness goals with this FREE event! this event will also help a local mom to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Join us for a Stroller Strides class, giveaways, great raffle prizes, and refreshments( including a tasty cake from Cakes by Christine http://cakes-by-chris....

WHEN: Saturday, October 4th. Registration begins at 9am and class begins at 9:30am - get there early!

WHERE: Rotary Park, Wilmington

DISCOUNTS OFFERED: We have 2 great specials being offered:
- New Members - purchase a membership at the event and your initiation fee will be WAIVED! That is a savings of $68! Plus receive a free gift. This great discount has never been offered before!
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Everyone in attendance is eligible to purchase raffle tickets for one of these great prizes:
* FREE Month of Stroller Strides classes ($60 value)
* $50 Gift Card from BePe Baby
* A gift Basket from Mobil On the Run in Wilmington (gas card, Dunkin Donuts Cardand more)
* Gift Card from Smiles Across Miles
* Gift Card from Target
* Gift Card from The Mommy Card
* Gift Card from Picture People
* Gift basket from Lil Miss Fashion
* New Windbreaker for Men
* New Fleece Lined coat from Unifirst
* Children's Books from barefoot Books

Also free gifts from G-Diaper, Luna, Stride Rite, Skip Hop and BePe Baby!!!

If you have never tried a Stroller Strides class, now is your chance! This is an event you won't want to miss!

For more info contact
Christina at christinabentley@strollerstrides.net

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pookie, Yuckie!

This is my fabulous morning.

Me: (innocently searching in my room for a pair of socks)
Logan: Pookie, Yuckie (running down the hall towards me)
Me: What?
Logan: Pookie, Pookie, Pookie, Yuckie (holding something out to me)
Me: (frozen in terror hoping to God that the little brown item in his hand is not what I think it is)
Logan: Pookie, Baby, Yuckie.
Me: Oh, GOD!!!! (grab Logan's hand and run down the hall to toss the poop and wash him up)
Logan: yuckie, yuckie, pookie,
Me: (stupidly thinking the drama has passed walk into the playroom to see Landon happily chomping away on more pookie!) OHHHHH GOD!
Logan: Pookie
Landon: appa appa
Me: Nasty! (grab baby and toss the rest of the pookie, wash the baby's hands, face and mouth and teeth then go scrub the rug where the rest of the pookie was squished and smooshed.)

This reminded me of an old post about Logan and kitty pookie

Monday, September 22, 2008

I will "f"ing Kill You!

So,ya, this summer was fun but some bad came out of it too. Rob and I officially picked up smoking again, after haven quit more then 2 years before! It was getting out of control and costing us a fortune. Over the past 2 months we have been smoking again we have probably come close to spending a car payment on BUTTS! Holy God did you know the cost $7 now? I about shit when I bought my first full pack.

Anywho, I felt gross smoking, smelled bad, had trouble breathing and teaching my classes so, I declared that we would quit again last night and we did. Let me just say.. I have been a crazy, angry, raging lunatic, bitch face! I hate everyone. I am stuffing food in my mouth faster then the speed of light. I am snapping and tired. I have lost my smile and I felt sick earlier, but then again that could have been the 1/2 of a cucumber, slice of cheese, 7 fish sticks, and a Luna mini that I ate followed by some whole wheat crackers and a bottle of juice. As if that wasn't enough I had two tootsie pops a few hours later.

I know I will be fine in a few days but I also realize my pants will not fit if I can't quickly find a substitute for all the eating.

The whole reason for this post to begin with is in the title. Rob and I have been saying this quit a bit today in our fits of rage set off by withdrawals.
"I will FU@#$ING KILL YOU!!!" I feel like smiling after saying that :P

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Night Was Rough

We had fun as expected,BUT I had a rough go.

First I was talked into a shot (tequilla ewwwwwww). This happened while the bride to be go to drag a friend down with her while she completed tasks for a list we had made.
(she had to find a bachelor and have him buy her a shot)

Next I lost my wallet. I went to buy a round and it was gone half way through the night. I had used it in the bar a few times earlier and this time it was gone. (BUMMER)

Finally we were out until 2:00, drove 30 min back to the house we started at, at like a pack of wolves, and I drove 30 minutes back in the other direction to get home.

I got to bed about 3:50 after then being grouped by my husband.

The kids were up at 6:30!!!!

Needless to say I am less then chipper and cheery today.

Rob is at the game and I have been barely surviving motherhood.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It is only the afternoon here and I am already dreading the morning!

You may be wondering why..

