Friday, March 20, 2009

All About a Boogie

I am folding laundry, a chore I could really do without, and my toddler comes walking up to me with his pointer finger high in the air, staring intently at it. He gets close to me and points higher saying "Look! It's a boogie!" I could do nothing but laugh hysterically.

Here is how the conversation plays out:

Toddler Man: Look! It's a boogie!
Me: (Laughing)
Toddler Man: Mama! Look! It's a boogie
Me: I see.
Toddler Man: It's a boogie! (moving closer)
Me: That's gross.
Toddler Man: Boogie, that's gross.
Me: Yes, that is gross ewwww.
Toddler Man: Boogie gross, no want it boogie.
Me: Ok.
Toddler Man: No want it boogie gross! No want it boogie gross!
Me: (wipes it on his shirt.. laughing louder)
Toddler Man: Boogie gross! No want it boogie! That's gross!
Me: So, don't pick it.
Toddler Man: (finger back up his nose) No want it boogie! No want it!
Me: Then stop picking boogies out of your nose.
Toddler Man: Ok mama.

Friday, March 13, 2009

No time for blogging since Facebook

I have moved beyond addicted to FB. I was completely against it until I tried it. Now I can't stop checking in. How about you?

I will post more in a few. Just need to digest my week :P