Monday, September 22, 2008

I will "f"ing Kill You!

So,ya, this summer was fun but some bad came out of it too. Rob and I officially picked up smoking again, after haven quit more then 2 years before! It was getting out of control and costing us a fortune. Over the past 2 months we have been smoking again we have probably come close to spending a car payment on BUTTS! Holy God did you know the cost $7 now? I about shit when I bought my first full pack.

Anywho, I felt gross smoking, smelled bad, had trouble breathing and teaching my classes so, I declared that we would quit again last night and we did. Let me just say.. I have been a crazy, angry, raging lunatic, bitch face! I hate everyone. I am stuffing food in my mouth faster then the speed of light. I am snapping and tired. I have lost my smile and I felt sick earlier, but then again that could have been the 1/2 of a cucumber, slice of cheese, 7 fish sticks, and a Luna mini that I ate followed by some whole wheat crackers and a bottle of juice. As if that wasn't enough I had two tootsie pops a few hours later.

I know I will be fine in a few days but I also realize my pants will not fit if I can't quickly find a substitute for all the eating.

The whole reason for this post to begin with is in the title. Rob and I have been saying this quit a bit today in our fits of rage set off by withdrawals.
"I will FU@#$ING KILL YOU!!!" I feel like smiling after saying that :P

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