Monday, December 29, 2008

We increased our family

by 4 furry legs and two fluffy ears.

After dog sitting a new friends pup for a second time I was feeling like my doggy needed a friend. He was depressed both times his buddy left and I also felt a bit sad to see him go.

Here is how the next stage of the story goes.

Me: (found a small dog for adoption on Craigs List) Rob he needs a home
Rob: No! No! No! No!
Me: But he needs to find a home tonight, they say.
Rob: And what if he doesn't? What happens? (this is when I knew I had him)
Me: I don't know that is what they said.
Rob: No! And I get to pick the next dog and he would be perfect if he was 5x's that size, and fluffy like a Husky.
Me: Look at him! He is like Ben, but straight hair.
Rob: No! I will kill you! and don't even go sending them a message committing to taking the dog.
Me: You don't have control over me. Besides you would only be mad for like 2 days.
Rob: Don't even
Me: I can pick him up in Wakefield in an hour
Rob: If you even want to get me to consider it you better have a play by play written contract of all the sex and bj's I am gonna be getting for the next year. Like written out, play by play, positions and places.
Me: Ok, Sex once a week.
Rob: not even close.

(after going back and forth I got him down to 2 times a week)

We were about ready to leave to pick up the new dog and I texted the owner of the dog we had been watching, saying we we getting another dog and it was her fault LOL)

The phone rang 4 seconds later and she and her husband wanted us to consider adopting their dog. they had been considering find a place for him as their new living space with 10 month old twins we not a great mix with the dog.

So here we are I called and let the other man know I would not be meeting him and today we have a Toy Poodle along with our Bichon Frise and cat.

I will post better photos soon. The dogs love each other and have spent the entire day playing together.

My dog's name is Ben. My new dogs name is Bentley. you would never guess what my last name is. Bentley!!!!! I feel completely like boob calling the groomer and vet saying I need an appointment for Ben and Bentley. Then they ask for the last name and I cringe. Ben and Bentley Bentley.

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Bella Luce Photography said...

I am jealous! Wallace needs a friend.. Speaking of Wallace, Scott surprisingly didn't bark at my Christmas photo. I recall him saying it was cool. It could, however, have been the few drinks talking. HA! I did Wallace a favor and didn't post the one of him wearing the hat with the red bells around his neck. That one was borderline not right. See what happens when you get stuck inside with a snow storm...

Happy New Year!

Are you moving?