Thursday, August 7, 2008

Logan is 24 months old!

Ok, I know I can count in years now.

I was not sad at 1 but 2 is totally and completely different. he is no longer that adorable tiny little baby or toddler. He has morphed into this tantrum throwing, handsome, limit testing, smarty pants! He is a boy!!! He loves the work "no" and says it loudly. His gibberish is quickly turning to sentences. While standing and moving he only seems to fall now when he is spinning in circles endlessly. He makes choices. He demands what he wants to eat and when! He sneaks out of time outs. He hits and then gives hugs. He knocks over the baby and then asks to play. He knows how to use the telephone and clicker. He wants to help with everything. His dinner is a funny game to him! He sings real songs and fake ones. He mimics books and shows with his toys. he loves playing with other toddlers and is fairly good with sharing.

Today we celebrated his 2nd birthday! Rob took the day off and we went to the Aquarium. It was great to watch him discover all the sea life! he had a blast. He saw penguins, sharks, turtles and fishies. he even got to touch a star fish. There was much more but those were his favorites. He ate french fries for lunch and had an ice cream cake after dinner. Now his big party is this Saturday. i will share pictures after the weekend.

I sure will miss that wobbly little new toddler.

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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Logan!! Time really flew by, it seems. Sounds like he had a fun birthday. I still consider Kieran a baby...probably cause he is MY baby