Monday, December 17, 2007

Holy Cow Christmas is a Week From Tomorrow!!!!

I can't get over how fast time is flying by!!!! Christmas around the corner and so much to do. These babies are sure keeping me busy and making me a bit insane. I had Logan at the drs last week for a fever. Landon was there tonight for a nasty diaper rash that has been around almost 3 weeks. His poor tiny little bum is all open sores now.. The dr. thinks he is having issues with dairy and I am having to give up all dairy for the week to see. I should not be surprized since Logan had issues with dairy and soy but I don't want to give up dairy :(
I am asking Rob to do it with me so I don't have to suffer alone.. IS that bad???

I tell ya one thing. You have no idea how many things have dairy in them until you have to stop eating them.

WEll, Logan is 24 lbs and looks so huge since there is a baby in the house again and Landon is 9 lbs already!!!! I am looking forward to watching Logan enjoy Christmas a little bit this year. I bought him some fun toys and an awesome toddler chair from
I love the chair the most. I have already let him try it out a bunch and he loves it too. Right now we are using it without the rocking feet, so it is lower to the ground and doesn't rock.

I have also caved a bit on my refusal to let Logan watch TV till his is two.
Since having the baby he watches one episode of Barney or Little People a few times a week. How terrible is that? Yes I am feeling super guilty but otherwise he wants to be carried around all day and whines a ton to get more attention then the baby.. He is much nicer if he takes a good nap but still he is waking a lot at night with the baby screaming and he is a bit tought to deal with when he hasn't slept well.

Landon is a bit whiney too but I am guess he is feeling pretty crappy with the open sores on his bum and the constant runny/ watery poop burning his bottom and if it is a dairy thing it is recking havock on his belly too. This all might explain the bouts of wild screaming and gas after feeds.

So life may get much better in another week if I can sort little Landon out and make him more comfortable. If he screams less, Logan screams less and everyone feels better.. Ok enough rambling.. I have some reading to catch up on. I feel like I have dropped out of the world of the internet.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

13 Days in....I think

SO my head is in a fogg, but that is normal. I am struggling to keep my Bootie-Slipper orders organized. I am guessing I am gonna make a goof soon.

Don't let those pictures fool you,Logan is not a big fan of the new baby. He had a few cute moments trying to give him his pacifier or new socks and once kissed him on the head but other then that he has hit him, thrown things at him, hid his slippers and tried to smoother him under a blanket on numerous occassions. He tried to intercept whoever goes for the baby when he hears him cry. Over all it is pretty funny to see and a tad bit sad too. I know that in a few more weeks he won't even remember a time without the baby around but for now there is jealousy.

Logan is sleeping through the night again so far this week , THANK GOODNESS!!!!! Naps can still be tricky in the afternoon but I can't have it all I guess.

Landon sleeps ALOT. NOt at night of course but ALL DAY! He is a bit off with nursing. GOing 5 - 10 min and then sleepign till I change him or rouse him to cointinue and then another 5 min of nursing and asleep LOL.

Ben (He is the spoiled Bishon) loves the baby as he did when Logan was tiny.. lets us know when he cries and gets very concerned for him.. Almost as if he is a mother dog and the baby is his pup.. Kind of cute but annoying at times. He has settled down this week and pays less attention to him.

Rob is going back to work Friday and it is not soon enough. Men don't get it sometimes. That is all I am gonna say.

I have a real family now.. Crazy how that happened. My little SUV is full with the two carseats, the dog, Rob and Myself.

Logan is up from his nap and it is time to get lunch ready. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally an Update! 6 Days Deep.

I had Landon Robert on Thanksgiving morning at 3:59 AM. My water had broken the morning before at 7:30. At 12:30 my Dr. office called and informed me I had Strep B and needed to be at the hospital getting antibiotics. By 2:00 I arrived at the hospital and was hooked up with an IV and the monitors. My contractions did not pick up for a few hours and by then I was only 2 cm. I was miserable that it was taking that long since Logan came so quickly.. My contractions stopped at that point.. by 9 or 10:00 PM I was hooked up to Pictocin. From there things moved much more quickly. I got my Epi by 11:00 and by 3:00 I was more then ready to be pushing. They had me try a practice push and stopped my half way into it. The doctor rushed in to get dressed and set up..Less then 10 minutes and 3 pushes later my son was born. I had no tears, only a rug burn type. He was born 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19 3/4 inches. Very similar in height and weight to my first son and both were born at 37.3 weeks gestation.

Life has been a bit wild at home. I am waking every 45 minutes to an hour to feed the little man and getting up with a toddler freaking out.. Being dog tired, dealing with a few

Logan is having a difficult time going down for naps and sleeping. He life has been turned upside down and he is feeling it(poor guy). He has been waking a ton at night and all together refusing to go down all together.

Landon is nursing a ton.. he goes for short periods of time but often. he was not gaining well at first so we had to go back for a weight check. He is doing great as of today. Gained more then enough in the last 2 days :) (WAY TO GO)!!!
Now I am looking forward to each day getting a little easier.

I will likely not be a great blogger in the up coming weeks but I hope to get back in touch in a week or so :)

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

38 Week Apointment

So, I went to my appointment hoping and praying for some progress. NADA!!!! Still long, high, tight and close to unreachable. Dr. wished me luck and said have lots of sex ;)
Rob was not totally unhappy to hear that. Anyway, I am still hoping the end is nearer then 40 weeks. Let the games begin.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

37 Weeks or SOOOO and Still Trucking Along

So, I recently remembered that I made up my LMP date. I could not remember when it was so I picked a week I thought that it may have been and went with that. I also refused the first ultrasound, which they date the pregnancy by. Now that was not intentional. I just spoke up about not really needing it because my date would probably change 10 times anyway and they said fine.. OPPS!!! I have been measuring prety accurate through the pregnancy, so, it seems like I was right on.

