Monday, June 30, 2008

My Class will be in the local town paper!

Today during my morning class at the park we had stopped for one of our stations and where in the middle of our cadio drill and I see a woman with a rather large camera hustling over to our group. I prepared everyone and asked if anyone minded being photographed. No one was opposed to it so when she approached I let her ask ;) She though it was fantastic that we were working out with the babies in toe. She asked us to repeat some jumping jacks and she snapped a bunch of photos. I gave her my card and we moved into our push ups and tricep dips. She stayed and took more pictures.

I was amused by it and at the same time thrilled to be advertised in the Town Crier. Now if I can just find what day we will be in it. I barely ever find time to read papers but I will have to for the next few weeks!

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jilltan said...

That is so cool!! What great advertisement for you!