Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cure for Stubborn Toddlers

I recently heard that reverse psychology works wonders with toddlers, especially 2 yr olds. So I know a bunch of my regular readers are August 06 mommas like me.. I say let's try it out.

Here are some examples of daily activities at my house..

Happens often during the day

Me: Logan, share with the baby. He wants to play too.

Logan: No, No share (while frantically running from the baby and dragging along the toy he wants me to hide from the 9 month old who drags himself rather then crawl)

Me: You have to share, he is your brother.

Logan: No No No share (now jumping up and down at my legs while ramming the toy into my shins in hope that I will save the toy at the last minute from the gripes of that threatening baby)

********What I should have said was, Ok, no share with the baby**************

Dinner Time

Me: Try one bite of (insert any healthy food here)

Logan: NOOOOOOO!!! (Louder then a riffle at close range, while squirming in his chair and twisting his face as far away from the food as he can get without snapping his neck)

Me: Just one bite, please

Logan: (Repeats the above scene, but also now shoves his food, and drink across the table)

Me: Ok, fine then, sit there

Logan: All done, wanna play, all done

Me: one bite first

Logan: Swipes all his food and anything near him to the ground.

Me: (I normally want to hurt him at this point so instead I breath deep)
This repeats for a while till normally "the adults" give in.

********What I should have said was, Ok, no more bites of beans for you**************

So you might be thinking; does she really think this is going to work. The answer is nope, but it might make the whole scene more amusing.

I totally expect that when I say Ok no sharing with the baby he will continue to react the same.

and when I say ok no more bites for you. Logan will smile and way all done waiting to get down

But it is still worth a try and I bet some of us it will work for.

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