Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Milestone!

Logan was hanging on to the couch today when he grabbed his sippy cup from me for a drink of water. He forgot to hang on to the couch and was standing on his own for at least 6 seconds while drinking. He did not grab the couch again until he had put the cup, or rather thrown the cup down.

A while later my mother came to watch Logan for an hour or so while I went to a doctors appointment. When she was walking in the door he was so interested in seeing who was coming in that he didn't realize I had let go of him and he stood there again for more then a few seconds.

Of course for the rest of the day while I chased him around with the camera he was more worried about trying to grab and chase me with the camera then he was about anything I was trying to catch on film. I'll try to get a picture again tomorrow.

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