Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Was...

I was sitting reflecting on the past year and ended up recapping my blogs over the year. I posted it to my other blog but I enjoyed going through the old posts. It was fun to relive some of those moments and also equally as fun to see others have ended :P


Monday, December 29, 2008

We increased our family

by 4 furry legs and two fluffy ears.

After dog sitting a new friends pup for a second time I was feeling like my doggy needed a friend. He was depressed both times his buddy left and I also felt a bit sad to see him go.

Here is how the next stage of the story goes.

Me: (found a small dog for adoption on Craigs List) Rob he needs a home
Rob: No! No! No! No!
Me: But he needs to find a home tonight, they say.
Rob: And what if he doesn't? What happens? (this is when I knew I had him)
Me: I don't know that is what they said.
Rob: No! And I get to pick the next dog and he would be perfect if he was 5x's that size, and fluffy like a Husky.
Me: Look at him! He is like Ben, but straight hair.
Rob: No! I will kill you! and don't even go sending them a message committing to taking the dog.
Me: You don't have control over me. Besides you would only be mad for like 2 days.
Rob: Don't even
Me: I can pick him up in Wakefield in an hour
Rob: If you even want to get me to consider it you better have a play by play written contract of all the sex and bj's I am gonna be getting for the next year. Like written out, play by play, positions and places.
Me: Ok, Sex once a week.
Rob: not even close.

(after going back and forth I got him down to 2 times a week)

We were about ready to leave to pick up the new dog and I texted the owner of the dog we had been watching, saying we we getting another dog and it was her fault LOL)

The phone rang 4 seconds later and she and her husband wanted us to consider adopting their dog. they had been considering find a place for him as their new living space with 10 month old twins we not a great mix with the dog.

So here we are I called and let the other man know I would not be meeting him and today we have a Toy Poodle along with our Bichon Frise and cat.

I will post better photos soon. The dogs love each other and have spent the entire day playing together.

My dog's name is Ben. My new dogs name is Bentley. you would never guess what my last name is. Bentley!!!!! I feel completely like boob calling the groomer and vet saying I need an appointment for Ben and Bentley. Then they ask for the last name and I cringe. Ben and Bentley Bentley.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

X-Mas Eve Fun!

We had plenty of fun and the kids where great through it all. We let them open one gift each early on Christmas Eve. Here is why

Big "L": (grabs a gift) Open pease
Mommy: Ask daddy
Daddy: Tomorrow you can open that, not today.
Big "L": Pease open!!!!

Daddy: No, you will open them later, tomorrow.
Big "L": (takes the gift whining and walks slowly away and down the hall to his room)
Mommy: He is going to try and sneak and open it where we can't see him ( I think this is a riot).

Daddy: "L" come here please.
Big "L": No
Mommy: Do you want to open one present right now?
Big "L": Ya ya yaaaa!!
Mommy: Then come here please.
Big "L": (running back down the hall with the gift NOT opened yet)

He and Little "L" open a small $6 Monster truck from Walgreens. they are rev cars that move with momentum. push them forward and they keep going. They each love them!

The rest of the night we spent with family on my side having food and fun, gifts for the kids and a Yankee Swap for the adults.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day in the Life

10,000 Strides Challenge Is still Proving to be a Difficult Daily Goal. Even with the hour long Stroller Strides classes, which add about 2,600 steps of cardio and walking, My average is about 7,000 by the time I am going to bed. If the weather is nice and it's a good walking day I take the dog and kids and off we go. normally a 3+ mile walk gets me to about 14,000. That is great but it is icy and snowing now :)

Rob wants to consider moving to England for 2 years for work! I am 99% against this move. I have 2 businesses running and actually they both are doing pretty well right now. I have made new friends for myself and the boys! My calendar is always full and I have people who expect me to be there to plan the calendar and run the classes. It took 2 years to get BePe Baby off and running and 6 months of up and down to get Stroller Strides in the right direction. I am soo not ready to just walk away and start over.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 Conversations with Rob

Conversation 1
Me: Rob, can you stop on your way home and pick up a Christmas tree?
Rob: I guess, where?
Me: I don't know. You drive that way everyday stop if you see any.
Rob: We'll I don't see any so I am asking you.
Me: we'll then go to the church we passed with the gigantic sign that read trees Dec 4th!
Rob:Fine, that is all I was asking.
Me: (hangs up phone)
Rob: (comes home with a 9 FOOT TALL - 5 FOOT WIDE TREE!!!!!!)
Me: (will never send Rob to pick a tree alone again)
(we no longer have a way to walk from the front door into the living room or kitchen)

Conversation 2
****Background info****
kids and I were sick for weeks, colds, coughing, swollen tonsils with white spots and sore throat, ear infections, conjunctivitis, 104 fevers, and wheezing.

Rob was fine the whole time!!!
Rob got sick with a bit of a cough and some tightness in his chest and a sore throat about a week after everyone was treated and on the mend.
He went to the Dr came home with meds. We are going out for his birthday this weekend.

Me: What haven't you started you prescription (antibiotic) yet?
Rob: We'll I am going out for drinks tomorrow and I didn't want to take it and then have it be ineffective.
Me: (thinking....so you are sick enough to need meds, but not sick enough to give up the drink to heal)
Me: So.... you are not going to take them until after we go out on Sat(dinner, comedy with a group of friends) either?
Rob: Humm, I didn't think about that.

These are typical conversations.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10,000 Strides Challenge day 2 and 3

Yesterday was not too much better for me.. I was determined but it was not in the cards for me to walk 10,000 that day either. I maniaced all around my house, fast feet while doing dishes and walked laps around the boutique shop we met at last night. By the time I headed to bed I was standing next to the bed maniacing again. My husband about to kill me and I threw in the towel and went to bed at 8,077. So basically I increased my steps by 3/4 of a mile yesterday..

Today I woke up more then determined!! I did fast feet doing dishes. Vacuumed three rooms and marched while checking my email. We did maniacs so many times during class this morning that I was sick of them and whne I got home picked up and walked around extra so gain steps. It is just after 1:30 and so far today I have 7,987. This means I have about a mile left to walk in order to reach 10,000 today!!!! I know I can do that. So now that I pretty much know what it takes to get my to that point.....GAME ON!!!!

Tomorrow I will sweep and maniac while dusting.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10,000 Strides Challenge

We (this meaning myself and some other mothers and nannies from the mother's group I host)started our 10,000 strides a day challenge yesterday. Day 1 came and went and I was truly surprised to see how terrible I did. I went 6,899 steps from wake up time to back in bed. over 1,000 of those were during a Stroller Strides class too!!!!! My excuse is that I need a larger house with multi stories, because everything I need in my home is only a few steps away. Yes, that is the problem!!! Living in a ranch styled, small home takes tons of steps out of my day.

That would be an interesting study to do.. I would like to see if people who live in larger multi-level homes are in better shape then those who live in small single level like my self. Wonder if the moms in my group would play along?

I let you know.
Oh the ladies are in teams of 3. We have some great team names!!! The winning team after the 6 weeks is the team with the combined largest number of steps. The prize is feeling great about your self through the holiday seasons filled with eating and sitting visiting with company. Also, the winning 3 will be getting a great Stroller Strides Moms long sleeve tee with the logo " I am a Mom, Therefore I am an Athlete". It is too cute!