Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 Conversations with Rob

Conversation 1
Me: Rob, can you stop on your way home and pick up a Christmas tree?
Rob: I guess, where?
Me: I don't know. You drive that way everyday stop if you see any.
Rob: We'll I don't see any so I am asking you.
Me: we'll then go to the church we passed with the gigantic sign that read trees Dec 4th!
Rob:Fine, that is all I was asking.
Me: (hangs up phone)
Rob: (comes home with a 9 FOOT TALL - 5 FOOT WIDE TREE!!!!!!)
Me: (will never send Rob to pick a tree alone again)
(we no longer have a way to walk from the front door into the living room or kitchen)

Conversation 2
****Background info****
kids and I were sick for weeks, colds, coughing, swollen tonsils with white spots and sore throat, ear infections, conjunctivitis, 104 fevers, and wheezing.

Rob was fine the whole time!!!
Rob got sick with a bit of a cough and some tightness in his chest and a sore throat about a week after everyone was treated and on the mend.
He went to the Dr came home with meds. We are going out for his birthday this weekend.

Me: What haven't you started you prescription (antibiotic) yet?
Rob: We'll I am going out for drinks tomorrow and I didn't want to take it and then have it be ineffective.
Me: ( you are sick enough to need meds, but not sick enough to give up the drink to heal)
Me: So.... you are not going to take them until after we go out on Sat(dinner, comedy with a group of friends) either?
Rob: Humm, I didn't think about that.

These are typical conversations.


Melissa said...

Hahaha!!! Men! I can totally see Josh bringing home a tree like that. They just don't think things through...

Mommy Niri said...

Amazing how the smallest sniffle for guys turns them into babies.