Either way......I am offically truly ready to be done! There is no need to feel like this so I give up. I have an appointment on Tuesday and I might lose it if I have no progress at all. The pain, pressure and hemriods are just out of control.

Getting up from the floor or bed or, AT THIS POINT, even sitting sends sharp pains up the whoo haaa. My ARSE throbs. I have to stop and catch my breath often. I have a lot of trouble eating dinner with out spilling since I can't pull my chair in. I can't reach the sink to wash dishes without getting wet. I can't empty a shopping cart or washing machine without almost killing myself adn this nameless child inside of me. Sleeping is a joke and nothing I wear is comfortable anymore. Oh well.. Who doesn't feel like this at the end?? Right????

Oh and Logan reacted to his vacination he got 10 days ago. He has had rash and fever of 100+ for three days. I hope he is doing better tomorrow. He is not himself and sad most of the days :(

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some Logan Moments

I had been meaning to add something about Logan learning to walk in here. So in October the little man took his first steps..He now is walking around in circles and furthur distances. Little dare devil. But, he still reverts to crawling to get where he wants to go in a hurry :)
He also got his first black eye last month. After ripping the pillows off the couch, he attempted to walk over them to the coffee table.. They slipped and so did he. Poor little guy wacked his eye on the coffee table on the way down. He slept terrible for days after. I am sure it was throbbing and he was not a huge fan of incing it.
Here are a few pictures of his eye. I know that they are hard to see but I think you can enlarge them to see.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I don't have much to add the last few days..

I have had a tough time sleeping due to a husband coming to bed late after playing video games, a dog whining to go out in the middle of the night, a cat tossing toys around the house in the wee hours of the morning, and a toddler who sleeps terrible when his naps have been disturbed that day. Oh, and I had false labor all night on Sun. from 3:00-6:00 am I was contracting every 5-10 minutes. Enough to catch my breath and make my lungs feel tight. So I lay there for hours thinking about all the things I still needed to do and what if it turned to real labor.. So rather then depress my self by going into any further detail I am just stopping and not blogging till I have something better to say :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

36 week appointment and other gripes

I measured 36 weeks, have gained 21 pounds, bp fine, I find out about strep B tomorrow,and nothing as far as progress. I was really hoping for some slight dilation or something to keep my hopes up. I only have a week or so left in me. :)

I have been walking my arse off every week trying to get out with the Logan and the dog 3-5 times a week.. depending on the weather. I feel so much better about myself and mentally better when I can get out. Although uncomfortable and at times I have to stop momentarily. I fight through the sharp shooting crotch pains.. Someone explain to me why those are necessary!?!? I mean come on, like we are not already dealing with enough difficulty..constipation, hemorrhoids, peeing yourself daily, separating pelvis, the inability to get up off the floor or to roll over in bed, sex and shaving are both unheard of at this point, swelling, along with all the little jabs, kicks and other bouncing bodily parts to your intestines, bladder and other areas. Oh did I mention leaking boobs???? SO on top of that do we really need the sharp crotch pains?? I think not!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tackling the Wilderness!

First let me say this..... NO I DO NOT HAVE ANY SHAME!!!!

Ok, my stomach is so round and hard and making it beyond impossible to see what is beneth it. I can not shove it or nudge it aside to help my case. I have offically not been able to shave for over a week. Now the trouble is.. I have an appointment with the OB on Thursday and we are at the point where I would prefer to be prepared and neat for the ocassion. So, since I can't do it myself and Rob refuses to help me out in that department I had to get creative. I asked him to hold a mirror for me. He finally agreed after a long conversation, that sounded something like this.
Rob:Do they make you save?
Me: No, they don't MAKE me.
Rob: So, you don't have to?
Me: If you had to examine the lower region of many women each day what would you hope for? (yes, right as I said it I realized I was asking the dumbest thing ever!)
Rob: I would want a variety (as he laughs like mad)!

Anyway he agreed and I'll let you know how it turns out. :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

I should do this more often

I got together with some friends from my old job (special education).. both current employees and past. I was actually shocked at the number of ladies who showed up. Kim-used to be speech -now at a new school, Kris-used to be teacher - now principal, Kristen-used toi be teacher now -reading specialist, Erin, Jen, Lauren all teachers, and me and Mandy - x-teachers.

I had missed a variety of ocassions so I felt I needed to try to make up for it ;)
WE had soo much food: shrimp cocktail, spinach and artichoke dip, keilbasa, calzone, quesadilla, veggies and dip, buffalo chix dip, and fruit with dip.. Logan's girlfriend Ella came to hang out for a couple of hours and he had a blast entertaining the ladies.

Anyway, someone mentioned needed some booties for a baby coming and it started a rampage.. I ended the night with 5 orders and over $100 in sales. I should get them all drunk more often :)

I still miss my job a lot :( but I also don't miss the stress and drama. I took my job way too seriously I think .

