Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Misbehaving: An Olympic Event for Toddlers

We get used to the outbursts and curiosity for everything around. They are awfully cute while learning to walk and balance that unusually large head on their shoulders. I never wanted my son to get any older then 1. I thought 6 months - 1 year was great! Oh man but then he started to walk and learned some words, while still signing with his hands. It was so fun to watch him grow.

Then all of the sudden at about 16 months....... things started to change. He got a bit more stubborn and had a huge opinion about EVERYTHING!! He never wanted to snuggle and he stopped eating anything other then cheese and fruits. Lucky for him he had a new phrase or accomplishment that made up laugh or smile, so I decided it would be ok to keep him ;)

Now he is officially 2 and truly, watch out. He doesn't want to share. He hates to listen and do what I say. He is sneaky and often caught doing what I have asked him not to. He checks if we see him, and if he thinks the coast is clear, he knocks over the baby, sits on him, hits him in the head with toys, smothers him with pillows and bites his toes.

A few examples from today:

I had changed the babies diaper and put him on the rug while I went to toss the diaper bag. Logan had followed us in the room and was on the floor playing. I come in the door from throwing out the diaper and I hear crying, then muffled crying, crying, muffled crying, wailing, muffled wailing. I run down the hall to find Logan sitting on the baby's back on the floor and shoving his face down into the run repeatedly.

I put the baby in the playroom while I am picking up and walk around the corner sweeping. I hear "NO NO NO SHARE EEEEEEEHHHHH!" Logan come running out of the playroom with a book in hand saying "hideit" (all one word to him). I tell him "no" and to share. He cries. WE both go in the room together and I give the baby a tuck. Logan looks at it runs over and takes it away from the baby. I tell him, "You need to share with the baby too! he can play with the toys." Logan screams "NO!" he gets on his Thomas ride on toy and scoots away. The baby scootches ( he drags himself in commando minus the knees. using one toe to propel himself forward) after him. Logan screams again adn rams the ride on into my legs telling my again "hideit!"

Later after dinner, Logan is playing at his train table and the baby pulls up to his knees to it grabbing one of the trains not on the track. Logan flips out, like his world had ended, and throws a cast iron train off the baby's head. Everyone cries.

I do not like this stage much and my guess is this is only the very very beginning. I was a terrible horrible teen.

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