Well, I have a bachelorette party tonight for a girlfriend. So I am sure you can picture it. A bunch of women drinking at a drag bar, egging on the lady of the night to do shooters and being dragged down with her. Getting her to complete her list of dirty deeds, while the rest of us are left with more time to drink. Arrghh. I can already feel the hangover. Not only that, but I will be out till 2:00 Am waiting for someone to suggest we head home and still needing to drive an extra 30 minutes from my car to home. Let's hope I can keep my composure enough to be able to drive home! I keep telling myself I will only have a few and I want to believe it too but I also know myself and that I have not been drinking much at all since having kids 2 years ago. So a few drinks before and a few during the night might put me over.. Either way I need to be up with the boys who always wake by 6:30 the latest and Rob is going to a Patriots game so he will be not help to me.
Send me your good thoughts. I will surely need them tonight!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I signed up for Facebook, Now What?

Not really sure how to find people aside from people I graduated with.. What about promoting? Any tips?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I Hate Men----needed to vent and I know I am not alone

Oh there are lots of reasons but here are a few.

1. THEY only help with day to day stuff (without being nagged) when they are "In the Mood for Something".

2.When they are "IN THE MOOD" and see us getting ready for bed..They suddenly jump into action and rush to get ready also. We aren't dumb and know what they are doing.

3. Pretend they don't hear the baby crying in the monitor. Some go as far as to nudge the women in the relationship....EVEN ON THE WEEKEND!

4. They will step on a Cheerio and crush it (in the living room) and keep walking. Also walk right by the litter box that needs to be scooped, laundry that needs folding etc..

5. They put dishes in the sink and leave them when the dishwasher is right there and empty!!!

6. They lay in bed for hours (after we are up dealing with the family and life) and when they get up do not make the bed.

7. They walk right by the empty barrels in the AM (after the garbage truck has come)and go to work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Into Fitness Event for Moms!!!

WHAT: Celebrate MOMS, BABIES, and FITNESS! Kick-off your fall fitness goals with this FREE event! Join us for a Stroller Strides class, giveaways, great prizes, and refreshments.

WHEN: Saturday, October 4th. Registration begins at 9am and class begins at 9:30am - get there early!

WHERE: Rotary Park, Wilmington

DISCOUNTS OFFERED: We have 2 great specials being offered:
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Everyone in attendance is eligible to win one of these great giveaways:
* FREE Month of Stroller Strides classes ($60 value)
* BePe Baby diaper bag roll-up and slippers for your little one!

If you have never tried a Stroller Strides class, now is your chance! This is an event you won't want to miss! Go to http://moms.meetup.com/3184/ sign up (for free) and RSVP on the calendar!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner Tonight

At dinner tonight.

I was cutting up some pear for Logan and Landon after their pasta. It was very juicy and tasted perfect.

Me: (looking at Rob) Would you like some?

Rob: Sure, I'll have a bite.

Me: (cut Rob a piece and hold it out in my pear covered dripping hand)

Rob: (grabs for it and it slips and jumps out of his hand into my plate)(Rob shoulder shrugs at me)

Me: What?

Rob: I didn't say anything!

Me: Well you Shrugged at me, so in reality you did say something!

Rob: (laughing) What is wrong with you? (laughing harder)In reality I said nothing, AND how do you even know I was shrugging at you?

ME: Well would else would you be shrugging at? (trying to give a dirty look but laughing at my own stupidity)

Now we are each in separate rooms on own own computers. He is a MAC man and I am a PC girl. We get along much better in our own separate spaces.

Don't forget to check out BePe Baby

and Stroller Strides

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An After Dinner Conversation

I do sit back and laugh often about the dynamics of my marriage.

A little insight: I have been trying to add a few new recipes in to the dinner rotation here at the Bentley house. I am tired of the same stuff and cooking is loosing it's luster.

Rob: You are funny, I noticed you bought Kosher Sea Salt AND Edamames. You are trying to be that blogger you love.

Me: No, I am not you boob! I am following a recipe I found which has both of those ingredients!

Me: Plus, I bought the shucked Edamames NOT the shelled ones!!

Rob: OH.

I also notice no matter what, we ALWAYS fight for the very last word. It does not matter where we are, what we say or who might be right.

I sort of enjoy the odd conversations. It is a nice break to all the senseless talk about work days. In those, he isn't really listening to my day at Stroller Strides and Luna Mom's Group and I am not really listening to him about Sophos. We each catch the most appealing part and comment, then change conversational topics as quickly as we can without pissing off each other :)

I have no class to teach this morning, so I am off to sew! BePe Baby has been bringing lots of orders for toddler slippers and I have a fair to be preparing for. Have a happy day!
I borrowed the image, because it seemed fitting to the topic.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why can't you take the tag off your mattress?

