Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's My 30th Birthday and Here is How it is Going

Landon was up at 3:00 Am and Logan woke up around 6:00 crying.

Vacuum would not work this morning, so the floors are super filthy (when you have two mobil kids, cheerios, cheese, a cat, a dog, and are cutting fabric and sewing daily you will know what I am dealing with)

The two boys whined and complained and cried ALL MORNING!

Worked out with my moms! (that was fun)

Came home to 3 loads of Laundry needing to be folded.

My mother brought me lunch.. Logan threw up on the table

Nap time was a disaster.. AKA.. Mommy had no time alone

Logan hasn't eaten since breakfast but will drink juice

Landon was drinking from Logan's cup (OH man I can never catch a break with the sickies)

I am cooking a roasted dinner.. Logan has pulled every book off his shelf and they are playing on them.

Throw me a bone tonight. huh


madre adoptiva said...

Oh man! you need to get OUT of the house for your birthday! I hope things get easier from here on out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

SarahRachel said...

I think I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read that!!! I hope tomorrow is better! Hugs! =)

Mommy Niri said...

Mine is normally worse, since Ramesh and I have the same birthday... so mine is always about making him feel special while his idea is to enjoy feeling special.

Happy Birthday Christina!

Susan said...

Ohh, I thought your birthday was today. Sorry I didn't say Happy Birthday yesterday.
Happy Birthday, Christina!
We should plan a night out to get some drinks to celebrate.

jilltan said...

Happy birthday Christina! Sorry you had one of those momma days! Hope the sickies stay away!