Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sneak Peek! I am just so excited. Getting a head start on Spring items in between slipper sewing. ONe of our Spring items will be this reversible sun bonnet. We this pattern and one slightly different with a baseball style brim for boys. So cute!!!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Are You Being Such A B%#CH

"Why are you being such a b%#ch to me this weekend?" Rob asked me last night before going to bed.
I don't answer because to be completely honest I couldn't remember but, when I do, I will let you know. I do know it was for a good god damn reason too!!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Suportive and Loving Hubby

So I have been battling with the abnormal amount of candy in this home and trying to fix that problem before my spiral of holiday over eating starts early.

The Monday after Halloween I attempted to send the MOST of the candy (meaning I kept a 1/2 gallon size zip lock of candy that we like and two HUGE Hershey bars) to work with the Rob. He storms around creating reasons why he wasn't taking it. There would be so much candy there already, He didn't have time to carry it out the door, and last I hadn't packed it for him. Ahhm. WTF does that mean, "packed" it??? it was in a freaken bowl the size of my sink!! So he storms around muttering under his breath and rolling his eyes. Finally walks into the kitchen and grabs the tin foil. While he is covering the top of the bowl he can't stand it to not try to get another snarky dig in. he throws out a "Thanks for helping me pack it!"

2 weeks later the bowl was still in his car, full, and "packed". He brings it back into the house today.

So after dinner i start tossing some of the candy and ask him which he would like me to save. What you need to know is that this bowl is full of Dum Dums, Dots, Goobers, Tootsie Pops, bubble gum, Kit Kats, Baby Ruth, Butter Fingers, Snickers, Milky Way, and so much more. He walks over looks into the bowl and this is the way our conversation goes:

Rob - "Why don't you just save it all?"
Me - "No. No. No. I have been eating it all and have to get it out of the house."
Rob - "So, why do I have to suffer because you have no self control?"
Me - roll my eyes and start tossing candy (saving lots of the better ones).
Rob - grabbing 2 Butter Fingers "I am going to eat these now."
Me - "Do you want me to save you all the Dum Dums too?"
Rob - "No."
Logan - "Mommy why you doi'n that?"
Rob - "I know, Logan! Mommies throwing away all the candy because she can't stop herself from eating."

Thanks for the support Rob! We'll see if you change your mind when I am up 10 pounds and addicted to chocolate ;P

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting a Picky Toddler to Eat

I am only speaking in my experience.
With two boys both going through the picky eating stages of toddlerhood, I have had more then a few nights of frustrations. Dinner time is melt down time for all of us. Hubby is working most nights through dinner and I have the wonderful task of fighting with my boys through the worst meal of the day.

This stage for us started about 16 months for each of them. My oldest started compromising and will SOMETIMES eat some meat or veggies without too much struggle (I am emphasizing "SOMETIMES") once he turned 3. My soon to be 2 year old will not budge.

I tried reverse psychology, letting them not eat if they don't want what I have cooked or at the end would find something else to give them that was semi healthy.

Here is a small list of what they would not eat. Anything green, anything orange, tomatoes, potatoes, Let's just say anything vegetable. Melons, peaches, nectarines, oranges. blueberries and raspberries, steak, turkey, chicken (unless shaped like a dino and covered in crunchy coating), meatball meat loaf, one won't eat burgers, sausage, pork, fish, soups, stews, casseroles..... You know what it will be easier to tell what they will eat.

Fruit and Nut- apple, banana, strawberry, watermelon, sometimes blueberry, orange juice, cashews, peanuts.
Meat and fish- Chicken nuggets, the occasional fish stick and one will eat burgers with cheese
Grains - cereal, waffle, pancakes, bread, some rice, some pasta.
Dairy - Milk, Yogurt, cheeses
Other - pizza, JUNK FOOD OF ANY KIND

After months of basically cooking 2 meals, one for adults and one for kids and still needing to find something they would agree to eat I have had enough.

There are new rules in our house and they have not been implemented without a tantrums.

