Saturday, January 26, 2008

Computer Troubles

My computer died yesterday and we do not have another. I am on a borrowed laptop for the weekend but will be MIA till I have a new one (which we can't afford!).
Anyway I will be checking my orders through phone calls to those with internet LOL and otherwise I wil be lost without the world wide web at my reach for a bit. :(
Just wanted to let you know if you happened to miss me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BePe Baby

BePe Baby

Bootie-Slippers where all the rage before the holidays. Both my website and my site on Etsy where hopping! Since X-Mas things have been on the slow side. This week things have been picking up again. I will be listing some adorable new patterns in the next week or so.

I also have a few new spots that are looking to carry my slippers pending. I will share a list of the great places you can find BePe Booties when everything is decided.

Now if I can find the time to make the orders that have piled up on my sewing table!! LOL

Thursday, January 10, 2008

There is Something to be Said for Baby Wearing

So here is my update..

Logan is sick, with something that people are telling me sounds like the croupe. Might be taking him to the dr. tomorrow if he is not doing better but today seemed slightly better then yesterday.. (crossing fingers)

Landon went from leaking out watery, mucusy stool all day to doing nothing. I was asked to do two stool samples tests, to check for blood in them and he stopped all together. 3 days with nothing. The dr sent me for some glycerin supositories and with those we got a major erruption.. Poor guy had atleast 3 days worth of stool stuck in there. It just wouldn't stop gushing out (sorry TMI). I have been back to 100% breastfeeding for 5 days and his stool is still not seedy at all. He is also refluxing a lot.. Could be to do with how he tenses up his belly in pain through the day.

Anyway, Landon refuses to be put down.. He screams non-stop.. When he falls asleep he wakes within 5-15 min. He will only settle back in if he is being held or on someones chest.. I feel bad for the little man knowing he is feeling pain and discomfort with the whole stool issues. So I decided to sling him and wear him as much as possible to try and give us all some peace.

Today I showered way early and left him snuggled in my bed (even though he did cry) and then in the sling he went and in the sling he stayed. We went on two long walks today.. Which helped me feel good. helped Logan's cough, and kept Landon snoozing off and on.. He had 4 or 5 meltdowns even in the sling stiffening and passing gas and spitting up but they lasted 45 min or less. The worst was at 4:15 tonight. Normally he would cry for 4-6 hours on end at this point.. tonight was only 1.5 hours :) Much ,much better. After that I was able to calm him and put him in the sling again. After a short while I took him sling and all and plopped him in the bobby pillow and there he has slept for over and hour :) This is the first nap he has taken without being held that has lasted over 30 min in alomst 2 weeks.

So I am feeling pretty darn lucky tonight:) Hope you all had a nice day too

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feeding Issues and Diaper Sores

So this go around I decided to breast feed and set my self up to give it a real good effort. We are 5 weeks into it and here is what we have.

He latches no problem and I have plenty of milk for him.

He has runny, watery (like pee), mucus poops about 25+ times per day.. So much so that the skin on his bottom is being eaten away by all the acid in his poop and the wiping from changing his diapers so often. There is no seediness or texture at all. He is extremely gassy, fussy and sleeps little.

His doctor suspected problems with milk. I cut out milk for 3 full days and nada. he showed no improvement.

My friend (Lauren) offered another suggestion. She said he probably was getting too much fore milk. It causes fast growth, gas, abdominal pain, runny stool, and all over colick. This happens when moms breasts produce too much milk. My boobs are overly enthusiastic (so I am told). For the moms it causes painful swollen breasts often, painful let downs through out the day, leaking, and milk squirts out so forcefully and quickly in the beginning that baby has difficulty eating with out choking and gagging. That explains all of our symptoms and troubles.

For the past two weeks I have been battling with trying to slow my production of milk. landons bum is all open sores (this will be his second round of a prescription salve). I have also been slowly adding formula to his bottles in hopes of thickening up his poops a bit. No real luck. As of yesterday I started giving him full formula bottles alternating with expressed breast milk bottles. I am pumping from one side every 4-5 hours. This afternoon for the first time EVER, I changed Landons diaper and found no poop at all. :) I called Rob to come see. he also took two naps today and went down for bed after his bath at 7:30. This has been the best day we have had with him. He has another dr. appointment tomorrow. I am going to continue with the formula and breast milk till I am told otherwise or unless I don't continue to see improvement.

Just wanted to share. It has been a bit stressful and having two under 2 is harder then I thought!!! Plus trying to keep up with an on-line business and deal with the house and chores and other daily things. Yikes my hands are full LOL!! I keep wishing I had more time on here to read up and update! Oh well this is the life I chose and I love it! :)

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