Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scooper Bowl Fun

Here are a few photos from the Jimmie Fund, Scooper Bowl. I am taking all of the photos so I managed to stay out of the pictures. It was something new to do.. We took the train in (Logan's first ride on a "choo choo".) to Boston and walked to City Hall Plaza. The area was packed and there was no chance of making it in front of the crowds for a taste of Ice cream with a stroller. We smartened up really quickly and realized if we left a few moms with all the strollers a few of us could go grab a bunch of scoops and come back. We managed to try about 10 brands of ice cream and I would guess about 25 flavors. YUMMY, is all I have to say and the lemon gelato was to die for!!!!!! I am looking forward to going back next year.

After we walked to the North End and had a bite to eat at Joe's, right on the water. We got back to the station and waited only about 10 minutes to take the train back home and get the kiddos to bed.
We were all wiped out at the end of the afternoon but it was a great adventure.

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jilltan said...

Sounds like a fun filled day -- and ice cream!!! Yummy!!