Now we sit down to dinner. I give the boys their dinner. It includes a meat of some kind and veggies. I don't give them drinks or any extra sides like cheese or bread unless it is part of the main dish. They sit at the table until they have eaten some dinner.

The 3 year old has caught on quickly. With some fussing and a time out or 2 he will eat part of his dinner, smile, say it was good and gets down to play.

The 2 year old is another story. They most stubborn child I have ever come across. he will pretend to eat something and wait till I look away to spit it out or feed the dog. Then he will lie to me and say "Yaaaay!! I did it!" He will watch us eat dessert and forgo it to avoid eating th3e dinner in front of him. He will sit at the table for an hour or more refusing to eat. He will go to bed rather then eat a peice of meat and a bite of veggies. But we are getting their because a few nights he did have a bite or two;)

We have eaten stews, soups, casseroles, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and some chicken and steak. Not large amounts but enough for me to know they are trying and tasting.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gosh it has been so long since I last shared some new items

Gosh it has been so long since I last shared some new items.

Here we go..

We have been so busy it has been hard to keep up. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exercise of the Week

Triceps and Gluteus Maximus: Primary Muscles Used.

Definition of Triceps: A large three-headed muscle running along the back of the upper arm and serving to extend the forearm.

Definition of the Gluteus Maximus: the broad, thick, outermost muscle of the buttocks, involved in the rotation and extension of the thigh.

Stroller Strides Instructor Requirements:

  • National Stroller Strides Accepted Fitness Certification and/or A Degree in an Exercise Science
  • Watch Stroller Strides Instructor DVD and Pass Test
  • Current CPR (Live Course)
  • Current Liability Insurance


Exercise of the Week: Bridge and Dip

First, get your clients in a hip bridge position but on their hands instead of their backs. Feet flat on the ground knees bent and shoulders down. Begin the hip bridge movement squeezing the glutes hard at the top while engaging that core.

Start with a bridge. moving the hips up and down focusing on glute contraction.

Add in the tricep dip after the hip bridge.

Once the bridging movement has been mastered, add in the tricep dip. Be sure to cue that the rear doesn't touch the ground in the dip and then the hip raise up high in the bridge.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of this exercise!


  • Shoulder blades down and back
  • Keep core engaged throughout
  • Squeeze glutes hard at the top of the bridge


  • For wrist issues, perform bridge on the back and take out the tricep dip
  • To make this more intense, add resistance by using a tube. See picture to the right

The Prenatal "Why" of his Exercise: Primarily, the glute strength that this exercise brings is phenomenal for the lower body strength needed for our pregnant clients. It is also a nice round about way to gain core stability out of the supine position.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exercise of the Week: Standing Crunch

Stroller Strides

Exercise of the Week: Standing Crunch


Rectus Abdominus: Primary System Used

Definition of the Rectus Abdominus: The rectus abdominus muscle is a paired muscle running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the abdomen. There are two parallel muscles, separated by a midline band of connective tissue called the linea alba. It extends from the pubic symphysis/pubic crest inferiorly to the xiphoid process

"Be The Change..."

Because we know that a lot of the abdominal work taught at the end of our classes can be sacrificed when babies start to get fussy, let's try to incorporate some core work into the body of our classes. The standing crunch is a very easy way to accomplish this task. Start with arms over head, knees soft and core engaged. Bring rib cage to hips bones as the arms come forward (almost like you are throwing a ball overhead). Your clients need to really pay attention to that abdominal contraction and make sure it is the core making the movement happen, not the arms. Feel free to take the intensity up by lifting one foot off the ground for a balance challenge!

CLICK HERE to watch a video of this exercise!


  • Keep knees soft.
  • Keep shoulders depressed and retracted
  • Focus on the stability and strength of the core


  • For a less intense version keep both feet on the ground and take out the balance element.

The Prenatal "WHY" of this exercise: This exercise works on core strength in the vertical position. Working on the pregnant core is vital to spine stability and the functionality of motherhood. This is a great opportunity for both!


