Friday, September 5, 2008

Reverse Psychology on Toddlers

Not sure about you, but this technique has done nothing for me.

(Logan using a toy and the baby is advancing on him)

Logan: (Screaming) NO share, No share,
Me: Ok, No share, Nope I don't want you to share, Don't share
Logan: Yea, no share (smiling and moving quickly away from the baby)
Landon (baby; continues to follow him)daa daa daddy deeli da
Logan: (Screaming again, close to hyperventilating) NO NO NO no share
(this scene repeats over and over till I crack and move the sacred toy out of site, then it starts again with another toy)

(Logan at dinner refusing to eat anything remotely healthy)

Me: Don't eat those green beans. Don't do it (as dramatically as I can say it). I don't want you to have any. Not even a bite. Don't you do it.
Logan: Ya, no bite (laughing as he pushes it away and then slowly starts throwing some on the floor.)
Me: Ok, yes on the floor, I want you to put them on the floor. Yes, Ok, on the floor.
Logan: Yes (dumping his entire plate upside down and pushing to the floor)
Repeat this for the past few nights

This has done nothing for me except make him cry less during these times. SO great if my problem is crying and whining, but it is sharing and eating more healthy foods. My toddler has not eaten (knowingly) a veggie besides pasta sauce and the occasional cucumber oh and the start of summer he would eat corn on the cob, since last winter.

Back to Deceptively delicious type ideas. FYI, Zucchini is easy to grate and sneak in about anywhere and cauliflower. Broccoli, not so much.

Stay tuned I have a good sized group coming here for Bingo Dotting Art Day today! I will update after the madness has died down.

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Melissa said...

Heehee! Kieran is going through a "Thats Miiiiine" phase. Fun times. With seems reverse psychology works wonders, though! LOL.

I am always being sneaky with food. Cauliflower in mashed potatoes, making apple/carrot popsicles.

Melissa said...

And Logan has gotten so big! He's such a cutie pie!