Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Woes of Pregnancy

Ok, so this time around has been easier in many respects then when I was pregnant with Logan.
First off the timing is much better.. Being the biggest and most uncomfortable during the hottest time in the year was tough.. With that said; I still Hate being pregnant!!!! A Lot!!!!! I attached a picture from a week ago. YIKES!!

Sneezing and coughing have become a major enemy of mine.. Causing all kinds of ciaos in my body. I have to prepare for these moments or I am in Big trouble (HUGE). I first have to crouch forward, rolling into a ball to keep muscles in my pelvic region from spasming and sending shooting pains stabbing into me. I also have to cross my legs (or at least squeeze them tight together). If I don't do this in time I wet myself.. Yes, you heard correct. I pee. That is often followed by the following phrase: "Damn it!!! Damn it!!! Damn it!!! I peeed myself!!!" as I run off to the bathroom feeling foolish.

Stretching is scary. You know that lovely stretch you have first thing in the morning. Waking up is not quite the same without it.. However, when pregnant that morning stretch has to stop at the top half of the body.. I figured this out really quickly with my first pregnancy and have only slightly tested the theory this time. If you venture past the top half and dare attempt to to let the bottom half loose, YOU ARE IN A TON OF PAIN!! You will have a charlie horse like mad in your calves. The whole muscle shaking and pain searing through your leg. Enough to bring tears to your eyes.. The only way to stop the pain is to massage the muscle or put pressure on it and walk.

Preggo Brain is another annoyance. You will not only lose thoughts mid sentence but you will have dyslexia of the mouth.. mixing and jumbling words and saying things backwards. Half of the time you won't even have the sense to stop speaking and try again. You will just power on through hoping no one caught all that (knowing they did).

Warnings Ahead......
DON'T EVER WATCH BABY SHOWS>>THEY ARE VERY SCARY WHEN PREGNANT FOR MOST!!! They make you believe that you will have every complication you see and hear of.

Commercials and shows about babies, animals and any heart felt issues will make you cry and not just a tear but real true Sobbing!

Shaving becomes beyond impossible. Yes ladies you can hope your husband will want to shave you down. But the truth is most do not find the even remotely sexy. My husband finds it rather disturbing and a scary task, therefore refuses to help out.

More to come..................

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stages of Sleep

Before Logan was born, Rob and I had agreed that we would not be co-sleeping and both felt pretty strongly about it. So, When Logan was first born we started him in the crib. He woke all the time as most newborns do. For the first 6 months this continued. Logan woke 3-6 times per night even after we had taken away the night feedings. We would occasionally get up with him for his last waking and bring him in our bed for the last hour of sleep. He gave us more good nights, which was 2 -3 wakings at that point, then bad and we felt lucky to get 3 or 4 hours of solid sleep when we could. When he was about 7 months old he got his second real nasty cold (he has already had RSV and pneumonia). He woke ALL NIGHT and had trouble breathing, eating, and sleeping. We caved, not being able to physically get up all night any longer. He came to our bed. After he got over the cold, aside from nap time, he refused to sleep in his bed. We continued to cave and he slept through the night in our bed for the next 2 months. By this point I was pregnant and not sleeping well. Logan and I kept each other awake. We started napping him in his Pack 'n' Play in our room while some house construction was going on, our room being the quiet spot in the house. He took to that wonderfully. From there we decided to try him over night. After about a week, with a few wakings here and there, he has been sleeping through the night for over a month!!!!! He is in his Pack 'n' Play (yes in our room) BUT...... he is not in our bed and he is sleeping 10 hours most nights!!!!!! I could not be happier. I am feeling almost human again, side from yet another nasty cold we now all have. I cannot believe that we are going to do this all over again.

Promo Update!

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That is all I have got to say for now :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Logan's One Year Pictures

I had Logan's pictures taken today. I went to Babies R Us for the first time and I think they did a nice job. The woman taking pictures was very nice and animated. Logan was amused. They sent me out with the pictures in 10 minutes. I also have a cd of the pictures to save and print from my computer. I think the props they have are adorable but the meadow background was a bit cheesy to me so I didn't order those one (even though Logan is super cute). I still walked out spending over $100 but that has been the case no matter where I go. I would go back again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

count down

Promo count down is on....

