Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10,000 Strides Challenge day 2 and 3

Yesterday was not too much better for me.. I was determined but it was not in the cards for me to walk 10,000 that day either. I maniaced all around my house, fast feet while doing dishes and walked laps around the boutique shop we met at last night. By the time I headed to bed I was standing next to the bed maniacing again. My husband about to kill me and I threw in the towel and went to bed at 8,077. So basically I increased my steps by 3/4 of a mile yesterday..

Today I woke up more then determined!! I did fast feet doing dishes. Vacuumed three rooms and marched while checking my email. We did maniacs so many times during class this morning that I was sick of them and whne I got home picked up and walked around extra so gain steps. It is just after 1:30 and so far today I have 7,987. This means I have about a mile left to walk in order to reach 10,000 today!!!! I know I can do that. So now that I pretty much know what it takes to get my to that point.....GAME ON!!!!

Tomorrow I will sweep and maniac while dusting.

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