Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh , how I truly hate what technology has become.

Right at this moment it is X-Box and everything about it, that is driving me batty. Rob plays it whenever he can!! It is fired up before Logan is even down for a nap, or bedtime, when I go to bed he stays up and plays (coming to bed around 2:00). I hate that it is online and they all talk to one another over those stupid headsets too!!! I find it super annoying!! They name call and yell back and forth.. and talk trash to one another. I think it is silly.. I mean I am all for chat and message boards but to talk live to people and fight with them over video games is so unsettling to me.

Over all I feel like technology has made our relationship what it is.. Between the 2 laptops, Rob's Blackberry (which is online), Rob's I Pod Touch (which is online), and Rob's X-Box (which is online). Getting in his car to food shop is always painful. We sit in the drive way for at least 2 minutes while he checks his email on his phone then sets up his I Pod up to hear his favorite play list. I sit and huff and get annoyed and he ignores me. At home we don't ever have a conversation or spend any time together. He is totally obsessed with technology and having it available to him at every moment. So I have become dependent on my computer. Even when we sit and watch a show together now someone or both of us are on-line.
Is this totally insane or are other families like that too.

I refuse to have Logan watch TV and video games. I really only let him watch a tiny bit of tv once in a while like 20 minutes a week since he was 12 months (before that I woulds never let him watch even a second of it). I am all about imaginative play and learning to entertain yourself through exploration. I hate to use the tv as a sitter.. But once a week or so if I am out of ideas and he is making me nutty I give in.. I plan to hold strong at least until he is 2 like is recommended. But even then I will really limit all that tv watching.

ok rant over.. Maybe I will be in a better mood by the next post!


Leah said...

Technology is obnoxious. I love/hate it.

Arrianah said...

Comes with the times I guess? Unfortunately so. I'm so sick of how much technology rules everyone's lives. Well, except for when we're on my laptop and sharing in the love over at SK, right! I refuse to let DH bring any kind of video game system into the house. He can play on the computer if it's that important, but then he gets huffy because the PC runs to slowly and so he doesn't bother. Nailed that one in the butt! Yes.

Be in a better mood :D OK, my fingers are numb which means either a.) I have been typing too long or b.) the house is too cold and the rest of me doesn't notice it. Take care!


jilltan said...

I thought I was bad with just my computer! Technology is scary to me!

SarahRachel said...

Um, we're almost that bad. DH has an X box but he's bored of it and wants the Xbox 360 so he can play Halo 3. I've said absolutely no. =) We both have laptops and usually watch tv with our laptops in our laps. We both take our ipods when we go on walks sometimes. It's ridiculous. We both know it and periodically go through times of trying not to use it all so much. Our best vacations have been the ones with no tv and no internet.