Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sharing the Work of my Talented Gradmother!

All available at

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Our two newest additions!!
Savanna and Footballs!

I love them both equally and we have limited stock in each right now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Have You Met My Space?

Here are a few photos of small area of my space. Showing you the big picture would just not be pretty.......
Sunday Cup Feeding Sets waiting for packaging
Dresser with Diaper Babies and Sweets supplies by gender
My cutting, creating table, which also opens up to become a sewing serging table or folds down to become half the size of what you see.
Some of the sweets all packages up and ready to go
Slippers in various stages and sizes

Where I sew, so that I can not wake the boys.. This closes up and looks like an end table.

We are actually spread out a bit. is taking up space at my home, my mothers home, my aunts home, my grandmothers home, and a very sweet seamstress we found last year's home.

My house has one closet, one bedroom, a space in the living room, shelving in the basement and a cabinet in the office. Ha ha it is even worse then it sounds. I just recently moved out of the office and living room area and moved into a bedroom because BePe Baby was taking over our home :)

My mother was in part of her living room and a bedroom and has since cleared out and moved down to her finished basement area, plus a space in her living room.

Free Preview Body Back Class

Your awake anyway. ;P Get down here and check it out.

Body Back FREE Preview Class Saturday, August 28th at 8:00am at Rotary Park. We are going to do a small preview of a BB workout and questions and answers.

Rotary Park
2 Adelaide Rd
Wilmington, MA 01887

Be ready to workout.. Bring water and a Yoga Mat!!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Waiting it Out!

I have lost the ability to bargain with my youngest. At close to age 3, when it comes to most things, he is stubborn as all heck. When it comes to eating, he is down right impossible.

I normally battle with dinner time because vegetables and meats are involved more often and we are home and not rushing off. This child will sit at the table for over an hour refusing to eat. He will watch us eat treats and desserts after dinner and still not eat a bite or two of (insert whatever we have asked him to eat).

On the days that we are able to get him to take a bite or two of the foods; he will keep them stuffed in his cheeks for HOURS! Through various time-outs, bath times and time stuck at the dinner table he will keep it shoved in his cheeks. Most nights he is late for bath-time and pushing bedtime and we have to have him spit most of it out to brush his teeth.

He has been known to take 2+ hours of crying, convincing and battling to swallow most of a bite of carrot, red pepper or chicken. The other night at my parents; my mother thought she was sly. She handed him a half an ice cream sandwich to eat once he swallowed his bite of carrot. We'll guess what? He won AGAIN. He ate the freaking ice cream around the carrot and when he finished, he still had it in his cheeks.

This morning it is a bite of eggs. We finished breakfast around 10:00 asking him to eat 3 bites of egg. His brother ate his 3 and got down. We all cleaned up and played, reminding him to eat. He finally at 11:15 put one bite in his mouth. it is now 12:30 and he is still sitting there with that one bite of egg in his cheeks. This kid is nuts! He has been at the table now for more then 2 hours and still will not eat. Talk about stubborn. He has been like this since about 16 months.

You might be thinking, maybe it is a sensory thing.... Well he will eat these same or similar texture foods so long as they are not meat or veggies. Most fruits, snacks, junk foods etc. are gobbled up.. Almost no meats or veggies are even tasted much less consumed.

So I am off to get him down and throw the remainder of the food away, which has now been out too long to be safely eaten anyway!!!!! NUTS!! He is so lucky he's cute. I have been beaten again by a not even 3 year old.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get Ready for Fall Giveaway! would like to help your little ones get ready for Fall with a soft, warm pair of Non-Skid Toddler Slippers!!!
Come on over and check us out! These are great for around the house, at the sitters, Montessori schools, grandma's and indoor play spaces which require shoes to be off.

To enter this giveaway leave us a comment here on the blog. If you don't have an account and are anonymous please let us know how to reach you if you are our winner.
Get extra chances by tweeting, blogging, sharing on facebook and adding 's link on your sites!
Just leave us a separate comment for each letting us know. Make sure to share your links with us.
Contest will close and a winner will be chosen on Friday September 10th at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time running out for August Specials with Stroller Strides

Time is running out to take advantage of our August Specials!

Through August, sign up for a membership with a friend
and get a 2 for 1 deal!!!

Two memberships and you will share
the cost of the registration fee ($40) and first month (Full Time
$54/ Part Time $40 )
...*each month following will be regular pricing*

Two 10 packs for the price of one - $100

Two 6 packs for the price of one - $72
*No mixing and matching and you must have two participating to receive this deal*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Body Back Rise and Shine Session

**Results above are Body Back Members who have completed more then 1 8 week session**

Rise and Shine Body Back Session 2 starts August 24th! Tue and Thur 6:00 AM , 8 weeks. Starts August 24th

or the Maintenance session: Tue and Thur 6:00 AM , 6 weeks (12 classes for $180). Starts August 31st!

