Sunday, August 17, 2008

Learning How to Give and Take.

So after 3+ years of marriage I am trying to learn how to give and take. After a family party yesterday we had to rush home so Rob could get to his buddy's bachelor party. I got the kids sorted out and unpacked from our day trip while he got ready to go to drink, play games and go off to a strip club. I asked him to sleep on the couch if he was super drunk.

Here is the first give and take:
I stayed up way too late sewing but that is another story. Rob got home at 2:00 AM. I heard him hit up the fridge and I fell asleep. He slept on the couch like a good boy. No trying to cop-a-feel. Because he had respected what I asked him to do I kept the baby at bay in the bedroom till 7:00 rather then let him get up at 6:00.

After getting the baby up to get him a bottle Rob got off the couch, got some Advil and went into the bedroom. I had both boys and tried to keep them as quiet as possible till 11:00 when I finally had enough. Rob rolls out of bed then.

Here is the second give and take:
Since I had let him sleep in till 11:00 and work off his hang over, keeping the kids out of his way and the house quiet, I asked him to do the food shopping. I did say "You owe me". And guess what, HE DID IT!

SCORE~~for me. It is not that I hate food shopping but I really hate one store that we shop at because it is old and small and crowded and hard to navigate with or without kids.I would so much prefer to go to Shaws or Stop and Shop because they are larger and way less crowded. But the other place is soo soo soo much cheaper. We are budgeting.

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