Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Night Was Rough

We had fun as expected,BUT I had a rough go.

First I was talked into a shot (tequilla ewwwwwww). This happened while the bride to be go to drag a friend down with her while she completed tasks for a list we had made.
(she had to find a bachelor and have him buy her a shot)

Next I lost my wallet. I went to buy a round and it was gone half way through the night. I had used it in the bar a few times earlier and this time it was gone. (BUMMER)

Finally we were out until 2:00, drove 30 min back to the house we started at, at like a pack of wolves, and I drove 30 minutes back in the other direction to get home.

I got to bed about 3:50 after then being grouped by my husband.

The kids were up at 6:30!!!!

Needless to say I am less then chipper and cheery today.

Rob is at the game and I have been barely surviving motherhood.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day!


Susan said...

Does it make you feel a little bit better knowing that Rob went to a terrible Pats game?

It would make me smile a little at least.


BePe Stroller Strides said...

yes it does :P