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Update!! Hog podge of things

I am soo stinkin tired from all the late night watching the games with football and baseball but it was well worth it after last night! Can you believe it? Tonight I will get to watch the recorded Sunday shoes like Kitchen Nightmares and whatever else was on and tomorrow my favorite show of all time!!!! HOUSE!!! I am so sucked into that show. Thank goodness I can record these things because I would never watch anything good if I had to be on a schedule about it. The TV mostly stays off in the house till the baby is asleep and I never put it on during the day. Anyone want to come pass out candy for me on Wed night? I am so unfun and really hate giving candy on Halloween.. The dog barking the baby whining and me having to get up and guess what they are dressed as.. I am always wrong!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh , how I truly hate what technology has become.

Right at this moment it is X-Box and everything about it, that is driving me batty. Rob plays it whenever he can!! It is fired up before Logan is even down for a nap, or bedtime, when I go to bed he stays up and plays (coming to bed around 2:00). I hate that it is online and they all talk to one another over those stupid headsets too!!! I find it super annoying!! They name call and yell back and forth.. and talk trash to one another. I think it is silly.. I mean I am all for chat and message boards but to talk live to people and fight with them over video games is so unsettling to me.

Over all I feel like technology has made our relationship what it is.. Between the 2 laptops, Rob's Blackberry (which is online), Rob's I Pod Touch (which is online), and Rob's X-Box (which is online). Getting in his car to food shop is always painful. We sit in the drive way for at least 2 minutes while he checks his email on his phone then sets up his I Pod up to hear his favorite play list. I sit and huff and get annoyed and he ignores me. At home we don't ever have a conversation or spend any time together. He is totally obsessed with technology and having it available to him at every moment. So I have become dependent on my computer. Even when we sit and watch a show together now someone or both of us are on-line.
Is this totally insane or are other families like that too.

I refuse to have Logan watch TV and video games. I really only let him watch a tiny bit of tv once in a while like 20 minutes a week since he was 12 months (before that I woulds never let him watch even a second of it). I am all about imaginative play and learning to entertain yourself through exploration. I hate to use the tv as a sitter.. But once a week or so if I am out of ideas and he is making me nutty I give in.. I plan to hold strong at least until he is 2 like is recommended. But even then I will really limit all that tv watching.

ok rant over.. Maybe I will be in a better mood by the next post!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am now officially way uncomfortable and pregnant!
  1. It hurts to walk, stand, move and lay down!!
  2. I have a hard time doing dishes and bathing Logan because my big belly hits the sink and tub when I try to lean over it. I have to go in sideways.
  3. I can no longer shave because I can't see and I can't move the belly aside either and it is so firm I have a hard time bending to get my shoes on.
  4. I have tons of pain in the pelvis area especially when I walk (which I try to do everyday during the week).
  5. I now really miss belly sleeping.
  6. Eating large meals makes breathing difficult!! Shoot and all the good food holidays are coming up.
  7. This baby's feet are so high he is pretty darn close to kicking me in the boobs.. and that is some feat since they were never that large to begin with!!!
  8. I am not sleeping well AT ALL! Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep is impossible with a husband who plays Halo all night, a dog that sleeps at and on my feet, a baby who hears everything wakes at night, and a cat that find all things that make noise during the night!!
  9. Heartburn is unbearable! And I am gonna hurt the next person that tells me about TUMs as if I haven't been taking them for the past 6 months!
  10. To top it all off I went walking this morning and on the way back it started raining on all of us (Dog, Baby and mommy).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Two more >>>> more to come ;-)

These are just the tiniest most adorable little things!!! I can't wait to put some on my Dec. baby :)

My Question to All

Why do people find the need to ask questions even when the answer is obvious? It's more of an accusation phrased as a question. I mean I am also guilty... but I wonder also why I choose to do this.. I will give you an example. I come home and the kitchen trash is beyond over filled and I say. "Did you forget to empty the trash?" after I have already seen that it was not emptied. It is like this need to rub in the fact that it wasn't done.

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Check out Stroller Strides~!

What With.......??????

Why do kids put their fingers up there nose when they are nervous or not sure what else to do?

Logan, and I recently found out my niece too, put their fingers up their nose when they are nervous and or bored. That is certainly not something he picked up from watching me. I PROMISE!!! Maybe back in the day I may have been a nose picker but truly I gave that up some time ago. It's not even that he is picking. Instead he is acting as if he needs to fill that small hole and leave his finger there for rest.

Why does Logan cry at the doctors?? Before they even touch him??? He sees the stethoscope and throws a holy tantrum!!! Yesterday I had an appointment. Ya, me... not him.. ME!! They came in to take my blood pressure with the cuff and stethoscope and if he could of he would have scaled the stroller and high tailed it right out of that room.. Tears where streaming down his face and he was wailing. They never touched him, just me. Then he cried again when we got into the next room. I had to hold him at my side while I had my exam (T.M.I. ahead) which included an internal cervix check :). High and tight I am, cause I know you were interested in what they found.

Why do kids tear things apart and throw toys , just to cry till you help them rectify the problem. Then do it again? Plus they tattle on themselves.. "Uh Oh". I know that is another thing I have not taught my son.. I never call myself out on mistakes. "Hey!!!! Look what I just did wrong!!" Ok those words never come out of my mouth and if they did it would sound more like.. "Hey!! Look at what a dumb ass I am!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pimping out my Bootie-Slippers

So I realize I have been M.I.A., but I have been busy pitching my booties. I have had 5 people recently asking about wholesale or drop shipping my Bootie-Slippers in the last month. So far I have had one woman follow through and purchase some for her gift buckets. I have another that is on hold till spring, and this past week got 3 more tentative offers out of no where. One for a retail store, one for an on-line children's boutique, and one for gift baskets. It got my wheels in motion and I wrote a cover letter/ introduction to my product/ sales pitch :), and made a brochure for pricing and other information. I sent out 18 boxed and ready free samples today with all my ordering and contact information and my pitch letter. I am hoping that maybe 3 or 4 will be interested. That on top of the other few that may pan out and my own site business will be more then enough to keep me on my toes. I'll keep you informed on any progress.

