Monday, October 20, 2008


Oddly enough it was madness that I enjoyed and needed.

Rob is gone for the week so I embarked on a Mom's Night In (with the kids). We had 5 moms and 9 kids over tonight for pizza and snacks.

The kids were non-stop all night, crashing into things, throwing toys, dumping things and knocking one another over, BUT they still had a blast. Some how.... I have not a clue how this worked out.... not one of the little babies got injured. they were whipping around the house chasing one another with ride-on toys, storming the counters and stabbing each other with pool noodles and throwing wooden train tracks and Legos.. Yet the only injury we had was 2 bumped heads.

The house is still standing and looks pretty good, all things considered. Even the animals made it out alive!

Both my boys fell asleep almost as soon as they hit the sheets and I am here on the couch feeling very good tonight and missing the game.

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Mommy Niri said...

good to see you had a good time, with kids.. amazing to pull that off.