Saturday, September 20, 2008

It is only the afternoon here and I am already dreading the morning!

You may be wondering why..

Well, I have a bachelorette party tonight for a girlfriend. So I am sure you can picture it. A bunch of women drinking at a drag bar, egging on the lady of the night to do shooters and being dragged down with her. Getting her to complete her list of dirty deeds, while the rest of us are left with more time to drink. Arrghh. I can already feel the hangover. Not only that, but I will be out till 2:00 Am waiting for someone to suggest we head home and still needing to drive an extra 30 minutes from my car to home. Let's hope I can keep my composure enough to be able to drive home! I keep telling myself I will only have a few and I want to believe it too but I also know myself and that I have not been drinking much at all since having kids 2 years ago. So a few drinks before and a few during the night might put me over.. Either way I need to be up with the boys who always wake by 6:30 the latest and Rob is going to a Patriots game so he will be not help to me.
Send me your good thoughts. I will surely need them tonight!


Melissa said...

Wow. Good luck to ya! 6:30? That's not gonna be easy after a fun filled night like that. t does sound like a blast though!
Have a drink for me...oh wait, don't. Haha!
Isn't it funny how much stronger alcohol affects us after not having any for a while? If I have 1 beer now adays I'm good to go. LOL.
Have a great time and I'll keep you in my thoughts. I say crash as soon as your hubby gets back from his game!

Melissa said...

Hope you are hanging in there okay!

Mommy Niri said...

ok, I am wondering how to bother feeling sorry for you when I am busy envying you ;)