Oh and I wanted to share a few of the special holiday Bootie-Slippers I have been making.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Infant and Children's Cold Meds

Just an FYI:
Local Stores Pulling Kids Cold Medicine Off Shelves

(Providence, MA) -- Drug makers are voluntarily pulling children's cold
medicines off store shelves because there's the risk of overdose in
Pharmacists, chain store workers, and others in Rhode Island, where the
products are sold, have been removing them. The action comes amid a
by Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Healthcare Unit. New information
shows the possibility of overdose with the medications, particularly
children younger than two-years-old. The recalled items include:
Concentrated Infants' TYLENOL Drops Plus Cold, Concentrated Infants'
Drops Plus Cold & Cough, PEDIACARE Infant Drops Decongestant, PEDIACARE
Infant Drops Decongestant & Cough, PEDIACARE Infant Dropper
PEDIACARE Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough, and PEDIACARE Infant Dropper
Decongestant & Cough products.

Thankfully I don't use any of these but incase any of you do..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Adorable Husband.....NOT!

After informing me that he would not be home for dinner, I sort out the rest of my night with the baby. At 10:30 I head to bed and for what ever reason I can't seem to get myself to stop thinking.. At 12:30 Rob walks, or should I say stumbles in the front door. He collapses on the couch for 30 or 40 minutes till he decides he is spinning and fumbles his way to the bathroom. He spends the next hour and a half or so heaving on the floor of the bathroom. While I keep going back and forth to make sure I hear noise and he hasn't drown him self in the toilet or something.

At 3:00 AM, He comes into the room barely standing and still dressed. The sleeping dog awoke to an unexpected figure approaching him and went into attack mode.. For the dog, that really means bark like crazy while trying to escape.. The dog pissed him self all over me, trying to scramble on top of me, while Rob was reaching for him to shut him up..

Rob falls into the bed still dressed and falls asleep while I have to get up and clean the pee off my blanket, pillow and my arm :( I got 2 hours of sleep till the baby woke up crying and I feel wonderful. If you really want to see what a mood I am in feel free to call and test me.. I might hurt someone today.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What a Day!

So today started as any other day would. Breakfast and play time, followed up by a snackaroo. At 10:30 I headed off to put my tired but still silly and happy child down for a nap. As I am doing this I hear my dog barking frantically in the back yard and wonder what he is acting up about. So I rush the baby into his crib and walk my bra less, un-showered, mopey ass to the back door to see what the racket was. And for the 3rd time in less then 2 weeks I see an unexpected visitor peering in my back door (all of my doors are glass). Let me tell you, no matter who it is and no matter the time of day, it is always freaky to find someone peeking in your doors and windows.

So from there my day of peace and sewing crumbles. I now have company. The baby refuses to sleep with the commotion, so I get him up. I call my mother and she brings lunch by and we all visit for a bit.. at 12:30 I change the baby and throw him right in the crib. My unexpected visitor decides it is time to skedaddle and she does. The baby goes down without a fight. I get two pairs of booties sewn and sort some mail.

At this point the baby wakes up wailing like a maniac. I get him up and he continues to cry. He decides it is best to remain fussy for the remainder of the afternoon. He frantically switched from laughing to crying and back to laughing. After 30 minutes of this I called my dad to come visit him so I could have some relief. He held the same attitude and held firm that he would not be in a good mood for longer then a few seconds at a time.

In case you wondered, he is still a mess and did not take a second nap before dinner because it got too late :( It has been a long day!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Even Get Junk Mailed In Blogs


Four jobs I've had in my life:
1. WAHM (BePe Baby)
2. Special Education Teacher
3. Bartender/ Waitress
4. House Cleaner/ Nanny

Four places I've been on vacation:
1. Hawaii
2. St Lucia
3. Jamaica
4. Thailand

Four of my favorite movies

(in no special order)
1. 10 Things I Hate About You
2. Save The Last Dance
3. Pretty Women
4. Napoleon Dynamite

Four places I've lived:
Feeling a bit too private for this one but I haven't lived that many places anywhere and all within the same state :)

Four of my favorite foods:
2. lays potato chips
3. brownies or ice cram it is a tie

4. Cheddar cheese

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Sleeping
2. Shopping
3. five months in the future
4. no where

Four people I think will respond: I'm tagging the following people

No One (LOL) I am killing this chain mail right here :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Another Toy Recall!

I can only imagine how many more are to come.

Yes I Am a Dork!

I went to see "So You Think You Can Dance" Last night. It is a dance show and the top ten finalists are touring. It was a good time. I felt a bit odd when the teeny boppers would scream like mad over the male dancers, although they are adorably cute (Neil, Danny, Pasha, Kameron, and Domenic) . People sitting around me kept starring at me and a few made comments about making sure I could get out quick if I went into labor. Got home late and didn't get enough sleep but it was worth it to have a night out. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Do you have young kids?

If you do, you should watch this. It is so neat. My girlfriend shared it with me earlier today. I felt so sad for that little boy and was chocking up while watching but man oh man is that impressive!!! They don't currently have this anywhere near me and it seems very limited areas have trainers right now but if you are interested in checking on your area look at this site.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is It Just Me???