I was looking at Logan's crib today and the bumpers still have the tag on them ... (Yes , Yes my toddler still has bumpers. He is so snugly in there I don't want to take them away and make it cold and hard.) It made me remember thinking that I was never allowed to take the tags off my mattress and Pillows.

So, Why can't you take the tag off your mattress?

Go ahead and be a bit of a deviant. Cut off your mattress tag already! You won't be charged with anything. If your mattress was purchased from a store and not still on display it's perfectly legal to remove the tag from your own mattress. So why is it there? Here is the answer.

Back in the 1900s, mattresses often contained a host of vermin and disease-carrying materials. To protect consumers, the government required dealers to post tags on their mattresses listing the contents. Later, the Feds added a warning to the content tag with the ominous message, "Do not remove under penalty of law," in big, black letters.

The move may have deterred duplicitous mattress dealers, but it only served to confuse consumers who didn't know that the threat wasn't meant for them. Confronted by fear of prosecution, consumers left the tags on their mattresses. Recently, the Feds addressed the misunderstanding by changing the label to: "This tag may not be removed except by the consumer."

Since then, the Feds have long abandoned the pursuit of tag-tearing merchants, though states like Texas still inspect mattresses for tags in stores. They're probably making sure their laws aren't full of fluff

Friday, September 5, 2008

Reverse Psychology on Toddlers

Not sure about you, but this technique has done nothing for me.

(Logan using a toy and the baby is advancing on him)

Logan: (Screaming) NO share, No share,
Me: Ok, No share, Nope I don't want you to share, Don't share
Logan: Yea, no share (smiling and moving quickly away from the baby)
Landon (baby; continues to follow him)daa daa daddy deeli da
Logan: (Screaming again, close to hyperventilating) NO NO NO no share
(this scene repeats over and over till I crack and move the sacred toy out of site, then it starts again with another toy)

(Logan at dinner refusing to eat anything remotely healthy)

Me: Don't eat those green beans. Don't do it (as dramatically as I can say it). I don't want you to have any. Not even a bite. Don't you do it.
Logan: Ya, no bite (laughing as he pushes it away and then slowly starts throwing some on the floor.)
Me: Ok, yes on the floor, I want you to put them on the floor. Yes, Ok, on the floor.
Logan: Yes (dumping his entire plate upside down and pushing to the floor)
Repeat this for the past few nights

This has done nothing for me except make him cry less during these times. SO great if my problem is crying and whining, but it is sharing and eating more healthy foods. My toddler has not eaten (knowingly) a veggie besides pasta sauce and the occasional cucumber oh and the start of summer he would eat corn on the cob, since last winter.

Back to Deceptively delicious type ideas. FYI, Zucchini is easy to grate and sneak in about anywhere and cauliflower. Broccoli, not so much.

Stay tuned I have a good sized group coming here for Bingo Dotting Art Day today! I will update after the madness has died down.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Extending my gift certificate to you all!

I just ended my Labor Day sale, but I have a gift certificate coupon code to receive $5 off your orders at BePe Baby. They are being offered to BeBe Paluzza Expo in their swag bags as well as a few other lucky mommas. If you have a baby, toddler or mommy in your life who needs a small something special. Check out our stuff. http://www.bepebaby.com
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cure for Stubborn Toddlers

I recently heard that reverse psychology works wonders with toddlers, especially 2 yr olds. So I know a bunch of my regular readers are August 06 mommas like me.. I say let's try it out.

Here are some examples of daily activities at my house..

Happens often during the day

Me: Logan, share with the baby. He wants to play too.

Logan: No, No share (while frantically running from the baby and dragging along the toy he wants me to hide from the 9 month old who drags himself rather then crawl)

Me: You have to share, he is your brother.

Logan: No No No share (now jumping up and down at my legs while ramming the toy into my shins in hope that I will save the toy at the last minute from the gripes of that threatening baby)

********What I should have said was, Ok, no share with the baby**************

Dinner Time

Me: Try one bite of (insert any healthy food here)

Logan: NOOOOOOO!!! (Louder then a riffle at close range, while squirming in his chair and twisting his face as far away from the food as he can get without snapping his neck)

Me: Just one bite, please

Logan: (Repeats the above scene, but also now shoves his food, and drink across the table)

Me: Ok, fine then, sit there

Logan: All done, wanna play, all done

Me: one bite first

Logan: Swipes all his food and anything near him to the ground.