What do I get with the Body Back program?
During our 8 week program, you will receive:
- 2 high intensity, interval based workouts per week
- weekly private weigh ins
- meal plan and food journal
- before and after fitness assessments
- inspiration
- motivation
- support, including an online community of fellow Body Back Moms
- Mama Wants her Body Back video for your workouts at home

How Much Does the Program Cost? BE ONE OF THE FIRST 4 signed up for $50 off the price. Get a friend to join for Another $50 off!

Full 8 WEEKS (16 classes) with full program
$399 for new Body Back Members.

$299 for returning Body Back Members or current Stroller Strides Members.
(Includes 2 workouts per week, Meal Plan and Food Journal, Before and After Assessments, Mama Wants video to use at home and Support)
Or a shorter
**Maintenance Program - ONLY 6 weeks (12 classes) for $180

Where and When will the classes be held?
6:00 AM, Tue and Thur at Town Park/ Suicide Hill in Wilmington.

Email chrissy5050 at hotmail dot com for registration forms.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Community of People I Love!

Since becoming a mother, I have opened up my life to a continuously growing group of moms. Teaching Stroller fitness classes and a mom's boot camp style class, organizing a mother's group, starting a baby boutique, and becoming friends with an overwhelming number of local mothers.

This group of moms is dedicated to helping each other out, listening, sharing and understanding. Being a mom is the best job in the world and it is also a huge responsibility. It can be overwhelming, isolating and frustrating. Every moms needs someone to share with, who can understand her joys and frustrations and quite frankly MOST dad just don't get it and grandparents forget.

Just a thought I wanted to share. If you are a moms of young ones, look for a group near you. Google mother's groups. I use Meetup, big tent and facebook for the most part, but there are many places to look. Don't be alone, you don't have to be.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's About Time for a Little Free Stuff!

We will be giving away 3 prizes, this giveaway (not limited to the items shown above)!!!
You can tell us a little about yourself, how many babies are in your life, your favorites from, who would be receiving the gift,thoughts on our Diaper Baby Bundles, favorite fabrics/ colors for slippers. Oh just about anything and as many times as you like. We'll be running this one for 1 week. Winner will be announced JUNE 30th 8:00 AM EST (if I remember ;p)

At the end of the contest we will count comments and using choose 3 numbers for the winners. The 3 comments that correspond with those numbers will be our winners!

First winner (one prize -choice of)- ANY Fashion Ribbon or Fabric Belt, Key Fob, Sun Hat, Toddler Slippers or Baby Booties
Second winner (one prize - choice of)- ANY Key Fob, Sun Hat, Toddler Slippers or Baby Booties
Third winner (one prize - choice of)- ANY Key Fob, Toddler Slippers or Baby Booties

Comment comment and comment!!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Whole Fleet of Them

A few little boys and a gender Neutral bundle left. Gonna have to restock on the baby girls. They move quickly!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stall Tactics are in Full Effect Tonight

Stall Tactics are in Full Effect Tonight.
Before bedtime:
I want another story.
One more story.

Mommy, mommy. I need a drink.
I need more drink.
Mommy! Mommy! I need to pee!!

After Bedtime:
Mommy, will you tell me a story in bed?

5 min. later..

Uh Oh. I have to pee again.
Uh Oh. I forgotta tell you someping. Umm I forget the words.

Uh Oh. It fell off (referring to the blanket).

Mommy, don't leave me.

Now we are only about another 10 min. and I still hear them, so I am sure there is more..

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Stroller Update - 2 Years Later

Over the past year I have been asked many time and have had friends refer people to me, for finding the perfect stroller for two children.

I had a bit of a stroller obsession and if my oldest (now 3.5) would still enjoy being in the stroller more I would still be obsessed. He will still sit in the stroller for jogging, and Stroller Strides classes, but other then that would rather walk/ run any day.

My last post of of 3 (The Perfect Stroller For Two, Another Stroller Hunt, and Finding The Perfect Stroller For Two Is A Tough Job.)was over 2 years ago. What is still in my collection and what do I think now? Well, I have held onto Phil and Ted Sport with the doubles kit. My kids still fit and ride in it. My oldest actually prefers the back seat. When I am jogging I have him sit in the front though. It is much easier to push with the heavier child in front. I won't lie I did sell my first Phil and Ted Sport.

I purchased the two nicer models.. The Dash and the Vibe and returned both for a new Sport. The braking systems on the nicer models needs to be worked out.

The Dash: to break this stroller you need two hands and have to ratchet the handle bar down. If you have a handle bar console of sorts all of the contents still onto the child in the back seat and let's be honest. Who has two hands to brake a stroller when you are out and about with two children??

