Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I Hate Men----needed to vent and I know I am not alone

Oh there are lots of reasons but here are a few.

1. THEY only help with day to day stuff (without being nagged) when they are "In the Mood for Something".

2.When they are "IN THE MOOD" and see us getting ready for bed..They suddenly jump into action and rush to get ready also. We aren't dumb and know what they are doing.

3. Pretend they don't hear the baby crying in the monitor. Some go as far as to nudge the women in the relationship....EVEN ON THE WEEKEND!

4. They will step on a Cheerio and crush it (in the living room) and keep walking. Also walk right by the litter box that needs to be scooped, laundry that needs folding etc..

5. They put dishes in the sink and leave them when the dishwasher is right there and empty!!!

6. They lay in bed for hours (after we are up dealing with the family and life) and when they get up do not make the bed.

7. They walk right by the empty barrels in the AM (after the garbage truck has come)and go to work.

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madre adoptiva said...

Right on, Sister... Right on.