Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day in the Life

10,000 Strides Challenge Is still Proving to be a Difficult Daily Goal. Even with the hour long Stroller Strides classes, which add about 2,600 steps of cardio and walking, My average is about 7,000 by the time I am going to bed. If the weather is nice and it's a good walking day I take the dog and kids and off we go. normally a 3+ mile walk gets me to about 14,000. That is great but it is icy and snowing now :)

Rob wants to consider moving to England for 2 years for work! I am 99% against this move. I have 2 businesses running and actually they both are doing pretty well right now. I have made new friends for myself and the boys! My calendar is always full and I have people who expect me to be there to plan the calendar and run the classes. It took 2 years to get BePe Baby off and running and 6 months of up and down to get Stroller Strides in the right direction. I am soo not ready to just walk away and start over.


Susan said...

Wow! Did that come out of left-field or were you expecting it?
I would miss you and I know the boys would miss Logan and Landon too.

jilltan said...

That would be a huge choice to make. You sure have accomplished a lot in 2 years -- you should be proud of yourself!

Mommy Niri said...

We would miss you. If it comes to the point of having to go I am sure you would make a success there too!