Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obsessive Licky Dog

My dog is so odd. He has many quirks, but this is one of the most consistent and awkward. He is licky. You know, he licks and licks and licks. He could go on for an hour if you let him. His favorite places are the pit behind your elbow, the pit behind your knee, feet, toes (he will actually rub his teeth/gums while licking/chewing toes). These spots are closely tied with shins and arms.

It is a tad embarrassing when he is licking the hell out of a friend or client :) You shew him away and he is like a fly on shit.. he darts right back where he was, or readjusts to find a new lick space.

As I am typing this he is all over my leg. He jumped down to go chase the cat who was puking (he likes to eat that) and now he is back trying to get to the pit of my knee.

The noise of the licking annoys Rob to no end, so I tend to let him lick just to piss Rob off sometimes. It can be fun watching him get worked up over a lick sound.

Rob tries to convince me that I enjoy the dog chewing my toes and licking my feet in a weird, dirty way. Of course, that is just because men do not know how to think with out letting their dicks speak first! So he would be thinking like that..

My previous dog (Kuvaz- big white, Hungarian mountain/guard dog) was a licker too.. not this bad and only legs and arms, but he would sit and lick and lick and lick too.

He is still licking, but getting tired of the leg and moving to the foot.

I just find it odd and sometimes embarrassing when he won't leave people alone.

He has stopped licking but now looks around like he should be doing something. He is so messed up, this dog.

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