Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obsessive Licky Dog

My dog is so odd. He has many quirks, but this is one of the most consistent and awkward. He is licky. You know, he licks and licks and licks. He could go on for an hour if you let him. His favorite places are the pit behind your elbow, the pit behind your knee, feet, toes (he will actually rub his teeth/gums while licking/chewing toes). These spots are closely tied with shins and arms.

It is a tad embarrassing when he is licking the hell out of a friend or client :) You shew him away and he is like a fly on shit.. he darts right back where he was, or readjusts to find a new lick space.

As I am typing this he is all over my leg. He jumped down to go chase the cat who was puking (he likes to eat that) and now he is back trying to get to the pit of my knee.

The noise of the licking annoys Rob to no end, so I tend to let him lick just to piss Rob off sometimes. It can be fun watching him get worked up over a lick sound.

Rob tries to convince me that I enjoy the dog chewing my toes and licking my feet in a weird, dirty way. Of course, that is just because men do not know how to think with out letting their dicks speak first! So he would be thinking like that..

My previous dog (Kuvaz- big white, Hungarian mountain/guard dog) was a licker too.. not this bad and only legs and arms, but he would sit and lick and lick and lick too.

He is still licking, but getting tired of the leg and moving to the foot.

I just find it odd and sometimes embarrassing when he won't leave people alone.

He has stopped licking but now looks around like he should be doing something. He is so messed up, this dog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Into Fitness Event! Give Aways and Great Raffle Prizes!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pookie, Yuckie!

This is my fabulous morning.

Me: (innocently searching in my room for a pair of socks)
Logan: Pookie, Yuckie (running down the hall towards me)
Me: What?
Logan: Pookie, Pookie, Pookie, Yuckie (holding something out to me)
Me: (frozen in terror hoping to God that the little brown item in his hand is not what I think it is)
Logan: Pookie, Baby, Yuckie.
Me: Oh, GOD!!!! (grab Logan's hand and run down the hall to toss the poop and wash him up)
Logan: yuckie, yuckie, pookie,
Me: (stupidly thinking the drama has passed walk into the playroom to see Landon happily chomping away on more pookie!) OHHHHH GOD!
Logan: Pookie
Landon: appa appa
Me: Nasty! (grab baby and toss the rest of the pookie, wash the baby's hands, face and mouth and teeth then go scrub the rug where the rest of the pookie was squished and smooshed.)

This reminded me of an old post about Logan and kitty pookie

Monday, September 22, 2008

I will "f"ing Kill You!

So,ya, this summer was fun but some bad came out of it too. Rob and I officially picked up smoking again, after haven quit more then 2 years before! It was getting out of control and costing us a fortune. Over the past 2 months we have been smoking again we have probably come close to spending a car payment on BUTTS! Holy God did you know the cost $7 now? I about shit when I bought my first full pack.

Anywho, I felt gross smoking, smelled bad, had trouble breathing and teaching my classes so, I declared that we would quit again last night and we did. Let me just say.. I have been a crazy, angry, raging lunatic, bitch face! I hate everyone. I am stuffing food in my mouth faster then the speed of light. I am snapping and tired. I have lost my smile and I felt sick earlier, but then again that could have been the 1/2 of a cucumber, slice of cheese, 7 fish sticks, and a Luna mini that I ate followed by some whole wheat crackers and a bottle of juice. As if that wasn't enough I had two tootsie pops a few hours later.

I know I will be fine in a few days but I also realize my pants will not fit if I can't quickly find a substitute for all the eating.

The whole reason for this post to begin with is in the title. Rob and I have been saying this quit a bit today in our fits of rage set off by withdrawals.
"I will FU@#$ING KILL YOU!!!" I feel like smiling after saying that :P

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Night Was Rough

We had fun as expected,BUT I had a rough go.