I am not sure if I am socially awkward or if other people feel the same way. I am interested in finding out if I am alone in this..

I am completely annoyed by non-meaningful phone calls. I hate sitting on the phone in silence with nothing to say. I can't stand the crap talk "what's up?".... "Nothing.".... What's up with you?" when no one has anything new to say and called for no reason other then they are bored. Truly I would rather be left alone. I don't mind a little chit chat about someone's day or the latest drama in your life. But please don't call me to sit and say nothing and just to breath on the phone during your ride home from work. I am as worn out as anyone else and still have dinner to cook, feed my family and eat, clean up, have playtime, pick up toys, bath my son, and finish bedtime routines all before I can relax. After work is when families eat and unwind correct? Am I alone in this way of thinking?

When I walk around my neighborhood, I try not to see people. If I have the option of turning down a street instead of coming face to face with someone I will. I think it is very odd to walk all the way up to someone while they are in view the entire time. I am never comfortable staring at them till I reach them to say hello, and I feel even more odd if I purposefully look away until I reach them. Is that odd? I feel even more uncomfortable if I have to pass the same person twice.

I will stop here before I sound any worse but I having been wondering about this...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hard Head

Logan fell while trying to look out the glass door and got a decent sized bump on his head over the weekend. Rob decided that we should ice it. So he grabbed a bag of frozen spinach and slopped it against Logan's head.. Logan was less then amused. It did end the crying though, since he was instead focused on getting that cold, crinkly, crunchy, silly looking thing off of his head.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


I don't have much to say except Pregnancy + Fall = Caramel Apples.. Even better are the green apple slices with caramel dip. I even pretend that they are slightly healthy because there is apple under all that sugary funness.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last Hint of the Summer.. Fall is here.

Just wanted to share. I took my camera on a walk with us last week and decided to grab some last mementos of the Summer. Now that Fall is approaching things are slowly dying off. Don't get me wrong, I love the Fall. But I do miss the beautiful colors of Spring and Summer.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Cat Never Learns!

One of Logan's favorite things to do is to beat on the poor cat. She for the most part takes it like a champ. Once in a while she will act as if she may retaliate but never does.. She never quiet realizes that if she ran away before he got to her she would avoid a whole lot of torture either. She is a good cat for taking it all :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I might lose it! RANT

So, lately I have been getting super annoyed by comments. Particularly by my grandmothers. She wants to offer her opinion about everything. From what shoes Logan should be wearing, to what he should eat, to what I should be naming the next baby.. I have said few times that I would rather not talk about certain subjects with her and she ignores me.

She hated the name Logan and that was no secret! She still comments on it ALL THE TIME! Now she is being very bossy about the next name. She thinks it needs to be a catholic saints name. It would be fine and good if she would offer her ideas and that is it.. But no, instead it becomes this:

Gram: What about (insert Catholic names here)?
Me: No, I don't like that name.
Gram: Why? it is a nice name.
Me: I don't like it enough.
Gram:What about (insert Catholic names here)?
Me: Let's talk about something else.
Gram: You already have a name?
Me: No, but when I do I am not telling anyone.
Gram: So then you have a small list of names to pick from?
Me: No, we have not agreed on any yet.
Gram: Well then, you need my list.
Me: No I don't.
Gram: Well, if you don't have a list then you need my list. It has nice names on it starting with Jason.
Me: I don't need your list, but thank you.
Gram: We'll I think you do.
Me: This is why I don't want to talk about it.. We have to argue.
Gram: We don't have to argue, you just don't listen.
Me: You like Catholic names, and I like names that are a little different.
Gram: I don't want to see you burn in the fires for eternity.
Me: I am not going to hell because I name my child something other then a spiritual name.
Gram: Yes, you will.

I will stop there. You get the picture. But I have seen her 2 times in the last 2 weeks and 3 times she has told me I am going to hell. I want to say. Maybe I am going to hell , but it sure is not going to be because I named my baby Logan.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If I go blind this is why!

I just got soft scrub with bleach in my eye. It burned like a SOB. I have been rinsing for 15 min and I can see but it still stings when I rinse and it feels scratchy when I blink :( The stupid scrubby brush bristles flung it back in my face. I am not too sure if I should keep my contacts out for the day. As if I didn't hate cleaning the tub as it is!!!!!!!
That is a great addition to my day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Girl's Brunch

So, last weekend I went to a brunch for the girls from high school.. Thanks Katey for hosting! We had a good time. We try to get together every few months but normally too many people bail out and it gets canceled. For those of us who made it this time (Katey, Lindsey --I always forget if it is sey or say, Jackie, Julie, Candie, and Me) we got to catch up and it was a good time.

Although some memories are best left in the past, others are a riot to pull back out and examine. That is exactly what we did. We pulled out the dirt on each of us, one at a time and had a good laugh or head shake (what ever was most appropriate for the story) .. Julie....sorry you had to leave earlier you missed some of the good gossip :(. Some had more dirty laundry then others (I might be one of those).
I wish I had some old pics on this computer to post a group of us..

What morons we all where so many times. It was almost sad to leave because we see each other so seldom but one recurring thought I was having was... OH... DEAR!! PLEASE LET MY KIDS NEVER BE LIKE ME GROWING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Well, I suppose I will start with the bad news since that is what I received first.

O.A.K, the shop on Newbury Street that wanted to offer my booties, hit a set back. The owner of the shop site, canceled the lease. Apparently, it was not finalized and he decided to do something different with the location. She is completely bummed and is looking for a new location but now expects the opening to be delayed until spring.

