Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lots and Lots of Grammies

During a trip to visit my grandmother today. My mother also came up for a visit and we all had lunch. When we were leaving Logan and Landon were waving good bye in the car and Logan suddenly realized he had more then one grammy in front of him. He pipes up from the back seat with "Lots of Grammies!!!"

One of Logan's favorite shows is "Lots and Lots of Trucks" Some random infomercial purchase that he had to have. One of those shows that he watches over and over and over and over and over. That is all it is. Trucks of all kinds rolling by on the screen to this tune. The chorus is of course "Lots and Lots of Trucks".

So as we are rolling out of the driveway Logan starts singing "Lots and Lots of Grammies."

So I am all thinking he is the smartest kids in the world to come up with that! Then on a ride to the store later this conversation happens.

Me: Logan, what's your name?(notice the big hint he got?)
Logan: Logan
Me: How old are you?
Logan: WILFINTAN!!!!!
Me: No, How Old Are you?
Logan: I free
Me: Where do you live?
Me: Good!!! What is your name?
Logan: I Free
Me No, What is your name?
Me: No, no. Your name is Logan
Logan: I free
Me: Ok

Now I am put right back in my place. Sort of reminds me of that commercial about saving for college for your kids.. Something like 75% of people think their children will get scholarships. The father is watching a spelling bee on tv (while thinking his kids is the smartest there is). he turns to see his son spinning in circles with a box on his head while some girl on tv successfully spells a word I have never even heard. We better start saving ;P

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tornado Warnings

We had tornado warnings tonight and we talked about it in front of the kids.

Logan then for the rest of the night kept saying "Where the tontado go?" So cute! I love their little approximations!

Landon's favorite is "caca milk" and "bink" umm I an thinking you guessed but if not Chocolate milk and drink.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Increase your size today!! REALLY? I can't wait!

How many emails do I really need that tell me they can help increase my manhood, give me a larger penis, help me impress the ladies, size really does matter..etc?!?!

I don't need to increase my penis size. In fact, last I checked I didn't even have a penis.

On the other hand, if I did have a penis I might buy into some of these. I do tend to buy into weight loss products in phases. So I suppose if I was a man I would worry less about my weight and worry more about my penis size. But really. Do men buy this stuff?

Itchy Bum - Logan Fun

Itchy bum!

Logan fun!

I caught the little guy itching his bum (read shoving his fingers in his crack). So as any good mom would I say "Ewwwwww, now you have poopie fingers! let's go clean them". I walk into the room to first wipe him bum clean and change his underpants. I get the wipes and yell to him. "Let's go that is gross you have poopie hands!" He comes bounding in after me skipping and hopping and yells, with a huge grin,"I do!!!!" all the while holding both hands out in my face. Motherhood certainly has some funny moments that I never foresaw.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am a MOM!

Given the choice tonight to go to a BBQ party and drink beer with friends Or sit on my ass and recover from last nights wine and pedicures. I chose to sit home. So here I am sitting on the couch, writing this post and watching "Whale Wars".

This life style makes me really miss good TV. "House" is my absolute favorite show EVA!!! 37 days till it is back on!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Really??!?! Does this sound like it will help him sleep?

Really??!?! Does this sound like it will help him sleep?

I hear the boys going wild and not settling down at all. I head down to sort them out.
Logan runs out of his bedroom when I open the door, to tell them to quiet down. Rob chases him down the hall.

I pull all of the 25 stuffed animals thrown into the little guys crib out and tuck him in then come down the hall trying to figure out why Rob and Logan never came back.

There in the TV room is Rob holding Logan, smiling, letting him stay up to watch the show Wipe Out.
You know that show where peole compete in these insane obsticles and it appears that they break parts of their bodies in each obsticals like the piston punch, Big balls and the sucker punch.

I am a little pissy thinking - do you really think this is going to be helpful in getting and out of control 3 year old to settle down? I say something to that effect too.

Rob brings him to bed and has to continuously now raise his voice to get him into his bed - wonder why?? Coming back to the TV room he says - Are you crabby again tonight? Honey? Are you in a bad mood again tonight?

I am thinking, yes you boob! Now I am!

Really men are so dumb sometimes.

So he says this to me
Logan asked what it was so I said "Ok, if I show you, then will you go to bed?"

Now it is after 9:00 pm and do you think the boys are sleeping?