Me: (I normally want to hurt him at this point so instead I breath deep)
This repeats for a while till normally "the adults" give in.

********What I should have said was, Ok, no more bites of beans for you**************

So you might be thinking; does she really think this is going to work. The answer is nope, but it might make the whole scene more amusing.

I totally expect that when I say Ok no sharing with the baby he will continue to react the same.

and when I say ok no more bites for you. Logan will smile and way all done waiting to get down

But it is still worth a try and I bet some of us it will work for.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stroller Strides Special!!

Happy Birthday Stroller Strides:
This week is National Stroller Strides Birthday! To celebrate, Stroller Strides of Wilmington as well as many others across the country will offer a one week only Aug. special. This special will end for Wilmington on aug. 31st.

The registration fee is ONLY $7.00 for this week only with a three month commitment. What a deal! strollerstrides.net/northwilmington

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Misbehaving: An Olympic Event for Toddlers

We get used to the outbursts and curiosity for everything around. They are awfully cute while learning to walk and balance that unusually large head on their shoulders. I never wanted my son to get any older then 1. I thought 6 months - 1 year was great! Oh man but then he started to walk and learned some words, while still signing with his hands. It was so fun to watch him grow.

Then all of the sudden at about 16 months....... things started to change. He got a bit more stubborn and had a huge opinion about EVERYTHING!! He never wanted to snuggle and he stopped eating anything other then cheese and fruits. Lucky for him he had a new phrase or accomplishment that made up laugh or smile, so I decided it would be ok to keep him ;)

Now he is officially 2 and truly, watch out. He doesn't want to share. He hates to listen and do what I say. He is sneaky and often caught doing what I have asked him not to. He checks if we see him, and if he thinks the coast is clear, he knocks over the baby, sits on him, hits him in the head with toys, smothers him with pillows and bites his toes.

A few examples from today:

I had changed the babies diaper and put him on the rug while I went to toss the diaper bag. Logan had followed us in the room and was on the floor playing. I come in the door from throwing out the diaper and I hear crying, then muffled crying, crying, muffled crying, wailing, muffled wailing. I run down the hall to find Logan sitting on the baby's back on the floor and shoving his face down into the run repeatedly.

I put the baby in the playroom while I am picking up and walk around the corner sweeping. I hear "NO NO NO SHARE EEEEEEEHHHHH!" Logan come running out of the playroom with a book in hand saying "hideit" (all one word to him). I tell him "no" and to share. He cries. WE both go in the room together and I give the baby a tuck. Logan looks at it runs over and takes it away from the baby. I tell him, "You need to share with the baby too! he can play with the toys." Logan screams "NO!" he gets on his Thomas ride on toy and scoots away. The baby scootches ( he drags himself in commando minus the knees. using one toe to propel himself forward) after him. Logan screams again adn rams the ride on into my legs telling my again "hideit!"

Later after dinner, Logan is playing at his train table and the baby pulls up to his knees to it grabbing one of the trains not on the track. Logan flips out, like his world had ended, and throws a cast iron train off the baby's head. Everyone cries.

I do not like this stage much and my guess is this is only the very very beginning. I was a terrible horrible teen.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Intentional Broom Tapping

Intentional Broom Tapping is what happens when Rob is asked (told) to sweep up the Cheerios, after he laughed and watched them get tossed all over the floor from two children at dinner.

Here is how it went down, let me set the scene.

Logan (2 yr old): swiping food all over the floor.

Landon (9 month old with two bottom tooth grin): tossing, swiping and banging food off the table.

Me (angry, stressed out mom): ripping my hair out, clenching teeth.

Rob (out of work late finds it funny): smiling and a little chuckle as he hands Landon a cheerio and it goes over board.

Here is the dialogue to go along with that scene.

Rob: he he

Me: you won't be laughing when you are sweeping that up in a minute.

Rob: Why me?

Me: Because you laughed and gave him more while he was throwing.

Rob: Naa Haaa.

Me: Yaaa Haaa, you gave more to the baby while they were both throwing them and laughed about it with a stupid grin on your face.

Rob: It was funny.

{A few minutes later Rob goes to get the broom}

Rob: (after looking at me for like 30 seconds..like I read minds) ahh a littel help?

Me: ahhh, open the cellar door it has been there for over a year!!!

Rob: well I don't know if it made its way into the other room.

Me: What???

