Monday, September 24, 2007

Girl's Brunch

So, last weekend I went to a brunch for the girls from high school.. Thanks Katey for hosting! We had a good time. We try to get together every few months but normally too many people bail out and it gets canceled. For those of us who made it this time (Katey, Lindsey --I always forget if it is sey or say, Jackie, Julie, Candie, and Me) we got to catch up and it was a good time.

Although some memories are best left in the past, others are a riot to pull back out and examine. That is exactly what we did. We pulled out the dirt on each of us, one at a time and had a good laugh or head shake (what ever was most appropriate for the story) .. Julie....sorry you had to leave earlier you missed some of the good gossip :(. Some had more dirty laundry then others (I might be one of those).
I wish I had some old pics on this computer to post a group of us..

What morons we all where so many times. It was almost sad to leave because we see each other so seldom but one recurring thought I was having was... OH... DEAR!! PLEASE LET MY KIDS NEVER BE LIKE ME GROWING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I just read all your blogs. I'm catching up. :)

Sorry about the soft scrub incident. Atleast you are not blind. :)

Sorry about Gram too...she's just old fashioned. As annoying as it might be, (i know it's easier said than done...just let it roll off your back.) IT'S YOUR BABY! :-)

I had such a great time with you girls as well. It is seldom that we ever get together all at once. But sweet jesus, when we do...IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!