First I was talked into a shot (tequilla ewwwwwww). This happened while the bride to be go to drag a friend down with her while she completed tasks for a list we had made.
(she had to find a bachelor and have him buy her a shot)

Next I lost my wallet. I went to buy a round and it was gone half way through the night. I had used it in the bar a few times earlier and this time it was gone. (BUMMER)

Finally we were out until 2:00, drove 30 min back to the house we started at, at like a pack of wolves, and I drove 30 minutes back in the other direction to get home.

I got to bed about 3:50 after then being grouped by my husband.

The kids were up at 6:30!!!!

Needless to say I am less then chipper and cheery today.

Rob is at the game and I have been barely surviving motherhood.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It is only the afternoon here and I am already dreading the morning!

You may be wondering why..

Well, I have a bachelorette party tonight for a girlfriend. So I am sure you can picture it. A bunch of women drinking at a drag bar, egging on the lady of the night to do shooters and being dragged down with her. Getting her to complete her list of dirty deeds, while the rest of us are left with more time to drink. Arrghh. I can already feel the hangover. Not only that, but I will be out till 2:00 Am waiting for someone to suggest we head home and still needing to drive an extra 30 minutes from my car to home. Let's hope I can keep my composure enough to be able to drive home! I keep telling myself I will only have a few and I want to believe it too but I also know myself and that I have not been drinking much at all since having kids 2 years ago. So a few drinks before and a few during the night might put me over.. Either way I need to be up with the boys who always wake by 6:30 the latest and Rob is going to a Patriots game so he will be not help to me.
Send me your good thoughts. I will surely need them tonight!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I signed up for Facebook, Now What?

Not really sure how to find people aside from people I graduated with.. What about promoting? Any tips?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I Hate Men----needed to vent and I know I am not alone

Oh there are lots of reasons but here are a few.

1. THEY only help with day to day stuff (without being nagged) when they are "In the Mood for Something".

2.When they are "IN THE MOOD" and see us getting ready for bed..They suddenly jump into action and rush to get ready also. We aren't dumb and know what they are doing.

3. Pretend they don't hear the baby crying in the monitor. Some go as far as to nudge the women in the relationship....EVEN ON THE WEEKEND!

4. They will step on a Cheerio and crush it (in the living room) and keep walking. Also walk right by the litter box that needs to be scooped, laundry that needs folding etc..

5. They put dishes in the sink and leave them when the dishwasher is right there and empty!!!

6. They lay in bed for hours (after we are up dealing with the family and life) and when they get up do not make the bed.

7. They walk right by the empty barrels in the AM (after the garbage truck has come)and go to work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Into Fitness Event for Moms!!!

WHAT: Celebrate MOMS, BABIES, and FITNESS! Kick-off your fall fitness goals with this FREE event! Join us for a Stroller Strides class, giveaways, great prizes, and refreshments.

WHEN: Saturday, October 4th. Registration begins at 9am and class begins at 9:30am - get there early!

WHERE: Rotary Park, Wilmington

DISCOUNTS OFFERED: We have 2 great specials being offered:
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If you have never tried a Stroller Strides class, now is your chance! This is an event you won't want to miss! Go to sign up (for free) and RSVP on the calendar!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner Tonight

At dinner tonight.

I was cutting up some pear for Logan and Landon after their pasta. It was very juicy and tasted perfect.

Me: (looking at Rob) Would you like some?

Rob: Sure, I'll have a bite.

Me: (cut Rob a piece and hold it out in my pear covered dripping hand)

Rob: (grabs for it and it slips and jumps out of his hand into my plate)(Rob shoulder shrugs at me)

Me: What?

Rob: I didn't say anything!

Me: Well you Shrugged at me, so in reality you did say something!

Rob: (laughing) What is wrong with you? (laughing harder)In reality I said nothing, AND how do you even know I was shrugging at you?

ME: Well would else would you be shrugging at? (trying to give a dirty look but laughing at my own stupidity)

Now we are each in separate rooms on own own computers. He is a MAC man and I am a PC girl. We get along much better in our own separate spaces.

Don't forget to check out BePe Baby

and Stroller Strides

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An After Dinner Conversation

I do sit back and laugh often about the dynamics of my marriage.

