Monday, November 24, 2008

The little man has words and Big man is turning smart man

His first birthday came and went. He is quickly heading to toddlerhood and talking back. I am such a dumb ass I forgot my camera at home during his party.

Still waiting for my mom to forward some my way.

So Little L has words. He says Ya Ya (Yes), LaLa (water), DaBa (Tubby), All Done, Up, Down. He is standing and just yesterday let go and took two steps. Naps are a nightmare and sleeping through the night is few and far between.

Big L is very very anxious and afraid of so much. he calls things scary all the time.. Puppets on shows, too much action, daddies video games, dark skies, and much much more. it does sound more like Geary. Rather then no he says no way or no want it or no like that. He tests limits all day. If he gets frustrated with the little guy hit slaps him multiple times on the top of the head or whacks him with whatever is in his hand.

We went to Disney for a week and Big L loved Sea Wheel (Sea World) and Minos (Animals). The Characters were greay though. They did great and it was super busy. Glad to be home and finally starting to catch back up!