{Rob starts sweeping and hits my foot with the boom}

Me: You did that intentionally!

Rob: you always think I am out to get you.

Me: Cause you are!

Rob: You are crazy!

Me: I'm depressed

Rob: Ha HA, you might be delusional but definantly not depressed!

Does Anyone Really Enjoy Yogurt?

Eating a French Vanilla Yogurt this morning, that is what I was wondering? I mean, the flavor of some of them is pretty good, but the texture???

Do we buy them for variety?

Do we buy them for convenience and a quick meal?

Or do we feel healthy, somehow when we eat them?

I am pretty sure I only buy them to switch it up in the morning. I do not particularly like most breakfast food and I don't drink milk. SO cereal is rare for me, cereal bars are too sweet to eat often and I get bored with toast. I feel like a fat ass for one reason or another when I eat a bagel, I don't like the after taste of eggs, and not a huge fan of waffles and pancakes.

Back to the yogurt. Do you like it? Really? What about oatmeal? that makes me gagg!!! It's like gritty baby food that gets stuck all over your mouth trying to just get it down..

So my real question I guess is why the hell did Sonia write a book of recipes for it? Honestly?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going to dinner with young kids!

We went out last night for my mother-in-law's birthday.

Watch out China Blossom!! Here we are; 6 adults, 2 toddlers and a baby.
Watch out me; Where did I have to sit: Across from toddler, beside another toddler and on the other side the baby.

So ok two of those are mine. I made them. I guess I need to deal with them at dinner.

Here is what it looked like. Everyone went to the buffet to get there plates.
I stayed to watch 1 baby and 1 toddler. I am feeding the baby on my left and picking up crayons, mini trucks and cars and randomly a hippo off the ground to my right.

When I got my food it was worse. Crayon and noddles flying on my right, spoons, glasses, place mats, rattles and my plate all being shifted and tossed on my left. GOD....why does anyone try to go out and eat with babies? That is what I was thinking the entire time.

I turn to my left and try to feed the baby his bottle who is taking a sip and swatting the bottle away and when I look back toward the right....There is MY insane toddler spooning fried rice onto his sippy cup (and how the heck did he get the car back?..The one that is driving through the plate of sweet sauce and chicken fingers!!!!) In a matter of seconds he had turned his dinner plate into a mountain high mess of milk, rice and other slop all the while driving around in it blissfully.

The horrified waitress luckily had a sense of humor and was friendly with the boys.

It got worse with ice cream but I am stressed out just thinking about it now :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

I used to be funny!

While driving home from Maine the other day with my family I turned to my husband and said "I used to be funny, then I had kids." It is sooo true. My mind once was always full of funny ways to say things or a great come back one or two liner. Now I have NOTHING. Often I can barely complete a thought never mind find something funny to say.

Can labor steal your funny? I think I was still funny while pregnant. I know it may have been mostly out of boredom and anger and depression (because I was fat and bored)but I still had funny things to say.

That is all I got.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Learning How to Give and Take.

So after 3+ years of marriage I am trying to learn how to give and take. After a family party yesterday we had to rush home so Rob could get to his buddy's bachelor party. I got the kids sorted out and unpacked from our day trip while he got ready to go to drink, play games and go off to a strip club. I asked him to sleep on the couch if he was super drunk.

Here is the first give and take:
I stayed up way too late sewing but that is another story. Rob got home at 2:00 AM. I heard him hit up the fridge and I fell asleep. He slept on the couch like a good boy. No trying to cop-a-feel. Because he had respected what I asked him to do I kept the baby at bay in the bedroom till 7:00 rather then let him get up at 6:00.

After getting the baby up to get him a bottle Rob got off the couch, got some Advil and went into the bedroom. I had both boys and tried to keep them as quiet as possible till 11:00 when I finally had enough. Rob rolls out of bed then.

Here is the second give and take:
Since I had let him sleep in till 11:00 and work off his hang over, keeping the kids out of his way and the house quiet, I asked him to do the food shopping. I did say "You owe me". And guess what, HE DID IT!

SCORE~~for me. It is not that I hate food shopping but I really hate one store that we shop at because it is old and small and crowded and hard to navigate with or without kids.I would so much prefer to go to Shaws or Stop and Shop because they are larger and way less crowded. But the other place is soo soo soo much cheaper. We are budgeting.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Logan is 24 months old!

Ok, I know I can count in years now.