On the happy side, earlier in the week I found this on-line shop called Wadee. It is an amazing little site with some fabulous gift buckets all filled with hand-made goodies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I read the about Wadee page and the big news page. I came to find she and I had a ton in common. We share a name, home town, and profession. Both started on-line businesses selling hand-made baby and toddler items. I emailed Kristina the of Wadee asking her if she might be interested in offering a few of my booties on her site. I wasn't all that surprised when I hadn't heard form her for a few days and decided I may not hear from her at all.

Well, to my surprise she called me this morning. Long story short, I am meeting her next week and she is buying 10 pair of booties to start and putting them in her gift buckets :)
I am also thrilled to get to talk to her and hear her ideas and advice on this business.

So even though today was a bit disappointing it also had a positive spin. These buckets are fantastic. I am so thrilled to have my booties offered in them :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Since getting pregnant again and coming to the realization that I will soon have two little ones under toe I have had this really crazy urge to smoother Logan with love and attention. I want to give him all new and fun things and spoil him silly. I feel like he is my favorite and I will not feel the same for this next child. I am doing all in my power to ensure he will not feel slighted or that things are taken from him when the baby arrives. It is like a secret thought I am having that Logan deserves the best of the best and the next one.......well, he can have what is left over. I know that probably all moms feel this way and that once the baby comes I will be surprised how easy it is too love them both equally. But for now I have to continue feeling this awkward guilt and protectiveness to Logan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Milestone!

Logan was hanging on to the couch today when he grabbed his sippy cup from me for a drink of water. He forgot to hang on to the couch and was standing on his own for at least 6 seconds while drinking. He did not grab the couch again until he had put the cup, or rather thrown the cup down.

A while later my mother came to watch Logan for an hour or so while I went to a doctors appointment. When she was walking in the door he was so interested in seeing who was coming in that he didn't realize I had let go of him and he stood there again for more then a few seconds.

Of course for the rest of the day while I chased him around with the camera he was more worried about trying to grab and chase me with the camera then he was about anything I was trying to catch on film. I'll try to get a picture again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

He is so cute and innocent until...

He attacks full force. The dog is smart enough to run. The cat is not so lucky.. She hangs around to see what is going on and he is quick like a ninja on her ass. I know it hurts too because he has gotten me with the death grip before but she doesn't retaliate or seem to learn from experience.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Update to the Booties

So I asked this women all sorts of questions and hesitated on getting involved wondering whether or not her shop would do well or not. Well She since started a blog and You can see her soon to be new location and what is is being designed to look like from the outside. Her parents are backing her and have been into retail forever. They own a shop in NH which I checked out. Check out her Blog and see the spot. It is on Newbury Street in Boston. OH, and she met the funniest man in the world!!! Dane Cooke.!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!

Oh and I got the boxes to package my booties in (they are perfect !!!!!!), now just waiting for the box stickers I ordered. They are gonna be adorable all packaged up.

I am a tad excited.... can you tell. Even if this doesn't pan out. I still feel cool that someone found me after seeing my booties and decided they liked enough to track me down and offer them in their shop.

Night One Down! New Crib Continued.......

After a half hour of crying Logan went to sleep only to wake 10 minutes later find himself in a small wooden jail in the dark. With all the new furniture in his room, there is no where to put the small wall night light. We are going to have to get him one with a cord that will sit on his dresser. He had another crying fit, until I found a flashlight to use as a night light for him. I left the room and after another 15 - 20 minutes of crying he fell asleep. He slept fitfully and made lots of noises all night. I heard him and 1 and 2 Am and at 4. At 5 Am he woke crying. At that point I took him to bed with us and he fell right asleep only to have bad dreams :( He tossed and cried in his sleep till 6. I am fairly sure I slept from 6-7 Am so I couldn't tell you what he did in that hour. But at 7:00 on the dot his big head popped up and he started talking. Lucky he is so cute. Oh and obviously that picture was taken this am and not near a nap or sleep time. That is why he is jumping happily.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Night One In His New Crib!

We will talk about this one tomorrow. As of this moment in time he has cried for 20 minutes and screamed like a mad man.. He is not impressed with the switch like I was. He enjoyed jumping in it earlier today but Is not enjoying the prison bars I am asking him to sleep behind.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Booties Got Picked Up!!!!

I have been around soliciting my booties at local shops and decided to back off and wait till I got more professional packaging that they could be displayed directly in. Well, that same week I got an email from a women who wants to have my booties in her shop.. She is opening a store in Boston. I am going to send a sample but will be holding off on shipping a bulk order until I see the shop myself, but I am excited. I hope to get them into a few shops and I will also be going to local hospital maternity ward shops. Wish me luck :)

Why My Dog Might Be Insane

OK, I love my dog and all, but damn why does he have to be such a pain in the ass some times?

Yesterday we are walking around the block and another dog Dixi (a black lab mix) comes running over to sniff Ben's ass, as dogs do. Well, Ben proceeds to run in front of and around the stroller and wrap around my legs trying to hide his ass from the afore mentioned dog - Dixi. He has his ears down and tail as far between his crotch as he can ram it. I am thinking the whole time (some out loud) "What a wuss!!, This is not normal dog behavior!" "Be social damn it!". Of course Ben doesn't listen and this carnival happening around me continues down the road about 4 houses. At that point Dixi, the lab, accidentally stepped on Ben's foot while trying to literally plant her face inside of his rear end and Ben rolled his ankles all over the pavement while being trampled by the over excited Dixi, who by the way finally got a sniff of his ass :) Ben whimpers and cries out in pain, so that I feel bad for him. I pick him up and carry him in one arm, push the carriage with the other hand and protect my boys from Dixi, who then was unamused and went back home. I did find scrapes and road rash on Ben's back feet last night and felt bad for him as he licked them all night hiding under the bed.

