Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Logan's Best Friend

Rob and I went food shopping this weekend. When we first got there Logan noticed the balloons in the flower shop and began pointing while saying "Ahh!" "Ahh!". Rob must have heard that differently. I am guessing he heard something more like "Daddy, please get me an Elmo balloon to drag around the grocery store."

Rob walked over and chose an this balloon for Logan and tied it to the cart. First off let me say having a balloon flying in your face while grocery shopping makes that whole shopping experience less appealing then it already is.

Fast forward 2 days later. Elmo has not yet left Logan's side. Logan crawls around with Elmo in one hand floating beside him while he goes about his day. Elmo has become his best friend and he tried to bring him all over with him.

Fast forward another day. We went to the hardware store and then to Walmart today. Let me say it must be national balloon week because since when does the hardware store have balloons floating around inside? Well, today of all days they did and I happened to bring my balloon crazed child inside. Logan saw them and started pointing and "Ahh!" "Ahh!" . He was none too happy I walked by and we left without one. He had a mini melt down as I put him back in the car but we survived. Next stop: Walmart. And guess what? Yes, you got it!!! More stinking balloons inside. In the children's section, in the school supplies section, in the craft section. I could not get away from them. Logan spotted each one and pointed them out with urgency each time.

Moral of the story is daddy created a monster and now of course I have to see the darn things everywhere I take him.


madre adoptiva said...

Awwww.... get used to it. LOL

Leah said...

That is adorable! You'll have to get him one of those GIANT balloons that are like 3 feet tall!