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Craft Fair of the Season for BePe Baby

our first fair of the season was wet and cold. It poured on us for all but an hour. We were drenched and our items were all damp by the end of the day. Our tent actually was picked up and floated away 2 feet during a pick up of the wind. We threw in the stakes after that episode.

After a long wet day with few shoppers we headed home. We did manage to sell some things and at least we didn't lose money. Today, of course, is sunny and beautiful out! Ahh well. Can't win em all.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lots and Lots of Grammies

During a trip to visit my grandmother today. My mother also came up for a visit and we all had lunch. When we were leaving Logan and Landon were waving good bye in the car and Logan suddenly realized he had more then one grammy in front of him. He pipes up from the back seat with "Lots of Grammies!!!"

One of Logan's favorite shows is "Lots and Lots of Trucks" Some random infomercial purchase that he had to have. One of those shows that he watches over and over and over and over and over. That is all it is. Trucks of all kinds rolling by on the screen to this tune. The chorus is of course "Lots and Lots of Trucks".

So as we are rolling out of the driveway Logan starts singing "Lots and Lots of Grammies."

So I am all thinking he is the smartest kids in the world to come up with that! Then on a ride to the store later this conversation happens.

Me: Logan, what's your name?(notice the big hint he got?)
Logan: Logan
Me: How old are you?
Logan: WILFINTAN!!!!!
Me: No, How Old Are you?
Logan: I free
Me: Where do you live?
Me: Good!!! What is your name?
Logan: I Free
Me No, What is your name?
Me: No, no. Your name is Logan
Logan: I free
Me: Ok

Now I am put right back in my place. Sort of reminds me of that commercial about saving for college for your kids.. Something like 75% of people think their children will get scholarships. The father is watching a spelling bee on tv (while thinking his kids is the smartest there is). he turns to see his son spinning in circles with a box on his head while some girl on tv successfully spells a word I have never even heard. We better start saving ;P

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tornado Warnings

We had tornado warnings tonight and we talked about it in front of the kids.

Logan then for the rest of the night kept saying "Where the tontado go?" So cute! I love their little approximations!

Landon's favorite is "caca milk" and "bink" umm I an thinking you guessed but if not Chocolate milk and drink.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Increase your size today!! REALLY? I can't wait!

How many emails do I really need that tell me they can help increase my manhood, give me a larger penis, help me impress the ladies, size really does matter..etc?!?!

I don't need to increase my penis size. In fact, last I checked I didn't even have a penis.

On the other hand, if I did have a penis I might buy into some of these. I do tend to buy into weight loss products in phases. So I suppose if I was a man I would worry less about my weight and worry more about my penis size. But really. Do men buy this stuff?

Itchy Bum - Logan Fun

Itchy bum!

Logan fun!

I caught the little guy itching his bum (read shoving his fingers in his crack). So as any good mom would I say "Ewwwwww, now you have poopie fingers! let's go clean them". I walk into the room to first wipe him bum clean and change his underpants. I get the wipes and yell to him. "Let's go that is gross you have poopie hands!" He comes bounding in after me skipping and hopping and yells, with a huge grin,"I do!!!!" all the while holding both hands out in my face. Motherhood certainly has some funny moments that I never foresaw.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am a MOM!

Given the choice tonight to go to a BBQ party and drink beer with friends Or sit on my ass and recover from last nights wine and pedicures. I chose to sit home. So here I am sitting on the couch, writing this post and watching "Whale Wars".

This life style makes me really miss good TV. "House" is my absolute favorite show EVA!!! 37 days till it is back on!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Really??!?! Does this sound like it will help him sleep?

Really??!?! Does this sound like it will help him sleep?

I hear the boys going wild and not settling down at all. I head down to sort them out.
Logan runs out of his bedroom when I open the door, to tell them to quiet down. Rob chases him down the hall.

I pull all of the 25 stuffed animals thrown into the little guys crib out and tuck him in then come down the hall trying to figure out why Rob and Logan never came back.