I was not sad at 1 but 2 is totally and completely different. he is no longer that adorable tiny little baby or toddler. He has morphed into this tantrum throwing, handsome, limit testing, smarty pants! He is a boy!!! He loves the work "no" and says it loudly. His gibberish is quickly turning to sentences. While standing and moving he only seems to fall now when he is spinning in circles endlessly. He makes choices. He demands what he wants to eat and when! He sneaks out of time outs. He hits and then gives hugs. He knocks over the baby and then asks to play. He knows how to use the telephone and clicker. He wants to help with everything. His dinner is a funny game to him! He sings real songs and fake ones. He mimics books and shows with his toys. he loves playing with other toddlers and is fairly good with sharing.

Today we celebrated his 2nd birthday! Rob took the day off and we went to the Aquarium. It was great to watch him discover all the sea life! he had a blast. He saw penguins, sharks, turtles and fishies. he even got to touch a star fish. There was much more but those were his favorites. He ate french fries for lunch and had an ice cream cake after dinner. Now his big party is this Saturday. i will share pictures after the weekend.

I sure will miss that wobbly little new toddler.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scary foods with babies (including toddlers)

I might be slightly neurotic but I am nervous of a bunch of food with my kids. I even get nervous when other people feed their own kids this list of foods. I almost end up holding my breath waiting for something bad to happen when I see any of these food not diced up or in tiny tiny pieces and fed to babies and toddlers. Here in an article I just found which proves my point!!! Here is my list. I am aware I may need help lol but add to my list if I mess anything you know of.

Hot dogs ~ need to be sliced the long way and cut up because they are around the exact size of a baby/ toddlers airway.

Grapes ~ need to be sliced the long way and cut up because they are around the exact size of a baby/ toddlers airway.

Apples ~ bite sizes are solid and can easily lodge in throats.

Oranges ~ They may not chew the piece apart enough and the the stringy pulp does not let loose while one part stays in the mouth and the rest is trapped only part way down the pipe.

Steak ~ tough to chew and often not chewed enough while swallowing and talking/ laughing at meals.

Round Cheese sticks ~ need to be sliced the long way and cut up because they are around the exact size of a baby/ toddlers airway.

Cheese chunks (sold in squares) They are too large for little mouths and when chewed a little stay as a lump, which can also get caught.

Carrots ~ need to be sliced the long way and cut up because they are around the exact size of a baby/ toddlers airway.

Ice of all types ~ for obvious reasons and it does not melt fast enough to prevent choking.

Tortilla chips and nacho chips like Doritos ~ they can chew them well enough and not only choking they can stab tops of mouths and gums!!

Popcorn ~ not sure why yet but dogs should not have it either. I have to go read why.

Another tidbit I found on consumer reports


Here are some foods to watch out for:

Rounded, small, or slippery foods. They can slip right down the throat and lodge at a narrowed spot. Such foods include baby carrots, grapes, and raisins.

Firm, but pliable, foods. Items like hot dogs, sausages, and frozen banana pieces can conform to the shape of the throat and lodge there.

Light, dry foods. Snacks such as popcorn, tortilla chips, potato chips, and pretzels can get stuck in the throat, as can hard produce (including those with tough or dry skins), such as raw apples and carrots.

Chewy, sticky foods. These might not be manageable for very young children. They include caramels, gum, gummy bears, fruit "leather" (such as Roll-Ups), dollops of peanut butter, and cheese slices or cubes.

Stringy foods, like celery or spaghetti, may also be hard for little ones to manage.

If a food is tough to chew, like steak or bagels, children might try to swallow pieces whole--an obvious hazard. Steak, chicken, or other meats with bones are also hazardous.

Some medications, including those for teething pain, can numb the mouth and throat muscles, so talk to your child's pediatrician about the safest way to feed your child.


These easy steps can help prevent choking:

* Don't put cereal in a baby's bottle.
* Place children upright in a comfortable high chair or booster seat with a table surface that provides support.
* Keep portions small. Give your child more if he or she wants it. For spoon-fed babies, wait until the mouth is clear before giving the child more food.
* For children ages 4 or younger, make sure solid food is cut into pieces smaller than half an inch. Round foods like hot dogs and grapes should be cut in half.
* Cook foods such as pasta, rice, beans, and hard vegetables until soft.
* Avoid feeding small foods like nuts to young children. They have few (if any) molars to grind them, and could choke if they unexpectedly laugh or take a deep breath and inhale them.
* Watch for "chipmunking"--when a child fills his cheeks with food and doesn't swallow it.
* Keep older children from handing easy-to-choke-on foods or small objects to younger children.
* Limit distractions during meal time, such as TV, pets, and game-playing, so children can focus on their food.
* Never leave a child alone while eating.
* Don't feed a child in a car or bus. It will be hard for a driver to pull to the side of the road fast enough to help a choking child.'
You can find the rest of the article here

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Glimps of Some of Our Classes

This is not just a walking class, if that is what you first thought. We do cardio, abs, arm and leg work with resistance bands and have a bunch of fun. All the while we are entertaining the kids when we can.

