Friday, April 25, 2008

My Toddler acts like my dog!

My toddler thinks he is a dog!!!

I guess "Ben the bichon" was Logan's only other playmate for a while besides me. But yikes it is scary how much he has picked up from the pup. When someone is coming to the door both the dog and my toddler paw the door and pant. When the cat runs anywhere, both the dog and my toddler chase her, corner her and bark and growl. When the cat jumps up to her food, both the dog and my toddler jump swatting her tail. They both whine at the door to go outside, chase balls and squeaky toys, and when Logan is silly he rolls on the floor wiggling around to scratch his back like the dog does. It just dawned on me he does all of this odd stuff.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Son Hates Typical Fun :)

I have taken Logan to the park a few times in the past and he cries if I put him on the swing or take him on the slide..

Fast forward a year later. I brought him a few times in the past two weeks and he wants nothing to do with slides or swings.. He would rather chase birds, pick up rocks and sticks, and sift sand.. I will have to start remembering my camera because he was very cute in the dirt :P

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Stroller Strides in MA

Click anywhere in the following text to see more info about my Stroller Strides classes. My Stroller Strides business is moving forward. I leave the first week in May to go for my training and have been studying when ever I find the time. I am really happy that I choose to start this up. I have lost close to 10 pounds in the 3 months I have been taking classes and I feel so much better. My boys get to come along and be a part of it, so I never have to find a sitter or leave them in a gym daycare.

My classes are scheduled to start the end of May. M-W-F at 9:30 in the morning. I think Stroller Strides is a ton of fun and I have enjoyed taking classes and meeting the other moms. Plus it really has helped me to increase my energy (so I can keep up with my boys), and work on getting my figure back.

Ok just like anything it is scary to first show up for everyone, but once you do you will love it.. The first class is always free and to my first few interested registrants I will be offering a free week of classes so you can really get a feel for it before you have to purchase a membership.

Also I know all the excuses for not just doing it, because I used them all myself.
~~~My baby naps during that time(so does mine) but naps change so often through the first year if I always scheduled around both of their naps I would never leave the house. babies (especially little ones) are flexible or more so then adults.
~~~It's too early in the morning for me. Love this one I used it too, but now that I am up and moving it is great for us because we feel better and get the entire rest of the day to get things done and make plans.
~~~My toddler hates the stroller. So does mine at times. I bring toys, snacks and sometimes he still complains. After a month or so he got used to it and now he behaves for most of the class only wanting to get out during the abbs work out at the end.. At that point, if we are in a safe spot I let him run around a bit near me so he loves going to class now too.
~~~I don't have a jogging stroller. Well you don't need one. It is nice and some do decide to buy one if they get into the work outs but Even umbrella strollers have been used just fine in the classes I have gone to. However for the first 5 memberships purchased for my group I will be putting your name into a raffle for a Bob, Stroller Strides Jogging Stroller!!!! It is an awesome jogger and some lucky winner is going to be so in love with it :)

As part of the Luna Moms Groups, I host play dates and moms nights. My first play date was today! Check out my Meetup for more info.. Stroller Strides and Luna Moms Club have partnered to offer some great community outlets for moms and babies!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll be back

So I have taken a hiatus from baby chat boards and keeping up with blogging.. I have just overloaded my plate with my new business and keeping up with BePe Baby and the boys.

My newest hunt is for a diaper bag for two babies! I have a no-name new one from Walmart that I picked up for $9.00 and although I like it right now, in the past these ones fall apart quickly..

I'll keep you updated if I find some great ones. But comment if you found one you love for two babies.

p.s. I still think that my Phil and Ted's Stroller with the doubles seat is the best stroller ever!!! Both of the boys love it and I love that i can fit anywhere you can :)

It looks great to.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Finding The Perfect Stroller for Two is a Tough Job!!

So I was on yet another search for finding a stroller which would fit all of my needs with my two boys. My needs have shifted a bit and the strollers I ended up with from my previous stroller searches did not suit all of my needs any longer. Here are my two previous reviews ( The Perfect Stroller For Two ), and (Another Stroller Hunt)I know some of you must think I am out of my mind. I have returned one stroller, sold 2, gave 1 to a family member and I have 4 left at my house including my most recent purchase. Also I have 1 more due to arrive, which is free with the purchase of my new franchise (Stroller Strides). Here is the way I think of it is I will only have my two boys once, so I need to do whatever it takes to be sure I am totally happy with whatever stroller(s) I choose. I know I will always have more then one too.

SO I bought the Phil and Teds Stroller with the Doubles seat from my original review. I Love it. I still love my other two also but this one allows me to fit anywhere a single stroller can fit too. It fits great in my car and both of my boys love it! Here are the only things I would change about the stroller are the handle. I wish it hung out past the stroller 5 or 6 more inches, so that I could have less of a chance to kick the baby in the back seat. When he is reclined in the back add on seat I do sometime tap him when I am in a rush, but not bad enough to deter me from using it. Also I wish I could keep the back seat attached and fold the stroller up.. Right now I have to remove the seat, which is super easy and fast to do but for convenience sake I wish I didn't have too. The seat is connected by sliding it onto to poles and one pin clicks into place on each side.. To remove it you push in the pins and slide the seat off. It takes less time to do this and fold the stroller then it does to fold some of the others I have used , but a girl can still dream right :)?

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