SO today I bring the baby and Ben to Pet co for a field trip (as I am writing this I am slowly realizing why my dog might be crazy and it starts with me being crazy I guess. I mean who packs up to go on a field trip with their dog just for entertainment value??) Well, Ben does his normal ram his tail in his crotch and walk as low and close to the ground as possible, in case some dog tries to sniff his ass, thing that he does. I partially drag him around for the first 20 minutes till he calms down and starts to enjoy himself slightly. Then we turn a corner, and while I am completely oblivious to him, reading the ingredients in the dog and cat foods, another shopper notices my dog taking a shit right there on the floor. Directly next to me. SO now I have to pull out the doggie bags (that I do carry) and clean that up.. Luckily Pet Co has a clean up station with a trash, cleaning spray, paper towels, bags, and hand sanitizer.

We are back home and he is cute as ever but I know he is still crazy. Only today I finally have a better understanding of his oddness and he gets some of it from me :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I really do!

My dog has the most terrible breath ever. He has the worst teeth. We had them professionally filed, and cleaned for almost $400 at the vet maybe about 6 months ago and within a few months it started again. So, the other day I broke down and bough a doggie toothbrush and paste. I have to say Ben was not nearly as bed as I expected him to be through the whole ordeal. I brushed him while Rob tried to brush Logan's. My goal is a few times a week if I can remember. I had Rob try to brush his teeth a few nights later so I could get a pic. Ben was not happy about the photo opt. Good thing I love my dog.

Almost 27 weeks!

In case anyone was interested, I am now almost 27 weeks!! 13 more weeks to go. Or with any luck closer to 10. I have heartburn like crazy and it is getting super difficult to drag my fat ass up and off the floor for play times, diaper changes, grabbing my fresh child while running away, and all those other fun times. I am just guessing here but I would say I get up and down at least 55 times per day. Never mind all the picking up and bending down. Oh, and I now officially have to carry Logan above my belly. He sort of tends to use it as a seat, which by the way is not all that comfortable. We finally got Logan sleeping the night in his own "big boy" room. and now I wake up 2-3 times per night to pee, switch positions and take Tums. If I walk for any length I get major cramping low under my belly. I continue to pee myself on a fairly regular basis and sneezing is the most painful experience ever. Well, that is besides those stupid Charlie horses if I dare stretch out my legs. For what a beautiful thing having a baby is , pregnancy and birth certainly suck the life right out of you.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mommy's a Little Slow

Logan loves to watch the cat and dog chase one another. Often he joins in crusading down the hall after the pair of them, giggling all the while. I have tried numerous times to get a video of the parade but the interested of the three of them turns to the camera as soon as I manage to get it out of hiding.

well lately I notice he has been charging past them or me and then he stops and looks over with a big grin. First I thought nothing of it. Then I decided it was him trying to chase the animals..

Well, yesterday it finally dawned on me. He scooted past me and stopped and looked back. I suddenly realized he wanted me to chase him.. He was acting out the game of the cat and dog.. Too cute. WE ran around; back and forth and in circles for about 30 minutes till I thought I was going to die. I am ready to have my body back again. :) He was so stinking cute waiting for me to catch him. Then just as the animals do he would flip flop and start to chase me back the other way :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Logan's Best Friend

Rob and I went food shopping this weekend. When we first got there Logan noticed the balloons in the flower shop and began pointing while saying "Ahh!" "Ahh!". Rob must have heard that differently. I am guessing he heard something more like "Daddy, please get me an Elmo balloon to drag around the grocery store."

Rob walked over and chose an this balloon for Logan and tied it to the cart. First off let me say having a balloon flying in your face while grocery shopping makes that whole shopping experience less appealing then it already is.

Fast forward 2 days later. Elmo has not yet left Logan's side. Logan crawls around with Elmo in one hand floating beside him while he goes about his day. Elmo has become his best friend and he tried to bring him all over with him.

Fast forward another day. We went to the hardware store and then to Walmart today. Let me say it must be national balloon week because since when does the hardware store have balloons floating around inside? Well, today of all days they did and I happened to bring my balloon crazed child inside. Logan saw them and started pointing and "Ahh!" "Ahh!" . He was none too happy I walked by and we left without one. He had a mini melt down as I put him back in the car but we survived. Next stop: Walmart. And guess what? Yes, you got it!!! More stinking balloons inside. In the children's section, in the school supplies section, in the craft section. I could not get away from them. Logan spotted each one and pointed them out with urgency each time.

Moral of the story is daddy created a monster and now of course I have to see the darn things everywhere I take him.

Plastic Plastic Everywhere!

Ok, so, I won't be running through my house throwing out all that is plastic. BUT I have read a ton of information today regarding the safe use of plastics and which are best and how they can effect fetus's, babies, and children with very low exposure. I also found that my dream bottles are made with the "bad" plastic. So even though I am very sad about it, I will be throwing out the Dr. Browns for the next baby. The bottles I will be trying next are considered safe and made without Bisphenol-A. They are called Born Free and I have them bookmarked to order. Of course I realize that My children will come in contact with the "bad" plastic anyway but with how often they drink bottles and sippies I am trying to find a safe alternative for those times. I am going to have to check out Playtex sippy cups because Logan has done really well with theirs after I take out the valve. He needs a super fast flow.

