Monday, May 31, 2010

A Whole Fleet of Them

A few little boys and a gender Neutral bundle left. Gonna have to restock on the baby girls. They move quickly!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stall Tactics are in Full Effect Tonight

Stall Tactics are in Full Effect Tonight.
Before bedtime:
I want another story.
One more story.

Mommy, mommy. I need a drink.
I need more drink.
Mommy! Mommy! I need to pee!!

After Bedtime:
Mommy, will you tell me a story in bed?

5 min. later..

Uh Oh. I have to pee again.
Uh Oh. I forgotta tell you someping. Umm I forget the words.

Uh Oh. It fell off (referring to the blanket).

Mommy, don't leave me.

Now we are only about another 10 min. and I still hear them, so I am sure there is more..

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Stroller Update - 2 Years Later

Over the past year I have been asked many time and have had friends refer people to me, for finding the perfect stroller for two children.

I had a bit of a stroller obsession and if my oldest (now 3.5) would still enjoy being in the stroller more I would still be obsessed. He will still sit in the stroller for jogging, and Stroller Strides classes, but other then that would rather walk/ run any day.

My last post of of 3 (The Perfect Stroller For Two, Another Stroller Hunt, and Finding The Perfect Stroller For Two Is A Tough Job.)was over 2 years ago. What is still in my collection and what do I think now? Well, I have held onto Phil and Ted Sport with the doubles kit. My kids still fit and ride in it. My oldest actually prefers the back seat. When I am jogging I have him sit in the front though. It is much easier to push with the heavier child in front. I won't lie I did sell my first Phil and Ted Sport.

I purchased the two nicer models.. The Dash and the Vibe and returned both for a new Sport. The braking systems on the nicer models needs to be worked out.

The Dash: to break this stroller you need two hands and have to ratchet the handle bar down. If you have a handle bar console of sorts all of the contents still onto the child in the back seat and let's be honest. Who has two hands to brake a stroller when you are out and about with two children??

The Vibe: to brake this stroller there is a button in the center of the handle bar. If you are steering with one hand you WILL undoubtedly, accidentally, and often hit that button causing the stroller to brake suddenly and giving whiplash to your children. NOT SUPER SAFE in my opinion.

After returning both models, I bought myself a newer Sport version and have used this since. So Phil and Ted has occupied a space in my trunk for going on 3 years. I use it often and have taken it on vacations with us as well.

While my kids are getting bigger and have a need to be in the Stroller during my Stroller Strides classes and again when I am jogging (a fairly new activity for me 2nd year doing Couch to 5K)I decided to move up in the world and go for a monster stroller. I purchased a Bob Duallie Revolution for the second time. If you read in an earlier post. I had bought this and returned it because although the ride was smooth and perfect, the stroller is HUGE and heavy and made me feel like I was pushing a small car in front of me. I have gotten over it. I don't use it indoors and still hate putting it in and out of my car BUT for outdoor use and older children it was well worth the cost (for a second time).

Both of my boys have gotten up and are harassing me, so I will wrap up here, but I have tried most of the strollers on the market until recently.

My 3 favorites for MY life style or an active lifestyle are

Phil and Ted Sport with the double kit
, Bob Duallie Revolution, and
Baby Jogger City Mini (not a jogger stroller at all but great for walking indoor and out and SUPER light weight and easy to manage!)from an earlier post

Good luck on your journey to find the perfect stroller!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

And the winner is!!!

Congratulations - Bec Callaghan. Silly Monkeys Sun hat!! Let us know the size you need and shipping address. Send it to
BePeBaby at hotmail dot com

Comment #15 (not counting my replies)
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gonna Have to Get on the Ball! GIVEAWAY included.

So Facebook updated rules talk about not allowing promos and giveaways on your fan pages.

Not sure we want to test the waters. We'll just move the contests to our blog. It has been here since the beginning or close to but has been neglected the past year or so..

I may need a shake every once and a while but I plan to get on top of this. Starting off the night with a 24 hour giveaway. Let's see how many of you will come over and play.

Let us know that you came over and visited our blog and also what you would like to win from our shop at and we will choose a random winner tomorrow night!!!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Newest Addition

So adorable! I can barely stand it!

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