Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new phone gives me joy! I am so loving it.

I bought the Envy2 by LG this past Sunday. After talking to a few friends and family who already had tried it I decided that was the one. Coming from the Razor any phone would be much much better.
The Envy has been soo great. It flips open with a mini keyboard for texting and internet use or navigation. The navigation system is just like the Tom Tom I bought my husband for $700 a few years back. It talked to me all the way to the farm the other day.. Giving my street names and showing me how far I had to drive and where I should be turning on the screen.

It holds the charge for multiple days with constant usage and not being plugged in. It holds a memory chip, which I can then plug into my computer or printer to transfer the images I took on my phone.

I just love it so far.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Oddly enough it was madness that I enjoyed and needed.

Rob is gone for the week so I embarked on a Mom's Night In (with the kids). We had 5 moms and 9 kids over tonight for pizza and snacks.

The kids were non-stop all night, crashing into things, throwing toys, dumping things and knocking one another over, BUT they still had a blast. Some how.... I have not a clue how this worked out.... not one of the little babies got injured. they were whipping around the house chasing one another with ride-on toys, storming the counters and stabbing each other with pool noodles and throwing wooden train tracks and Legos.. Yet the only injury we had was 2 bumped heads.

The house is still standing and looks pretty good, all things considered. Even the animals made it out alive!

Both my boys fell asleep almost as soon as they hit the sheets and I am here on the couch feeling very good tonight and missing the game.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What is up with me.

So I have been MIA a little. I am a bit overwhelmed and haven't really had a thought in my head to blog about.

Ok being honest I think I may have an anxiety issue. First I was calling it depression, sort of joking, but knew it was more about anxiety and not sadness. I don't cry, I don't sit home all day.

I am out and about all the time. I always feel like there are things that need to be done. I clench my jaws a ton. I am constantly stressing and i feel overwhelmed when things pop up and people want things from me. it is like I put on my plate the absolute most I can take with out it spilling over. With that one last extra bit I wasn't expecting I have to adjust things and stress more and almost lose it.

I had a whole work up at the dr and it all came back normal. I am contemplating trying out a small dose of anxiety meds to see if it may help.

In reality, I haven't had a full night sleep in over 2 years. Either the toddler is up with nightmares or a cold, the baby is up waking and crying or Rob is trying to grope me. It has been terrible.

This week; Landon woke up on Tuesday night at 2:00 AM crying,on Wednesday Logan woke up and stayed up from 3-4 AM, and on Thurdays Rob came home after drinking thinking I needed to wake up to give "it up" at 3:00 AM. No wonder I am a bag of shit today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I got nothing.

That's all I got.. My head is stuck in a hole somewhere.

Both of the boys sick diagnosed with something viral and asthma. If they aren't improving in 2 days with all the treatments I am giving them, they need to be checked again for pneumonia. I am super duper tired and all the Dr. said was, "You are in for a couple of tough nights ahead."

He says it like it is.

Another statement. Logan was leaning on me, limp and not fighting while the dr examined him. Dr says "This is a bad sign. I mean good for me but bad that he is not fighting me at all." Logan is normally a maniac and screams wildly.

That is really all I got.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Freaking Out a Bit about Event Tomorrow!

I am holding an event tomorrow morning "Fall Into Fitness" with a raffle to help a local mom with Lymphoma.

I had planned on about 20-30 people and bought food, banana, bagels with cream cheese, pretzels, mini cup cakes, juice, water and coffee to cover that amount.

I even got a cake donated, done up really nice with fondant to look like leaves with acorns scattered around~!

I stuffed 25 gift bags with free goodie and coupons and beyond the raffle stuff, I have a donation table with some other smaller free goodies.. Dunkins travel ,mugs, patriots koozies, donated Frisbees and jump ropes, glow necklaces and more.

There will be face painting, stories, and coloring for the kids as well as some tunnels and tents for the little guys to crawl through.

Anyway. I just heard from a friend that this has been in the paper for the last 2 WEEKS~!!

I advertised on Craigslist, local chat boards and with moms groups, hung flyers and just yesterday sent a press release.

There is also an event going on right up the street at a church(walking distance) that I may get some spill over from.

I have more then 20 who RSVPed on the sites that I can get RSVP's and now I am freaking out that there will be way more then I can handle!

Just had to vent. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's My 30th Birthday and Here is How it is Going

Landon was up at 3:00 Am and Logan woke up around 6:00 crying.

Vacuum would not work this morning, so the floors are super filthy (when you have two mobil kids, cheerios, cheese, a cat, a dog, and are cutting fabric and sewing daily you will know what I am dealing with)

The two boys whined and complained and cried ALL MORNING!

Worked out with my moms! (that was fun)

Came home to 3 loads of Laundry needing to be folded.

My mother brought me lunch.. Logan threw up on the table

Nap time was a disaster.. AKA.. Mommy had no time alone

Logan hasn't eaten since breakfast but will drink juice

Landon was drinking from Logan's cup (OH man I can never catch a break with the sickies)

I am cooking a roasted dinner.. Logan has pulled every book off his shelf and they are playing on them.

Throw me a bone tonight. huh