Click Here for a guide for the safe and unsafe plastics if you are interested.

I have embedded all of the links into the words or phrases so click them if you would like to read/see the information available.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Logan is in his new room!!!

So, as of yesterday we have completed the first transition to Logan's new room. He napped in there all day. One of us had to lay on the floor next to him till he was almost asleep and then creep out. Mind you, he only slept 30-40 min at a time, but still. He went to bed there last night too! He woke a ton but stayed in his room and did not cry. This marks day 2. I am so proud of my little man. We ordered his new bedroom set and is will be coming in 2 weeks. That will be the next transition. Right now he is in his Pack n Play (which he loves very much) but he will be moving to his more permanent convertible crib/bed next. Wish us luck :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Toy Storage

I just had to share my new find.

So I have been super annoyed with toys lately. The toy box we have is great BUT all the little pieces from toys fall to the bottom and sets of things don't stay together, which makes finding all the parts to a toy terrible. So I have been looking for something to put in Logan's room that would be fun and can keep things more organized.
I have been eying it for a bit, but knew the quality was not gonna be the best ever.
This is a closet maid cube shelve unit and you buy the canvas cubes in what ever colors you want to go with your room. The cube unit came in what or natural. Like I said not top quality but perfect for a kids room or a play room. I paid around $70 with all the cubes too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Naming the New Baby

WOW, this is a challenge! Rob and are are not even close. We are so far from choosing a name that I worry 4 months will not be enough time :)

I liked names like Rowen, Collin, Cole, Landon, Brayden.
He likes names like Maxwell, Samuel, Hunter, Brady.

This morning before he left the house this was our conversation:

Rob "Casper."
Me "I don't even know what you mean!"
Rob "The name."
Me " It's a ghost."
Rob "It's a boy."
Me "It's a friendly ghost."
Rob " The ghost was named after a boy."
Me "I am NOT naming my kid after a cartoon ghost."
Rob "Logan and the new baby will probably never even see the show in their life times."
Me "No!"

This is pretty much how every conversation has gone so far.

Or the other conversation has been this:

Me "Landon"
Rob "Everyone I talk to hates it."
Me "Rowen"
Rob " I work with someone named __________."
Me "Brayden"
Rob "You can't just make up names. I am not naming my kid something you just made up."

Or this:
Rob "Max"
Me "I hate it."
Rob "Rodney"
Me (giving Rob a dirty nasty look of disapproval)
Rob "Buster"
Me "That sounds like a a bunny."

So now that you can all see what is going on here, I can bet you have a better idea why this little guy is still baby X.

Friday, August 17, 2007

sign confusion

I taught Logan three signs. more, eat, and all done. Of those he has learned to use "Eat" and "All Done"so far. He uses "Eat" often but will tell me "All done" most days too. I thought everything was perfect and my kid was super smart until the other day when I realized the flaw in my teaching. We were outside playing, and I was pushing him around in his new car (I think we got it cheaper then the one I linked to, so if you are looking for one shop around), and I stopped pushing and asked him "Do you want more?". He looked at me and signed "eat". :) After I had a good laugh I realized when I was teaching him "more" I would sign and say "more" and then "eat" in the same sentence. So to him "More" and "Eat" are all one :) Oh man he is a little sponge.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Head Banging

Since Logan was about 6 month old or so he has been a head banger. Not all of the time, but enough to make me wonder.
Anyway, I found an article about it and I felt much better.

It started when he was bored I think.
He did this in two ways.
He would be looking for attention; bump his head on the ground or table leg and look up crying for someone to come to him. As soon as I figured out his trick I stopped responding. He upped the anty at that point.. When he did not get a response he would hit his head again only slightly harder. Sometimes he would do this 3 or 4 times still waiting for a response, but always gave up shortly after.

The other way was for his own self stimulation in some way. He would commando crawl over to the edge of his crib, the coffee table or other object and bounce his head off of it. It was more rhythmic and soothing for him, I think.

At a year old Logan already head bangs much less, but has picked up another way to use the motion.

If told "No!", "Stop!", or if you call his name firmly "Logan!" he will often give you a head bang either to the side or front (normally in the air)in refusal or to show his displeasure in your request. I feel like it is his way of saying "Piss off" or "Oh ya? Watch me!" I get a laugh out of it every time. I try to keep it silent because I don't want to encourage him but it sure is cute. He does do this to Rob sometimes too but I get it WAY more often. Just a small glimmer of what is to come I guess.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lunch With Logan

First off every meal is an adventure with him..

  • He touches each piece of food, half squishing it, to check and figure out which piece he wants to eat. If he mistakenly grabs the wrong piece he will quickly spit it out.
  • He loves to throw food over the edge of the tray and try to see where it lands or if the doggie got it.
  • He signs all done by shaking his hands over his head. and sometimes will say it as well.
  • If he is frustrated he pulls his hair with his greasy fingers or covers his mouth.
  • When he wants more to eat he signs eat by bringing his hand to his mouth over and over. Sometimes he says "num num" for yum yum.
  • After he takes a drink from his cup he catapults it off of the tray, needing it to be completely out of his line of vision until he requires more liquid :) This annoys the crap out of me to no end.
  • He will eat fruit till he explodes.
  • He is always in a rush and has forgotten to chew more then once (including this morning) and scared the crap out of me while flailing around trying to breath. (we are signing up for CPR this week)
  • If you are not quick enough he slams his fists on the tray to let you know.
What a joy he is to eat with :)