Thursday, June 26, 2008

Securing Locations for BePe Stroller Strides Classes

It looks like my hopes of holding classes in Tewksbury and Woburn by next Fall is going to be tweaked a bit. I will be holding classes in Wilmington through the Summer as they are going now.. M-W-F 9:30 AM outdoors and moving indoors in the Fall. We will be using CATZ (Creative Athletic Training Zone) on Concord Street in Wilmington! Pretty cool place for those of you who don't like or can't motivate your selves to use the typical gyms as often as you should. We will be able to keep the same schedule and they are even open to giving the little guys a little free time to play after. they also offer some great nutritional information and courses which I hope to be able to tap into with my group!

My second location is still not completely secured. For the outdoor times, I have spoken with Whole Foods in Woburn and they are happy to have us use their lot/store as a meeting place (if I can sort out a nice quiet place to move to for the classes) and are offering to work with us so that their weekly story times coincide with our classes end time so we can let the kids be a part of it. They mey be offering some mommy type workshops too. Like how to make your own baby food or similar type of themed days.. Also how great is that to get your food shopping done right before heading home!!!! Talk about convenience. I mean shoot I am out, both of the boys are already packed up and with me, what great timing! If that doesn't excite you , they have a cafe area we can all sit and have a snack and a small play area for the kids!

I have talked with Extra Innings (in Woburn) and could work something out possibly for later classes starting at 11:00. I think that is a tad bit late for me since it would end up being a super late lunchtime.

Today I met with Athletic Evolution (in Woburn), they are similar to CATZ but larger and have a bit more to offer,like a mini ice rink, batting cages indoors and gym machines and weights. We may be able to work with them and have use of the space in the mornings during the week. I hope to hear back from them soon.

Next week I will meet with one last place, MK Boxing (also in Woburn),and I hopefully can figure something out after that.

I am looking forward to have this all sorted out and focusing on other areas of the classes~!

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