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Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Hair Cut

Since Logan is the first BePe Baby I think most of these blogs will be about him :)
That was of course a dig to get you all to buy something from BePe..

oh before I forget....
Two of the toys featured in the shop got a great review by the way!

ok back to Logan

He got his first hair cut a week ago. What fun that was. I needed to get it done before his 1 year pics. and The scraggly ends where driving me mad. I think it turned out really good considering how squirmy he was and how many times he tried to twist his head to see the scissors.

I was pretty disgusting though. Fat and pregnant and sitting in a plastic seat with a plastic drape and a baby on top of me. Talk about sweaty.. I was slipping out of the chair by the time we finished.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Update to the Hypochondriac Post

Ok, so I am super pissy pants today! Logan is sicker then sick, I am sick and Rob is getting sick.. Don't send me out of a doctors office making me feel stupid, when you are the dummy!!! My kid is sick and now my entire house is and probably all the kids he was around are too!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


So Little Logan has has a cough for weeks. Since the Cape. Complete with running nose for a few days, mild temps. and irritability. Well, the last few days he has been grabbing his right ear and head and crying (especially while eating). He is cough whenever he gets moving and a lot at night (even through the night).

So today I call the doctors and bring him in, thinking for sure he has and ear infection and a cold which has settled in his lungs. My appointment was for 2:40. I walked in, paid my $15 and sat down for 45 seconds. He was seen quickly. No temp, no redness in his mouth/throat, no ear infection, no wheezing in his chest!!!!! I was astounded. All due to teething and the nerves that are there.

I was walking out the door by 3:00, feeling like I am a big loser and a hypochondriac for my child. I needed him to have something to explain the behavior and symptoms; and teething wasn't good enough. I also hate that I paid $15 to be sent home feeling worse then when I arrived.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life After Baby

For me Life after baby has been 100% different and I do not in anyway have my old life style. I gave up drinking, smoking, and my job. The only thing I still have is coffee. I was reminded of this by a fellow mommy blogger who is giving up coffee. I can not even imagine life without coffee.

This is not to say that I have not had the occasional smoke or drink since Logan arrived (because I have), but I would rather spend the time with him (read: not the cranky times, those make me want a drink).

My typical friday before Logan.
  • Wake up, shower, dress, make-up, let the dog out.
  • hop in the car, smoke and get a coffee on the way to work..
  • Sweat like mad chasing kids around all day at work, toileting, feeding, singing, and complaining to someone about taking data (smiling because it was Friday)
  • Get the kids on buses and find the nearest person to see if they would be going to get a drink.
  • Run home let the dog out and give him a treat
  • Go have a few drinks and maybe order some nachos con queso dip
  • Be super annoying when I got home :)
My typical Friday since Logan.
  • Wake up to small squeaking noises and squeals, shower, dress, make-up (only sometimes)
  • feed the baby, have some cereal and change a "stinky" diaper. and chase Logan around plucking him from all areas he attempts to scale.
  • Sweat like mad chasing Logan around all day in the living room, outside eating dirt and rocks, or trying to eat the Roomba Vacume cleaner (smiling because he's my pain in the butt kid)
  • Put Logan down for a nap, check my BePe Baby sales (read: BUY SOMETHING!!)
  • Check my emails and blog if I have reason. I also sew if I have an order to make.
This cycle repeats it self when he wakes up. And The dog is with me all day for treats :)

I only know the day is Friday because Rob comes home with Pizza and I don't cook :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

It is just not fair when a child dies

I attended a wake for a student I had last year. He was 9 years old and far too young to die.
I thought I could hold myself together and did not grab the tissues at the door. I was very wrong. I barely made it to his mother before breaking down. Seeing his little face was unbelievably hard. I can not imagine the pain his family is in right now. My heart goes out to them.

He current teacher, staff and the school nurse made some very touching comments and speeches and brought tears to many.
The School nurse hit the nail on the head when she remembered a happy time with him.. It is one so typical and that anyone who knew him probably heard many times before. I am sure my wording is off but the memory is so familiar.

________, running down the hall greeting people, "Yo, yo, yo, call me on my cell phone. I gotta go." as he held what ever was the last toy he slipped into his pocket.

Some thoughts about him.
He was a boy who was always smiling and often heard laughing. He LOVED people and giving and receiving attention. He had a greeting for everyone and truly knew how to make people laugh. His ultimate dream was to have his own cell phone one day. He used everything imaginable to pretend he was talking on one at least 30 times per school day.
He talked about his family on a daily basis and made it known that they were his "peeps".
He was such a fantastic and happy child and he will be missed terribly by many.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Arbonne Strikes Again

I went to my umpteenth Arbonne party tonight. Not that I love the parties AT ALL but,
If you don't know about the company, although it gets pricey, there are some really great things about them.

