Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new phone gives me joy! I am so loving it.

I bought the Envy2 by LG this past Sunday. After talking to a few friends and family who already had tried it I decided that was the one. Coming from the Razor any phone would be much much better.
The Envy has been soo great. It flips open with a mini keyboard for texting and internet use or navigation. The navigation system is just like the Tom Tom I bought my husband for $700 a few years back. It talked to me all the way to the farm the other day.. Giving my street names and showing me how far I had to drive and where I should be turning on the screen.

It holds the charge for multiple days with constant usage and not being plugged in. It holds a memory chip, which I can then plug into my computer or printer to transfer the images I took on my phone.

I just love it so far.


Positively said...

Told YA LOL, glad you love it, how much is the nav system costing each month?

BePe Stroller Strides said...

I don't know. I just activated it on my phone and started using it. We will see :)