Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An After Dinner Conversation

I do sit back and laugh often about the dynamics of my marriage.

A little insight: I have been trying to add a few new recipes in to the dinner rotation here at the Bentley house. I am tired of the same stuff and cooking is loosing it's luster.

Rob: You are funny, I noticed you bought Kosher Sea Salt AND Edamames. You are trying to be that blogger you love.

Me: No, I am not you boob! I am following a recipe I found which has both of those ingredients!

Me: Plus, I bought the shucked Edamames NOT the shelled ones!!

Rob: OH.

I also notice no matter what, we ALWAYS fight for the very last word. It does not matter where we are, what we say or who might be right.

I sort of enjoy the odd conversations. It is a nice break to all the senseless talk about work days. In those, he isn't really listening to my day at Stroller Strides and Luna Mom's Group and I am not really listening to him about Sophos. We each catch the most appealing part and comment, then change conversational topics as quickly as we can without pissing off each other :)

I have no class to teach this morning, so I am off to sew! BePe Baby has been bringing lots of orders for toddler slippers and I have a fair to be preparing for. Have a happy day!
I borrowed the image, because it seemed fitting to the topic.

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Mommy Niri said...

you are too funny. we are so brain dead at the end of the day the conversation, if it happens, is something else.