Monday, August 25, 2008

Intentional Broom Tapping

Intentional Broom Tapping is what happens when Rob is asked (told) to sweep up the Cheerios, after he laughed and watched them get tossed all over the floor from two children at dinner.

Here is how it went down, let me set the scene.

Logan (2 yr old): swiping food all over the floor.

Landon (9 month old with two bottom tooth grin): tossing, swiping and banging food off the table.

Me (angry, stressed out mom): ripping my hair out, clenching teeth.

Rob (out of work late finds it funny): smiling and a little chuckle as he hands Landon a cheerio and it goes over board.

Here is the dialogue to go along with that scene.

Rob: he he

Me: you won't be laughing when you are sweeping that up in a minute.

Rob: Why me?

Me: Because you laughed and gave him more while he was throwing.

Rob: Naa Haaa.

Me: Yaaa Haaa, you gave more to the baby while they were both throwing them and laughed about it with a stupid grin on your face.

Rob: It was funny.

{A few minutes later Rob goes to get the broom}

Rob: (after looking at me for like 30 I read minds) ahh a littel help?

Me: ahhh, open the cellar door it has been there for over a year!!!

Rob: well I don't know if it made its way into the other room.

Me: What???

{Rob starts sweeping and hits my foot with the boom}

Me: You did that intentionally!

Rob: you always think I am out to get you.

Me: Cause you are!

Rob: You are crazy!

Me: I'm depressed

Rob: Ha HA, you might be delusional but definantly not depressed!

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