Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10,000 Strides Challenge

We (this meaning myself and some other mothers and nannies from the mother's group I host)started our 10,000 strides a day challenge yesterday. Day 1 came and went and I was truly surprised to see how terrible I did. I went 6,899 steps from wake up time to back in bed. over 1,000 of those were during a Stroller Strides class too!!!!! My excuse is that I need a larger house with multi stories, because everything I need in my home is only a few steps away. Yes, that is the problem!!! Living in a ranch styled, small home takes tons of steps out of my day.

That would be an interesting study to do.. I would like to see if people who live in larger multi-level homes are in better shape then those who live in small single level like my self. Wonder if the moms in my group would play along?

I let you know.
Oh the ladies are in teams of 3. We have some great team names!!! The winning team after the 6 weeks is the team with the combined largest number of steps. The prize is feeling great about your self through the holiday seasons filled with eating and sitting visiting with company. Also, the winning 3 will be getting a great Stroller Strides Moms long sleeve tee with the logo " I am a Mom, Therefore I am an Athlete". It is too cute!

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