BePe Baby
Stroller Strides

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You in Love or Ill?

What are these symptoms of

1. Skippy heartbeat when you think of him/her.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: Tachycardia which may lead to ventricular fibrillation and myocardial infarction (heart attack)

2. Restless trembling of hands, feet and other body parts.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: Parkinson's Disease

3. Constant smiling.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: Bell's Palsy

4. Absent mindedness, forgetfulness, inability to focus on tasks at work or home.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: early onset Alzheimer's Disease

5. Frequent or constant sexual arousal.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: nymphomania

6. Weakening of knees and bursts of energy when he/she calls or comes over.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: multiple sclerosis

7. Inability to stop thinking about him/her.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: OCD

8. Bruising on neck, breasts and other tender areas.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: leukemia

9. Insomnia.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: benign prostatic hyperplasia

10. Feeling that you can smell/hear/feel him or her when not in his/her presence.

You think it's: Love
Medical possibility: schizophrenia

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How Bichy Am I?

You Are 47% Bitchy

Generally, you're an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes... well, watch out!

Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dane Street Beach (Lyons Park) Trip Today

We went to a local beach today and brought the kids! I can not get over how much effort it takes to have a few hours at the beach. Also I forgot how annoying sand can be. Over all we had a great time. The kids were soo tired at the end of the day that both of my boys fell asleep in the car on the way home. They woke up after 10 minutes but after an hour struggle are napping in bed at home. Momma is tired now. Here are a few photos from today!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some random new purchases

I ordered some peanut butter cup cookies from a local momma with a wonderful work at home business. Goodies Homemade Let me say they are packaged so nicely I can't wait to use her as my next stop for gift sending. They are also very very yummy!

My next venture is going to be using my new Ergo Carrier. I hated to spend the money but my current carrier is only the front type and I want to be able to move Landon to the back soon. These also disperse the weight for baby and parent. Less stress backs and spines.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Had a visit with MK Boxing

Let me just say; this is a very neat place!!! If you have not seen it and are in the area they offer some great classes. You can see some of it on the website, click here They have a boxing ring, lots of bags, a small gym area with machines and weights and two mat areas for classes like kick boxing. It would be great for the class and give us lots of options for what direction to take to our stations.

I am excited to sign some of us from the moms group up for a Saturday class. I am betting that those classes would more then kick my rear end into shape!

Lots of women work out there too! There was a women preparing for a workout when I was headed out. IF my kids were not getting hungry I would have stayed to watch some of the class that was going to be starting. Mike was very nice and seems to have a great sense of humor. At least he didn't seem annoyed by my boys :)

Now with a few options it will be time to negotiate and make some decisions. I am fairly sure Wilmington will remain M-W-F at 9:30 and Woburn will open for T-Th at 9:30. If you know anyone in the area that is ACE or AFFA certified group fitness instructors or someone who wants to go be trained for Stroller Strides in CA direct them my way because I will need someone at the very least as a sub.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

We made the front page and a picture of the boys!

We made the front page of the local paper! I have yet to see it because I do not get that paper and I was expecting it to be later.
I was told today it was in last weeks paper so I have requested an issue. I am so thrilled about it! Let hope it does us justice :)

And here is a new picture of the boys. They are so darn cute! Landon smiles, giggles, crawls backwards, and says bubba. Logan is obsessed with "choo choos", truck and cars. and most recently has been calling bunnies "bum bums". Too cute~!

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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Class will be in the local town paper!

Today during my morning class at the park we had stopped for one of our stations and where in the middle of our cadio drill and I see a woman with a rather large camera hustling over to our group. I prepared everyone and asked if anyone minded being photographed. No one was opposed to it so when she approached I let her ask ;) She though it was fantastic that we were working out with the babies in toe. She asked us to repeat some jumping jacks and she snapped a bunch of photos. I gave her my card and we moved into our push ups and tricep dips. She stayed and took more pictures.