There in the TV room is Rob holding Logan, smiling, letting him stay up to watch the show Wipe Out.
You know that show where peole compete in these insane obsticles and it appears that they break parts of their bodies in each obsticals like the piston punch, Big balls and the sucker punch.

I am a little pissy thinking - do you really think this is going to be helpful in getting and out of control 3 year old to settle down? I say something to that effect too.

Rob brings him to bed and has to continuously now raise his voice to get him into his bed - wonder why?? Coming back to the TV room he says - Are you crabby again tonight? Honey? Are you in a bad mood again tonight?

I am thinking, yes you boob! Now I am!

Really men are so dumb sometimes.

So he says this to me
Logan asked what it was so I said "Ok, if I show you, then will you go to bed?"

Now it is after 9:00 pm and do you think the boys are sleeping?

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Do NOT Understand How You Can Have More..

Seriously!!! I dread errand with the boys because it is a mad dash of flinging lower shelved items, head butting glass windows and doors, jumping off steps and ledges, hiding, pushing and running from me.

Food shopping is impossible with out 15 extra items, squished bread and broken eggs.

Clothes shopping is embarrassing. The number of times I lose a child under a rack or they have found their way back to the toy section without me is ridiculous.

Going anywhere that might involved a trip to the public rest room is depressing. Inevitably I have one unlocking the door while the other has his head under the next stall over looking directly up at my neighbors business.

Dinner time is madness. One throwing food, the other dumping milk. One rubbing ranch dressing in his face and the other using chocolate milk as shampoo.

Even play time is tough. Someone always takes it too far. Coloring is going great till one decides to draw them selves a tattoo or spruce up the walls, while I am looking right at them!!! Play dough is always a good time but they both end up eating it before we are done. Buckets of beans are a hit but they spill them after 10 min. Water gets dumped, paint is used as body soap, trains become weapons, planes are meant to be launched, balls break things, books get ripped.

Oiy!!! Maybe 3 and 2 are just tough ages but I find it tough to make it sanely through till bed time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quitting - take 301

Seriously I teeter between being dragged down by a suffering pair of lungs that require 2 inhalers multiple times per day to being pissed off and angry at the world because it is so hard to quit smoking.

We have been back at it at least part time for just about a year now. It is way past time to be done with them. Timing is awful with all the Drinks and BBQ's but it HAS got to happen. We had our last smoke on Monday night (7/20) at about 8:30.

By 10:00 Rob was nagging me and I was snapping at him. He blamed withdrawals, I blamed his dumb ass for annoying me and sitting near me and trying to look at my boobs. (seriously that is that last thing I wanted at that moment in time)

24 hours later Rob had just gotten home from work I was tired, wanted my wild kids to go to bed and again annoyed he was getting them all fired up again!
That night we fought about time-outs, dinner being left out and who was right.

Tonight will be 48 hours and I foresee more arguments. The first 2 weeks are the worst!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Registration is underway for Stroller Strides of Wilmington. These classes offer both fitness and support for new moms.

Stroller Strides offers a great combination of getting fit after the baby while enjoying the support of other moms experiencing the newness, joys and challenges of motherhood.

Stroller Strides is a fitness program that enables new moms to incorporate their baby and their stroller. In a 60-minute workout, moms improve their cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility. Classes are arranged according to members’ ability and needs.

Having a group of parents who are going through the same amazing and exhausting experience of living with a baby is so important. If you have a great support system, everything else, including fitness, is so much easier.

Stroller Strides of Wilmington also offers a running club, weekly playgroups and monthly mom’s nights out.

Visit to sign up or contact Christina Bentley at

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Hear Me a Plane!

One of my favorites from tot 1 right now.

"Tywere, Look! I hear me a plane!" Talking to his buddy at Stroller Strides, Tyler.

"No Mommy! Not that nice!" I never thought hearing that's not nice could be so cute.

Tot 2 has taken to beating on his older brother and then placing himself in a time out. Come on now! He is not ever a year and a half yet. Uh Oh here come trouble.

