Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner Tonight

At dinner tonight.

I was cutting up some pear for Logan and Landon after their pasta. It was very juicy and tasted perfect.

Me: (looking at Rob) Would you like some?

Rob: Sure, I'll have a bite.

Me: (cut Rob a piece and hold it out in my pear covered dripping hand)

Rob: (grabs for it and it slips and jumps out of his hand into my plate)(Rob shoulder shrugs at me)

Me: What?

Rob: I didn't say anything!

Me: Well you Shrugged at me, so in reality you did say something!

Rob: (laughing) What is wrong with you? (laughing harder)In reality I said nothing, AND how do you even know I was shrugging at you?

ME: Well would else would you be shrugging at? (trying to give a dirty look but laughing at my own stupidity)

Now we are each in separate rooms on own own computers. He is a MAC man and I am a PC girl. We get along much better in our own separate spaces.

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