I was amused by it and at the same time thrilled to be advertised in the Town Crier. Now if I can just find what day we will be in it. I barely ever find time to read papers but I will have to for the next few weeks!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Securing Locations for BePe Stroller Strides Classes

It looks like my hopes of holding classes in Tewksbury and Woburn by next Fall is going to be tweaked a bit. I will be holding classes in Wilmington through the Summer as they are going now.. M-W-F 9:30 AM outdoors and moving indoors in the Fall. We will be using CATZ (Creative Athletic Training Zone) on Concord Street in Wilmington! Pretty cool place for those of you who don't like or can't motivate your selves to use the typical gyms as often as you should. We will be able to keep the same schedule and they are even open to giving the little guys a little free time to play after. they also offer some great nutritional information and courses which I hope to be able to tap into with my group!

My second location is still not completely secured. For the outdoor times, I have spoken with Whole Foods in Woburn and they are happy to have us use their lot/store as a meeting place (if I can sort out a nice quiet place to move to for the classes) and are offering to work with us so that their weekly story times coincide with our classes end time so we can let the kids be a part of it. They mey be offering some mommy type workshops too. Like how to make your own baby food or similar type of themed days.. Also how great is that to get your food shopping done right before heading home!!!! Talk about convenience. I mean shoot I am out, both of the boys are already packed up and with me, what great timing! If that doesn't excite you , they have a cafe area we can all sit and have a snack and a small play area for the kids!

I have talked with Extra Innings (in Woburn) and could work something out possibly for later classes starting at 11:00. I think that is a tad bit late for me since it would end up being a super late lunchtime.

Today I met with Athletic Evolution (in Woburn), they are similar to CATZ but larger and have a bit more to offer,like a mini ice rink, batting cages indoors and gym machines and weights. We may be able to work with them and have use of the space in the mornings during the week. I hope to hear back from them soon.

Next week I will meet with one last place, MK Boxing (also in Woburn),and I hopefully can figure something out after that.

I am looking forward to have this all sorted out and focusing on other areas of the classes~!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Healthy Home Party Tonight!!

Tonight I am co-hosting a Healthy Home Party with Whole Foods Market and Another local Stroller Strides franchise at the Whole Foods Market in Woburn MA from 7-9:00 PM .

Luna Moms, Club, Stroller Strides and Healthy Child Healthy Home are teaming up to help spread information to you about living a healthy "greener" life and protecting your family and your Earth from all the toxins and chemicals in our environments today. Check out their site for more info http://healthychild.org/

We will have snacks, speakers and adorable canvas bags donated by Whole Foods filled with info, coupons, healthy snacks and more. There will also be a raffle you will be entered in just for showing up.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scooper Bowl Fun

Here are a few photos from the Jimmie Fund, Scooper Bowl. I am taking all of the photos so I managed to stay out of the pictures. It was something new to do.. We took the train in (Logan's first ride on a "choo choo".) to Boston and walked to City Hall Plaza. The area was packed and there was no chance of making it in front of the crowds for a taste of Ice cream with a stroller. We smartened up really quickly and realized if we left a few moms with all the strollers a few of us could go grab a bunch of scoops and come back. We managed to try about 10 brands of ice cream and I would guess about 25 flavors. YUMMY, is all I have to say and the lemon gelato was to die for!!!!!! I am looking forward to going back next year.

After we walked to the North End and had a bite to eat at Joe's, right on the water. We got back to the station and waited only about 10 minutes to take the train back home and get the kiddos to bed.
We were all wiped out at the end of the afternoon but it was a great adventure.

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Father's Day Crafts

Just wanted to share what a few moms from the Mom's Group I host and I did for Father's Day.

I purchased some stepping Stones Craft kits and we had the babies step in the cemetn mix and the toddler put a hand in. Let it sit for about 30-45 minutes and went back to decorate! They came out so cute. I will share mine.. I had made them with my toddler last year so had to have matching ones to give for the baby this year as well.
Here are some pictures of them before I took them out of the shell and washed them off.
and then a fuzzy photo of Logan's in the garden from last year.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

BePe Baby

So BePe has a big craft festival this weekend in Wakefield MA. I have had lots of help with the preparing. My mother and I have been sewing up a storm! I think I have close to 100 pairs of booties and slippers, 25 + bibs, 15 sun hats, 10 Diaper Roll-Ups, Gram's Hand-Knits and some adorable outfits like diaper coves with matching hats and button up shirts for the boys and dresses and sets for girls. Next year I will have more time to prepare. This time around I was invited to two big festivals but would not have had enough time to prepare for both so I had to refuse one. Let's hope this pans out. Other wise I have a ton of stock to store at my house :) Here is a sneak peek at a few of the items coming.

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