Friday, March 20, 2009

All About a Boogie

I am folding laundry, a chore I could really do without, and my toddler comes walking up to me with his pointer finger high in the air, staring intently at it. He gets close to me and points higher saying "Look! It's a boogie!" I could do nothing but laugh hysterically.

Here is how the conversation plays out:

Toddler Man: Look! It's a boogie!
Me: (Laughing)
Toddler Man: Mama! Look! It's a boogie
Me: I see.
Toddler Man: It's a boogie! (moving closer)
Me: That's gross.
Toddler Man: Boogie, that's gross.
Me: Yes, that is gross ewwww.
Toddler Man: Boogie gross, no want it boogie.
Me: Ok.
Toddler Man: No want it boogie gross! No want it boogie gross!
Me: (wipes it on his shirt.. laughing louder)
Toddler Man: Boogie gross! No want it boogie! That's gross!
Me: So, don't pick it.
Toddler Man: (finger back up his nose) No want it boogie! No want it!
Me: Then stop picking boogies out of your nose.
Toddler Man: Ok mama.

Friday, March 13, 2009

No time for blogging since Facebook

I have moved beyond addicted to FB. I was completely against it until I tried it. Now I can't stop checking in. How about you?

I will post more in a few. Just need to digest my week :P

Monday, February 23, 2009


I will give you a replay of last night.

Landon woke up at 3:00 crying. He wouldn't fall asleep in our room or his crib no matter what we tried. By 4:30 he was crying still in his crib. I was laying in bed wondering if he would ever stop and ignoring the comments coming from my right (Rob).

Rob: (turns around to me) "You are not sleeping if I can't sleep." and shakes me.

Me: (rolls away from him) "Grow Up you @#cking @$$hole."

Rob: "Don't get mad at me because the baby is keeping you awake!"

Me: (laying there still completely amazed at what a complete jerk he can be)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fingerless Gloves.. What Do you Think?

Tinker and Po
Cute shop, cute gloves.. but do they do the job??

So you put on gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm, right? So fingerless gloves are missing the fingers.
At the same time, when you use gloves you don't have full use of your hands because your fingers are far too bulky.

So my question is have you tried them?
Where do you wear them and are you a lover or hater?

I am tempted!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love thank yous!

I was thanked in a blog and I love it :) One of the twitters I follow asked about calories burned during household chores, so I shares some links with her. I though I would share what she found.

Here blog is

Burn Baby Burn…
January 29th, 2009 | Posted in Blogs & Sites, Health & Fitness

Thanks to and Twitter ( I was given two different sites to help me determine how many calories I can burn doing things around the work. So because someone shared them with me, I felt I just had to share with all of you!

The Tooele County Health Department lists a physical activity calculator on their site that shows how many calories you can burn with so many minutes.

Looks like you could potentially lose about 130 calories per hour “Busily cleaning house, doing laundry, hanging clothes outside on clothesline, going up and down stairs, cleaning refrigerator, picking up clothes (doing a lot of bending over and picking up items)”.

Here were some of my other favorites…

* Sex – 108 per hour {GET IT, GET IT!!!}
* Arguing on the phone or with neighbor (standing, swinging arms) - 105 per hour {Get that nosy neighbor!}
* Eating a meal (sitting down) - 70 per 30 minutes {Yeah! Finally something I’m good at!}
* Chasing after kids, wiping noses, cleaning scrapes, fixing bruised egos, referring, picking up toys - 120 per hour {The advantages of parenthood!! The more the merrier!!}

Health Status website also has a calories burned calculator you can use to plug in the number of minutes for each type of activity you participate in. In fact you should even check out the other calculators on their site. I also like the calculator that helps you determine how long it will take to lose a pound! Course it just might make one obsessive if their wanting to lose weight.

Thanks again BePe Baby for sharing these sites!! Now I’m off to “busily clean” since I’ve been burning plenty of calories sitting, using my brain, blogging, and dropping entrecards!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol is Back

Oh yes, I am having a happy TV week.
House, Fringe, American Idol and last week there was a Kitchen Nightmares. As much as I hate to admit this one, I also watched One Tree Hill 2 times in the last week.