For one they don't use any animal by products like most companies in any of there soaps and make-ups (unused animal parts, bones, blubber, road kill, and more).

I also like that they don't add any cancer causing chemicals , or petroleum/mineral oil (a derivative of motor oil; which clog the skin and doesn't allow moisture in)to their products or baby products (which was a biggie for me) and why I stopped using Johnsons.

Great products for sensitive skin, baby skin and people with skin conditions.

I managed to spend $115, mostly buying items for Logan. I got myself face wash, face cream (which I just at this moment realized was not for the body and only for the face) from the not so basic line, and wash, lotion, and sunscreen from the ABC baby line :)

I am most excited about the sunscreen because I am always wondering with the chemicals in sunscreen and bug spray with the baby.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's a......

PENIS!!!!! YES that is what we saw. Logan will have his little buddy like I imagined.. :) We are very excited. GO TEAM BLUE !!!!

Today is the BIG day!!

At 1:00 est. we are having a level II ultrasound. I will most likely pick up a coffee on the way so that this little bean is on the move.. If all goes well, and he or she is not sleeping with legs crossed, we should know by 2:00 what he or she is.. I am thinking boy. I had a dream the other night that I saw a penis in an ultrasound already. The next day I had two friends tell me they thought girl. One even had a dream I was having a girl. So we will see. I will update when I get home.

Scam after Scam

Since I started BePe Baby, even before the website, I have been contacted by people looking for free hand-outs. I have donated to charities and sent items for blog reviews. Recently, since the site has opened, I have gotten emails from people looking for free stuff.
The story is this "Hi, I am a single mom with no family or friends in the area and a new baby. I have contacted local shelters and churches with no luck. I am looking for and items that you could possible donate to me for my baby................."

It blows my mind how many times I have already read the same story from different people. Last year I might have fallen for this too. I am sorry for those that do have similar issues going on, but for all the fakes and trolls that cry "wolf" I will not be handing out freebie in this way..
I will soon be offering a promotion for a free gift with purchase "if you want a freebie" so stay tuned :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So last night I was talking to my dear, dear husband, who was late, late, late for dinner. I asked him if he had read my blog. What do you think his answer was?

He has not read any of it and did not realize I had been updating it. I told him he was not supportive and left it at that..

This post is to check and see if he now remembers to read my blogs once in a while ;)

Wonder how long it will take?

Double whammy! I also found out my mom has not read a single blog since my first. :( boooo!! That stinks too

Monday, July 9, 2007

The joys of calling in sick

AHHHHH I don't miss it at all. Calling in sick is the worst.. The shame and guilt that comes with that phone call. I didn't go back to work after my son, but I was reminded today, by a friend, of the joys of calling in..

I remember pacing back and forth and putting that call off as long as possible, often giving in and going to work sick anyway.. Why is it that some feel terrible about taking the time they need when sick and some don't think twice about calling in and spending the day at the beach or shopping?

When I did have the guts to do it I always felt I had to put on the most dramatic act with the sickest voice I could muster up :)
Being your own boss has it's perks!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Trip to Cape Cod

We just arrived back from a family trip to Cape Cod. We made a last minute plan to go away and enjoy some sun and fun for our anniversary. I was even able to locate a place that would allow us to bring our four legged furry friend Ben the bichon.

Logan did great sleeping in his pack "n" play and sharing a room with mommy and daddy, and Ben was thrilled to meet all the other vacationing pups. Both the baby and the dog took a dip in the ocean and played in the sand.. The baby ate a few mouth fulls too :)

The days were beautiful and the nights were cool enough that we could enjoy a dinner out while Ben waited in the car. The entire family spent our last night watching fireworks, walking Falmouth center and going out for ice cream..

We bought a few things while we were away.. Mommy did a terrible job packing for the cooler weather at night and Daddy forgot a hat. I bought a heavy sweatshirt for myself and then needed to buy one (or two) for the baby. Rob bought a couple of hats and the baby got a new toy and a new booster seat.

Both Rob and I have agreed our favorite purchase for the baby in a while was this booster seat from Walmart. It was great for feeding the baby inside and outside of our room. It also was wonderful for dinners when we wanted to go to a nicer place.. Kept food from being dropped all over the linen table cloths and kept the baby a little further from the table and all of the items on top of it.

Over all we had a nice time and hope to go away again the same time next year with two little ones and the dog :)