Thursday, December 25, 2008

X-Mas Eve Fun!

We had plenty of fun and the kids where great through it all. We let them open one gift each early on Christmas Eve. Here is why

Big "L": (grabs a gift) Open pease
Mommy: Ask daddy
Daddy: Tomorrow you can open that, not today.
Big "L": Pease open!!!!

Daddy: No, you will open them later, tomorrow.
Big "L": (takes the gift whining and walks slowly away and down the hall to his room)
Mommy: He is going to try and sneak and open it where we can't see him ( I think this is a riot).

Daddy: "L" come here please.
Big "L": No
Mommy: Do you want to open one present right now?
Big "L": Ya ya yaaaa!!
Mommy: Then come here please.
Big "L": (running back down the hall with the gift NOT opened yet)

He and Little "L" open a small $6 Monster truck from Walgreens. they are rev cars that move with momentum. push them forward and they keep going. They each love them!

The rest of the night we spent with family on my side having food and fun, gifts for the kids and a Yankee Swap for the adults.

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Melissa said...

Awww! Your kids are adorable you look gorgeous! Merry Christmas(a day late)!. :)