Friday, October 3, 2008

Freaking Out a Bit about Event Tomorrow!

I am holding an event tomorrow morning "Fall Into Fitness" with a raffle to help a local mom with Lymphoma.

I had planned on about 20-30 people and bought food, banana, bagels with cream cheese, pretzels, mini cup cakes, juice, water and coffee to cover that amount.

I even got a cake donated, done up really nice with fondant to look like leaves with acorns scattered around~!

I stuffed 25 gift bags with free goodie and coupons and beyond the raffle stuff, I have a donation table with some other smaller free goodies.. Dunkins travel ,mugs, patriots koozies, donated Frisbees and jump ropes, glow necklaces and more.

There will be face painting, stories, and coloring for the kids as well as some tunnels and tents for the little guys to crawl through.

Anyway. I just heard from a friend that this has been in the paper for the last 2 WEEKS~!!

I advertised on Craigslist, local chat boards and with moms groups, hung flyers and just yesterday sent a press release.

There is also an event going on right up the street at a church(walking distance) that I may get some spill over from.

I have more then 20 who RSVPed on the sites that I can get RSVP's and now I am freaking out that there will be way more then I can handle!

Just had to vent. Wish me luck!

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