Friday, February 29, 2008

Coming soon!!! I hope :)

I am adding a build a Bootie-Slipper category to my site. So that you will be able to create exactly what you are looking for :)

Also keep your eyes open for new patterns. I am trying out some new protocols and will be likely giving away the my samples for product testing if anyone is interested.
Here is a sneak peek at my first attempt.. This was a 3:00AM baby feeding idea that I rushed out of bed at 5:30 to try it out so needless to say it is a tad raw :)
This will allow for the slipper to be loosened and tightened and will be great for those babes with wide tootsies.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

20% OFF!!!!!

20% off all slippers!!!! To celebrate the opening of our new site!

This must be a joke!

So Logan has been an absolute pill in both of my two new and favorite strollers!!!!! Trying to get out and twisting around and thrusting his hips out, and complaining like a mad man the last two days. There is no way he is going to become one of those kids who refuses to ride in them.. After all the research and effort I put into finding these, HE WILL RIDE IN THEM!

We also let him play in the snow all weekend and that is all he wants to do now.

Come on cheer me up and buy some slippers ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Stroller hunt.. Ok, I can admit it~~~~ I am addicted~~~~ to strollers!!!!

Yup that is right. I bought another one. This is the 4th double stroller I have purchased and before this I got at my shower and purchased 4 single stroller and a snap and go frame. My husband is fed up but they all have different qualities that I like. I recently returned one double, sold one double, and have another single for sale. So I thought it was time to buy again.

I happened to see this one while at Babies R Us. Check it out

Here is what I wish was different and all the reasons that I still love my Baby Jogger City Mini. I wish it was sightly lighter and a tad slimmer (width). I wish it had a snack tray or belly bar attachment. I wish the canopy was two separate ones.

Here is why I love it.
THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The seats sit up much straighter and are less deep , so Logan can sit forward if he wants and not be slouched back so much, he can even see his brother (in the other he cant get near him) When folded it stands on it's wheels and it locks folded. Oh, did I mention it has a speaker wired in to the canopy for an MP3 player to hook up to. I also like having the option to jog , which I can't do in the other stroller and the wheels are great on all surfaces.

Now I have two great strollers. One for shopping and also great for walking in colder, rainy or windy days because the canopies come down almost to there feet :). the other great for brisk walking, jogging and outdoor fun. Enjoying some sun and the added bonus of the music for the boys and me!!!!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Perfect Stroller for Two

Ok so I have researched and researched this topic and still had no idea what to choose..

I had heard over and over that the side by side maneuver much much more easily and I have to say that is one thing I learned on my own as well and I totally agree!

The down side to a side by side is the width and shopping in small clothing aisles like in Walmart and Target.

Front to backs that I checked out.

Contours--ridiculously long--- and the seats have to be removed to fold--- although the seats can be arranged in many ways and a carseat can be attached it is not worth the hassle.

Phil and Teds with the double kit (picture above)-- I would keep this as an option because it can go back to a single stroller after your older child is finished in it, plus it is smaller.
I initially hated the second child being under the first. Landon would hate being back there as he did in another stroller I did use, but I am warming up to the idea more and more just for the size of the stroller alone!!! this one looks great and rides like a singe!!

Kidz Cargo-- This I bought.. and I am selling it
Landon hated being in the back without a view, same reason he would hate the Phil and Teds. This was unbearably heavy at almost 40 lbs and difficult to turn with the heavy child in front above the single wheel.

Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller--- heavier then the tour (below)

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller (picture above)-- I would consider this one ---folds flater then the LX and is lighter too, has snack trays , holds carseats but still very heavy and more difficult to steer then the side by side IMO.

Side by Sides

Combi -- too flimsy, no graco car seat adapter, no snack tray, not great for children of different weights.

Maclaren -- split handles--impossible to use one hand ever!Tad bit flimsy no Graco car seat adapter, no snack tray, not great for children of different weights.

The Peg Prego Arri Twin -- still on the flimsy side but a tad more rugged, COMES WITH SNACK TRAYS!!!!!!!! No adapter for Graco seat and again not great for children of different weights.

(picture above)This would be a contender again too if I was to do it all over again...heavier but works better with different sized children, no snack tray but it accepts carseat!!!!

Mountain Buggy --- huge and no snack tray or carseat adapter and very heavy too

Bob Revolution Dualie-- bought this one and returned it-- Fantastic smooth ride, super eay to push and steer, has the carseat adapter and snack tray attachments but it was huge and heavy tough to fit in the car, the snack tray was in my toddler line of vision and once the attachments where added it no longer fit through the standard doors for me!!!

Baby Jogger City Mini
(picture above)-- bought this one and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.. light weight, folds easily nice ride, easy to steer even with one hand, has add ons for a belly bar and tray. No carseat adapter but reclines flat. Over all I am thrilled with the stroller. It is a pain to have to take the sleeping baby out of his seat, but only another month or so of that anyway. Fitting in Walmart and Target can be a challenge too but I couldn't get around there in my single stroller as it was LOL No regrets with this one I LOVE IT!!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Slippers !! Plus many more coming!

All is finally well!!

Landon went to the G.I.
it turns out he was not pooping all of the time but instead leaking stool due to overflow constipation.. his Body could not figure out how to release stool no matter how loose it was. We are now on hypoallergenic formula. He started acting much happier when we made the switch and even managed to poop twice on his own over a few days time. We also visited the G.I. after me having to manually empty him out every 2 days (YUCK!!) I was ready to figure out the problem. He did a rectal exam with his pinky (Landon screamed like all hell). He said that he was smaller then normal down there but that he had likely stretched him out with the exam.. Well since that appointment he has been pooping on his own daily !!! He is happy and calm and has been sleeping great too :)