Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Had a visit with MK Boxing

Let me just say; this is a very neat place!!! If you have not seen it and are in the area they offer some great classes. You can see some of it on the website, click here They have a boxing ring, lots of bags, a small gym area with machines and weights and two mat areas for classes like kick boxing. It would be great for the class and give us lots of options for what direction to take to our stations.

I am excited to sign some of us from the moms group up for a Saturday class. I am betting that those classes would more then kick my rear end into shape!

Lots of women work out there too! There was a women preparing for a workout when I was headed out. IF my kids were not getting hungry I would have stayed to watch some of the class that was going to be starting. Mike was very nice and seems to have a great sense of humor. At least he didn't seem annoyed by my boys :)

Now with a few options it will be time to negotiate and make some decisions. I am fairly sure Wilmington will remain M-W-F at 9:30 and Woburn will open for T-Th at 9:30. If you know anyone in the area that is ACE or AFFA certified group fitness instructors or someone who wants to go be trained for Stroller Strides in CA direct them my way because I will need someone at the very least as a sub.

Visit BePe Baby to cuddle those tiny toes.

Haven't heard of Stroller Strides, Click here

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Boxing Tomboy said...

Thanks for the comment at the CocoaChildfree blog. However, it is possible to teach a two year old to follow instructions. My mother called it spanking. Worked for me. Unfortunately, few parents want to use that tactic anymore.