The Vibe: to brake this stroller there is a button in the center of the handle bar. If you are steering with one hand you WILL undoubtedly, accidentally, and often hit that button causing the stroller to brake suddenly and giving whiplash to your children. NOT SUPER SAFE in my opinion.

After returning both models, I bought myself a newer Sport version and have used this since. So Phil and Ted has occupied a space in my trunk for going on 3 years. I use it often and have taken it on vacations with us as well.

While my kids are getting bigger and have a need to be in the Stroller during my Stroller Strides classes and again when I am jogging (a fairly new activity for me 2nd year doing Couch to 5K)I decided to move up in the world and go for a monster stroller. I purchased a Bob Duallie Revolution for the second time. If you read in an earlier post. I had bought this and returned it because although the ride was smooth and perfect, the stroller is HUGE and heavy and made me feel like I was pushing a small car in front of me. I have gotten over it. I don't use it indoors and still hate putting it in and out of my car BUT for outdoor use and older children it was well worth the cost (for a second time).

Both of my boys have gotten up and are harassing me, so I will wrap up here, but I have tried most of the strollers on the market until recently.

My 3 favorites for MY life style or an active lifestyle are

Phil and Ted Sport with the double kit
, Bob Duallie Revolution, and
Baby Jogger City Mini (not a jogger stroller at all but great for walking indoor and out and SUPER light weight and easy to manage!)from an earlier post

Good luck on your journey to find the perfect stroller!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

And the winner is!!!

Congratulations - Bec Callaghan. Silly Monkeys Sun hat!! Let us know the size you need and shipping address. Send it to
BePeBaby at hotmail dot com

Comment #15 (not counting my replies)
True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max:15 Result: 14

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gonna Have to Get on the Ball! GIVEAWAY included.

So Facebook updated rules talk about not allowing promos and giveaways on your fan pages.

Not sure we want to test the waters. We'll just move the contests to our blog. It has been here since the beginning or close to but has been neglected the past year or so..

I may need a shake every once and a while but I plan to get on top of this. Starting off the night with a 24 hour giveaway. Let's see how many of you will come over and play.

Let us know that you came over and visited our blog and also what you would like to win from our shop at and we will choose a random winner tomorrow night!!!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Newest Addition

So adorable! I can barely stand it!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Guess You Could Say I Am Hiding

I went to bed too late as it was. A friend was trying to convince me to get in on her pyramid style business plan with the P90X guy's stuff. With dreams of big dollar signs, she is getting involved but I have no interest. Hope it works for her though, truly.

My husband came to bed even later and literally flopped on in, as if there was no worry of disturbing anyone. He clomped in, fell over sideways and attempted to steal all of the covers. Then he let his foot or knee or some other body part touch me. The whole show got me angry. Why I need to suffer because he stays up late working??? It's true I get pissy in the mornings when he sleeps in EVERY morning for FOR 3.5 YEARS!!! I get up with the kids and he stays in bed until he is good and ready or I go in and throw something at him. What ever comes first. But that time should be a team effort time or at least a time when we alternate who pitches in.

My fully clawed cat, jumped on my chest 3 times, kneading and licking my hair. Nothing about that was comfortable in the middle of the night. Then parked her ass right next to my face. Did I mention I have allergies and she is on that list? Probably not and completely my fault. My last living family cat was run over while I was on vacation. Instead of letting it goes and knowing I would breath better and no longer itch. I freaked out and rescued a cat from a local shelter. One with breathing problems, who is totally Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde . So I will suffer for the remaining 8+ years. No, I won't get rid of her early; she sometimes catches bees, moths and mice INSIDE and she is already 5 or 6.

Then at 5:00 or 5:30 my kids started. "giggle-giggle-quick hide" "Hey, I hiding from the mommy dolphin!" etc...... "Mommy!!!!" " Mommy, My binky" "Helpy!Helpy! Helpy!"

This happened 3 times before I found my self hiding out here in the living room drinking a coffee.

Time to face them, get them changed, make pre-school lunch and off to a run! Have a great morning~!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Don't Know How You Ladies Do It!




Alright on my puter now that caps issue was bothering me.

So she starts trying to talk me into waxing. All I can think about is how much it will hurt. I get a 'bright' idea. Why don't I use my electric (infomercial) plucker to give myself a head start and have it grow in thinner.

HOLY SH#@!!!! That is all I can say. It hurts like hell. I have swelling, pain and bumps. I am not sure I could ever go through with waxing if I can't even get through plucking.. I have no idea why anyone would willingly do this over and over to them selves.

Maybe because I am Italian.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Piggy Bank

My youngest today..

Drove to the drive through ATM to deposit a check. My youngest says "Mommy. We at the piggy bank?" "You need to go to the piggy bank?"

So flipping cute!!

Of course my know-it-all 3 yr old, had to set everyone straight right away.

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