A little insight: I have been trying to add a few new recipes in to the dinner rotation here at the Bentley house. I am tired of the same stuff and cooking is loosing it's luster.

Rob: You are funny, I noticed you bought Kosher Sea Salt AND Edamames. You are trying to be that blogger you love.

Me: No, I am not you boob! I am following a recipe I found which has both of those ingredients!

Me: Plus, I bought the shucked Edamames NOT the shelled ones!!

Rob: OH.

I also notice no matter what, we ALWAYS fight for the very last word. It does not matter where we are, what we say or who might be right.

I sort of enjoy the odd conversations. It is a nice break to all the senseless talk about work days. In those, he isn't really listening to my day at Stroller Strides and Luna Mom's Group and I am not really listening to him about Sophos. We each catch the most appealing part and comment, then change conversational topics as quickly as we can without pissing off each other :)

I have no class to teach this morning, so I am off to sew! BePe Baby has been bringing lots of orders for toddler slippers and I have a fair to be preparing for. Have a happy day!
I borrowed the image, because it seemed fitting to the topic.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why can't you take the tag off your mattress?

I was looking at Logan's crib today and the bumpers still have the tag on them ... (Yes , Yes my toddler still has bumpers. He is so snugly in there I don't want to take them away and make it cold and hard.) It made me remember thinking that I was never allowed to take the tags off my mattress and Pillows.

So, Why can't you take the tag off your mattress?

Go ahead and be a bit of a deviant. Cut off your mattress tag already! You won't be charged with anything. If your mattress was purchased from a store and not still on display it's perfectly legal to remove the tag from your own mattress. So why is it there? Here is the answer.

Back in the 1900s, mattresses often contained a host of vermin and disease-carrying materials. To protect consumers, the government required dealers to post tags on their mattresses listing the contents. Later, the Feds added a warning to the content tag with the ominous message, "Do not remove under penalty of law," in big, black letters.

The move may have deterred duplicitous mattress dealers, but it only served to confuse consumers who didn't know that the threat wasn't meant for them. Confronted by fear of prosecution, consumers left the tags on their mattresses. Recently, the Feds addressed the misunderstanding by changing the label to: "This tag may not be removed except by the consumer."

Since then, the Feds have long abandoned the pursuit of tag-tearing merchants, though states like Texas still inspect mattresses for tags in stores. They're probably making sure their laws aren't full of fluff

Friday, September 5, 2008

Reverse Psychology on Toddlers

Not sure about you, but this technique has done nothing for me.

(Logan using a toy and the baby is advancing on him)

Logan: (Screaming) NO share, No share,
Me: Ok, No share, Nope I don't want you to share, Don't share
Logan: Yea, no share (smiling and moving quickly away from the baby)
Landon (baby; continues to follow him)daa daa daddy deeli da
Logan: (Screaming again, close to hyperventilating) NO NO NO no share
(this scene repeats over and over till I crack and move the sacred toy out of site, then it starts again with another toy)

(Logan at dinner refusing to eat anything remotely healthy)

Me: Don't eat those green beans. Don't do it (as dramatically as I can say it). I don't want you to have any. Not even a bite. Don't you do it.
Logan: Ya, no bite (laughing as he pushes it away and then slowly starts throwing some on the floor.)
Me: Ok, yes on the floor, I want you to put them on the floor. Yes, Ok, on the floor.
Logan: Yes (dumping his entire plate upside down and pushing to the floor)
Repeat this for the past few nights

This has done nothing for me except make him cry less during these times. SO great if my problem is crying and whining, but it is sharing and eating more healthy foods. My toddler has not eaten (knowingly) a veggie besides pasta sauce and the occasional cucumber oh and the start of summer he would eat corn on the cob, since last winter.

Back to Deceptively delicious type ideas. FYI, Zucchini is easy to grate and sneak in about anywhere and cauliflower. Broccoli, not so much.

Stay tuned I have a good sized group coming here for Bingo Dotting Art Day today! I will update after the madness has died down.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Extending my gift certificate to you all!

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