Tonight we are even trying Lie To Me.

What is your favorite show?

Friday, January 9, 2009

BePe Baby faced with Big Troubles

Just a reminder to every one!
We will be seeing a rise in the cost of children's products.

A bill was passed in August that all products (room decor, bedding, toys, clothing etc.) will need to be tested by a accredited 3rd party for their lead limits. there are a few exemption but for things like wool and cotton in the natural state. Raw, unbleached, unprocessed, undyed.

There has been some reprieve for resellers for used clothing and such. They will not need to retest items.

For large corporate businesses they will be able to absorb the cost of testing and can rise the cost of their items by a smaller percentage to cover the testing costs.

For smaller businesses this means trouble. Each batch, each size, each style, each color needs to be tested. The cost is around $50-$100+ an hour and $5 per item not including shipping. Most small businesses will not be able to stay a float with these costs. The fines are high for offenses.

Many handmade sellers of children's products will be closing shops and unable to sell.

There has not been much national coverage on this topic but you can find lots of info on the web about it in the local news and presses.

As of Feb 10th (only a few weeks away) some of your favorite shops will be changing. This includes BePe Baby I am sad to say. if your toddler or baby still needs slippers get your orders in before Feb 10th. If they do not add more exemptions we will be removing all of our baby/ toddler items from the site and remodeling to sell some of the other items.

I want to keep our children safe, but really now. Many of the items that still will require testing could not possibly have lead in them!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I was going to put it on my cock, actually

That is the sentence that just come out of my husband's mouth if you can stomach that.

Here another night him playing X-Box with his head set and me with my laptop on another couch.

I heard in a very excited almost squeal, "I got a perfection!" and turned in time to see a huge goofy grin on his face.

Then apparently, while he was gloating, someone asked him where he was going to put that achievement. His response was: "I was going to put it on my cock, actually"

Mother's Guilt

I was laying in bed last night thinking about this for a while last night. Probably why i am so tired today!! I recently read a friends post (Mommy Niri, you can find her blog over to the right in my list of blogs I read often!!!) about her New Years resolutions and to stop feeling so guilty. Then last night I was reading an article in a parenting magazine about mother's guilt.

We really do have it pretty bad.

I feel guilty when:
*I don't want to sit and play trains with my toddler for the umpteenth time in 2 days.
*They watch too much TV.
*I don't read to them more then once in a day.
*We don't get out of the house.
*I feed them chicken nuggets or something similar from the freezer.
*They don't get a bath on the second day, or at least I don't feel like washing them.
*We are running low on fruit and I eat a piece they might want to have.
*They eat too much sweet stuff or junk.
* I yell at them.
*I have days that, I wish they would nap longer.
* I have only had Landon's Photos done professionally once since he was born. He is over 1 yr.

I have lots and lots more.

I even have a list of guilt things I don't keep up with as a stay at home mom.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Perfectly Typical for Us

Let me paint a picture for you.

Rob and I have been in the same room since 7:30 and haven't said a word since 7:45. It is now 10:23.

Rob is on the big couch facing the TV with a head set on and yelling to his teammates on X-Box that they are running the wrong way, save him he is bleeding out, or that they need to get the "Mozeltoff"(that is what it sounds like he is saying).

I am on the love seat. TV is on my right with explosives going off, Rob yelling on my left. I roll my eyes every few minutes and sit there with the laptop on my legs typing away.

This is 3-4 nights a week and I wonder why we dislike each other most days.

This is retarded I am going to bed :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Stuff

BePe Stroller Strides in Wilmington will be wrapping up our first 4 week Saturday session and we are rolling right into our 2nd 4 week session. The response was good and the classes have been great! For more info on classes near you search by zip code at

BePe Baby boomed from August all the way through the holidays. Sales are still coming in. Those toddler slippers have been a huge hit!!

Also we are adding more items for the moms and ladies. Check out our new ribbon and fabric belts. More will be added soon, just working on getting the new products up.