Monday, August 25, 2008

Does Anyone Really Enjoy Yogurt?

Eating a French Vanilla Yogurt this morning, that is what I was wondering? I mean, the flavor of some of them is pretty good, but the texture???

Do we buy them for variety?

Do we buy them for convenience and a quick meal?

Or do we feel healthy, somehow when we eat them?

I am pretty sure I only buy them to switch it up in the morning. I do not particularly like most breakfast food and I don't drink milk. SO cereal is rare for me, cereal bars are too sweet to eat often and I get bored with toast. I feel like a fat ass for one reason or another when I eat a bagel, I don't like the after taste of eggs, and not a huge fan of waffles and pancakes.

Back to the yogurt. Do you like it? Really? What about oatmeal? that makes me gagg!!! It's like gritty baby food that gets stuck all over your mouth trying to just get it down..

So my real question I guess is why the hell did Sonia write a book of recipes for it? Honestly?

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