Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Naming the New Baby

WOW, this is a challenge! Rob and are are not even close. We are so far from choosing a name that I worry 4 months will not be enough time :)

I liked names like Rowen, Collin, Cole, Landon, Brayden.
He likes names like Maxwell, Samuel, Hunter, Brady.

This morning before he left the house this was our conversation:

Rob "Casper."
Me "I don't even know what you mean!"
Rob "The name."
Me " It's a ghost."
Rob "It's a boy."
Me "It's a friendly ghost."
Rob " The ghost was named after a boy."
Me "I am NOT naming my kid after a cartoon ghost."
Rob "Logan and the new baby will probably never even see the show in their life times."
Me "No!"

This is pretty much how every conversation has gone so far.

Or the other conversation has been this:

Me "Landon"
Rob "Everyone I talk to hates it."
Me "Rowen"
Rob " I work with someone named __________."
Me "Brayden"
Rob "You can't just make up names. I am not naming my kid something you just made up."

Or this:
Rob "Max"
Me "I hate it."
Rob "Rodney"
Me (giving Rob a dirty nasty look of disapproval)
Rob "Buster"
Me "That sounds like a a bunny."

So now that you can all see what is going on here, I can bet you have a better idea why this little guy is still baby X.


Anonymous said...

I like Brayden Cole!

Anonymous said...

Collin, Cole, Rowen, and Brady are my favorites out of both of your lists. Casper though?? I'm with you Chris, that is not allowed! Definitely a friendly ghost. And Buster does sound like a rabbit. I just read your blog about Logan finding a "present" left by your cat too...that is so disgusting and funny at the same time!

Love, Lisa

Arrianah said...

I have to say, the Casper made me giggle a little! Don't worry, you'll get a name you love yet. I'm surprised we didn't have as much of an issue in the naming department as we did.