Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pookie, Yuckie!

This is my fabulous morning.

Me: (innocently searching in my room for a pair of socks)
Logan: Pookie, Yuckie (running down the hall towards me)
Me: What?
Logan: Pookie, Pookie, Pookie, Yuckie (holding something out to me)
Me: (frozen in terror hoping to God that the little brown item in his hand is not what I think it is)
Logan: Pookie, Baby, Yuckie.
Me: Oh, GOD!!!! (grab Logan's hand and run down the hall to toss the poop and wash him up)
Logan: yuckie, yuckie, pookie,
Me: (stupidly thinking the drama has passed walk into the playroom to see Landon happily chomping away on more pookie!) OHHHHH GOD!
Logan: Pookie
Landon: appa appa
Me: Nasty! (grab baby and toss the rest of the pookie, wash the baby's hands, face and mouth and teeth then go scrub the rug where the rest of the pookie was squished and smooshed.)

This reminded me of an old post about Logan and kitty pookie


madre adoptiva said...

oh God is right. I have been faced with a very similar situation once or twice. So disgusting.

Melissa said...

OMG!!! I've had some poop situations with Kieran...but not quite that bad! Eeek! So sorry! A funny story to re-tell when they are teens though! LOL!

Mommy Niri said...

I know the feeling. I was trying to potty train Jia while Bela was trying to keep peeking into the potty. Whenever there was an accident, I would first put Bela (screaming) in another room to give me a moment to clean Jia and the mess.