Friday, October 19, 2007

What With.......??????

Why do kids put their fingers up there nose when they are nervous or not sure what else to do?

Logan, and I recently found out my niece too, put their fingers up their nose when they are nervous and or bored. That is certainly not something he picked up from watching me. I PROMISE!!! Maybe back in the day I may have been a nose picker but truly I gave that up some time ago. It's not even that he is picking. Instead he is acting as if he needs to fill that small hole and leave his finger there for rest.

Why does Logan cry at the doctors?? Before they even touch him??? He sees the stethoscope and throws a holy tantrum!!! Yesterday I had an appointment. Ya, me... not him.. ME!! They came in to take my blood pressure with the cuff and stethoscope and if he could of he would have scaled the stroller and high tailed it right out of that room.. Tears where streaming down his face and he was wailing. They never touched him, just me. Then he cried again when we got into the next room. I had to hold him at my side while I had my exam (T.M.I. ahead) which included an internal cervix check :). High and tight I am, cause I know you were interested in what they found.

Why do kids tear things apart and throw toys , just to cry till you help them rectify the problem. Then do it again? Plus they tattle on themselves.. "Uh Oh". I know that is another thing I have not taught my son.. I never call myself out on mistakes. "Hey!!!! Look what I just did wrong!!" Ok those words never come out of my mouth and if they did it would sound more like.. "Hey!! Look at what a dumb ass I am!"

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Leah said...

Joshua just started sticking his finger up his nose too-like he's made some awesome discovery or something. I think it's so funny!